The Enabler is our ‘enables you to do anything’ 29’er fork. Use it to set up your 29’er as a ‘Snow Bike Lite’ or for backcountry bikepacking adventures. It uses a 135mm-spaced standard 29’er rear wheel and has massive tire clearance: enough for a Surly Endomorph or Larry tire if you choose. It has back-of-the-leg bosses for water bottle cages, as well as braze-ons for racks, fenders, or low riders. The fork features our forward-facing stainless steel fork dropouts.

  • Salsa Classico CroMoly
  • 1-1/8” threadless steerer (350mm)
  • Clearance for 80mm rims and Surly Endomorph and Larry tires
  • Uses rear 135mm disc hub
  • ISO disc tabs, disc only - uses front disc brake and adapters
  • 468mm axle to crown
  • 45mm rake – replaces a standard suspension corrected 29’er fork
  • Stainless steel, forward facing dropouts
  • Back-of-fork-leg water bottle mounts (in triple boss configuration for high/low placement)
  • Double eyelet dropout for racks and fenders
  • Fender bosses at the crown
  • Low-rider mid-blades bosses
  • Black
  • 1176 grams with full length steerer tube

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