Adventure by Whiskey…50 Proof

It was truly a privilege for me to attend the annual Whiskey Off-Road a couple weekends back in Prescott, Arizona to help spread the Adventure by Bike story. The Whiskey is a great endurance event that winds around the Prescott National Forest outside of town while including more than 7000 feet of climbing and some of the most ripping singletrack around. With nearly 2000 registered riders the town was buzzing with all things mountain bike. 

It was amazing the way the community welcomed the event. The start of the race was even kicked off by old west cowboy actors shooting off their six guns. Cool stuff. 

In fact, I have to say that Prescott is one of the coolest towns I’ve been too. If you are there, make sure and swing through Southwest Sounds and Cyclery and say 'Hi' to Ed, the local Salsa dealer. Ed is a super cool cat and his shop is truly one of the most unique around.

For a bite to eat…my choice…definitely The Raven Cafe. With an amazing assortment of craft brews and great community-friendly food selections they are definitely a must-stop. The classic old-town downtown is great for meandering around and taking in the local scene. 

I found this amazing mural while pedaling back to our weekend abode so the Spearfish and I stopped for a photo op.

If you are looking for an adventure next spring, be sure to check out the Whiskey Off-Road. A great event...with great people...and a great location...adds up to great memories.

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