Another Sneak Peak!

Last Friday an astute Amigo's blog commenter pointed out that Eurobike was only 1 week away so we should just show some of our new stuff. Well, this anonymous poster was right. So....Since Eurobike is only a few days away, I thought I'd share a couple more sneak peak photos of one of the new road bikes we are introducing this week. I took these the other day on one of my Friday morning road rides.

Yep, it's beautiful isn't it?

Cagey McCagerson

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 cmau |

Man….sweet lookin’ road to ride!!!!!!<BR><BR>Looking forward to some full pics….Maybe my new LaCruz will need a road buddie next spring :

 Anonymous |


 Anonymous |

Chromo: Not bad.  Best for urban riding or heavy touring.  Best for retrogrouching.<BR><BR>TTOXP/R853: Better.  Best for light touring or club riding.  Good for long hours in saddle, centuries.  Moderate at retrogrouching.<BR><BR>S3/R953: Much better.  Best for performance riding, ciclosportives.  Will hold its own on crits.  Best for cryptoblinging.<BR><BR>Carbon: Excellent.  Best for speed: time trials, track, stage road racing, crits, etc.  Can bling a little when made/designed by the right people.<BR><BR>Titanium: Nice, but too expensive for what you get.  Not enough advantages over the above in order to merit the price premium.  Best for hyperblinging.<BR><BR>Aluminum/Scandium: Quickly falling out of favor.  Best when blended with lots of carbon, but as price of carbon continues to fall, alu becomes more irrelevant.  Low to zero bling factor. Soon becoming prospectively decent for retrogrouching.

 Jason |

Throw me bone! Eeeesh. Can’t wait to see the new goodies. F.Y.I. There was a nice buzz about the Big Mama at the race I did this weekend. Lots of folks asking when it’s coming out, etc.,

 Nicholas |

I see fenders.

 Butcher |

As always, I learned something today.  One note, the nick name was given to me by one of the reugular readers.  I was just repeating it.  That isn’t an excuse, just an explanation.  Won’t happen again.

 Anonymous |

Nickname?  X and Y?  Huh?  Anyway, too bad Salsa dissed carbon for scandium.  Aluminum’s getting old.  More and more people going either steel, or carbon, or both.

 Jorge |

All I can say is Salsa better be prepared to have a strong riposte to Bianchi’s 2009 Boron Steel ‘Pinella’, a sub-3lb. frame road model.  Another OX Platinum wouldn’t do.

 Anonymous |

Not cool, dude.<BR><BR>You’ve violated the basic formula for funny names. <BR><BR>What fomula? It’s ‘Xy McYerson.’ That’s X and Y as variables.<BR><BR>Cagey McCagerson is Xy McXerson.<BR><BR>Foul.<BR><BR>Live and learn…

 Anonymous |

There is a new scandium road race frame to replace the Campeon and a new Platinum OX that seems like a combo Primero-La Raza offering…the local shop let me take a sneak peek at the marketing cards on the new 2009 models. Lucky me! ;)

 Butcher |

Folks, just having fun.  The reality is that we want to release product with the correct information.  You’ll see the full monty soon….As in this week. Hang in there.  <BR><BR>Captain Bob:  Yes, the exposure is not correct.  I had to change it to black out the frameset so not too many details were exposed.

 Anonymous |

Okay, no pics ‘till later this week.  But can you at least tell us what frame material you used for each of the two new road offerings?  You couldn’t possibly mess up information with that.  Eurobike starts in only 2 days, after all.

 Captain Bob |

photo #1 is a little under exposed don’t ya think?<BR><BR>Such a tease….

 Anonymous |

The Salsa folk have let the chili sauce get to their heads.  What a pity.

 Zep |

Good gravy—the diameter of that TT looks a tad small for CF or Al…back in the saddle with Salsa steel?  And whattup with the top of the top cable guide…not entirely common for a straight-up road bike.  You boys have a few surprises for us, eh?

 Anonymous |

Quite a letdown not to get real pics.  Sort of an anti-climax.

 Anonymous |

Not funny.

 Anonymous |

what a tool, thanks for playin’.<BR><BR>Where’s the love?

 Loren |

You said “Since Eurobike is only a few days away, I thought I’d share a couple more sneak peak photos of one of the new road bikes we are introducing this week.” I was thinking you were going to wait until interbike to unveil the steel bike. I sure hope we get to see it this week!

 Smitty |

anonymous is hating.<BR><BR>“Will hold its own on crits.”<BR><BR>Give me break.

 Anonymous |

Someone please delete smitty’s comment.  Not constructive or even humorous.

 Anonymous |

Smitty’s right…

 Smitty |

Anonymous should be happy to hear that my post on another thread, which was critical of anonymous posts, was deleted.  But yet, someone can anonymously call the Salsa GM “a tool” and it stays up here.  I don’t get it.  What am I doing wrong?

 Butcher |

Smitty, at times these comments stink because of tone.  I took the tool comment as a joke.<BR><BR>I deleted your comment because it was directed at someone and I took it as not fun intended.  I won’t let this forum turn into MTBR.  It was my decision.  I did not mean to offend you.  Call me at 877 moto ace if you want to talk further about it.

 Smitty |

I get it now.  Yes it is hard to discern real meaning in these posts sometimes.  <BR><BR>My deleted post was not directed at the specific Anonymous post that preceded mine.  It was simply directed at all anonymous posts, which I find tiresome.<BR><BR>I’ll get off my soapbox now.  But I hope that people who read this come to understand that, when you post anonymously, your comments are just lumped in with the other faceless ones.  By putting a name on it, you begin to have a voice, which I think is a worthwhile thing.

 Butcher |

Smitty, thanks.  That makes perfect sense.  We debated that here too.  Anonymous has both good and bad.  I hope we don’t have to get to the point to not allow them.<BR><BR>Thanks again.  Thanks for being part of our community.

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