Christmas Wish List

Hey everyone. Our posts have been pretty serious lately. Thanks for all the help. You don't know it yet, but many of the topics discussed here over the last month or so are helping us in our product development. Thank you. Today, we'd like to have a little fun.

Imagine a bunch of little Salsa Pepperman Elves running about and building all sorts of Christmas presents for the good cycling people of the world. Santa Pepperman is looking over his crew of elves making sure everything is just right. Now, imagine asking Santa Pepperman for just one new product from Salsa Cycles. What would "IT" be?

Now, here are the rules.

1) "IT" can be anything. Maybe we make your dream product already. Maybe you want us to make it. Maybe we used to make it. Don't be confined to what you "think" makes sense for Salsa. Tell us your one thing you want for Christmas from Salsa.

2) You can only ask for one thing. I'm serious. Just one.

Now, think about it and come back here and comment. This is a virtual wish list. Let us know the one product you want Salsa to bring you for Christmas.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Bentforkz |

Juan Solo 29er w/ matching carbon fork. All painted in a “frozen in carbonite” brown theme.

 Anonymous |

Can anyone say La Cruz with Canti posts!!!

 Smitty |

Primero.  I hardly knew ye.

 Dicky |

cross frame with track bike handling<BR>horizontal track ends<BR>no rear brake accouterments<BR>clearance for fatties (not the kind you roll in the alley behind the office)<BR>carbon fork/canti mounts<BR>painted with gold flaked blood….<BR><BR>You’ll sell millions.

 Dicky |

ooo…..<BR>and make it packable…<BR>but a hybrid of the Ritchey seat tube method and an S&S coupler on the down tube

 MC |

A real front snow tire—one that actually has edge knobs to steer with, to compliment the Endomorph as a rear tire.<BR><BR>Happy to help with the R & D process, gratis.<BR><BR>Cheerios,<BR><BR>MC

 Craig |

Integrate a barrel adjuster to the Chili con crosso’s rear brake hanger.  <BR><BR>I’m low maintenance!!

 Anonymous |

cro-moto stems for off-road drop bars, like the old P10 but 1 1/8” threadless.  130 deg like the moto-ace, but in lengths >135mm, more in the neighborhood of 155mm.

 Anonymous |

How about a 26in SS frame with an eccentric bottom bracket?

 Captain Bob |

I already have a Mamasita and an El Mariachi on the way.<BR><BR>Now I just need an El Gogo but with some seriously aggressive geometry.  Not the week old El Gogo.<BR><BR>By the way, I don’t see the El Gogo in your current line up.

 Anonymous |

El Mariachi Single Speed!!!

 big john |

Ooohhh~~! I think I want what Joel wants instead! Mamasita with EBB and Spot slotted dropouts!

 Jason |

I STILL want a Ti Dos Niner.

 Anonymous |

A bullet proof set of Gordo’s 29ers, that will stand up to my 260lb a##.

 Anonymous |

A ‘city/commuter’ complete bike with: silver Salsa MTB handlebars, chainguard (matching the frame color), fenders (like on the Casseroll triple), a silver crank with 42t front ring, Salsa delgado 700c rims with 28c Schwalbe with reflective sidewall, one bottle mount on down tube, no pump peg, Salsa stem and seatpost.  Geometry would be a bit more aggressive than Casseroll.  Frameset would be either A) Scandium with TTOXP fork (maybe this could be a 1x9 for long-distance commuters) or B) TTOXP with carbon fork (1x1 version).  This offering would be a unique, grown-up commuter that would be at once light, fast, minimalistic, beautiful and relatively affordable (around $1,000 price point). Neither Surly nor Civia are curretnly offering anything like this.  In fact, I can’t think of any bikes like this in the marketplace today.  I hope this crazy idea creates some “out of the Salsa jar” thinking/discussions at Salsa. Happy new year!

 Anonymous |

Forgot to add to the above details for an “El Guey” city bike: Salsa rims should be silver, seatpost and stem should both be Salsa and silver, hubs should be Surly and silver (rear singlespeed hub should be flippable and have two freewheels for two speeds), an alternative to a silver Salsa MTB handlebar could be Surly’s 1x1 torsion bar (made by Nitto), no need for rack braze ons, as this would be a city bike and not a hardcore commuting bike (besides, there’s plenty of bags available that allow one to carry just about anything on one’s back), clearance for 32c tires with fenders.  The overall idea is to keep things simple, light and fast for running errands, picking up a bottle of wine, meeting someone for lunch, going to the movies, etc.  And frame color?  Tabasco Red, naturally.

 grannygear |

I will copy what was posted above cuz I could not have said it better myself.<BR><BR> <BR>Andrew said… <BR>It’s been mentioned before and I’m with the guys on the full suspension 29er. I want it to be light and efficient enough to race XC but with enough travel to tackle some rocky rough SoCal trails. Maybe something with 4 inches of travel. I would want to put another 4 inches up front so something designed around maybe a Manitou thru axle or a DUC 32(29er). Oh yeah and of course a fancy bling paint scheme and room for at least a rampage coated in mud. <BR><BR>Finally this dream frame of mine needs to be affordable. I’m sure it will cost more than a Dos Niner but hopefully less than a RIP so between $1000.00 and 1500.00.

 Anonymous |

I have a mid nineties Salsa track bike and wish to see a steel lugged retro look trackie with high end components on the product page.

 MikeM |

Bring the Juan Solo back! This time in both 26” and 29er stylie!  A salsa carbon fork, salsa carbon seatpost, and what happened to the scandium Pro Moto SUL stem!?!

 Anonymous |

3” single speed scandium 4x/jumper frame?

 Butcher |

MG, No more wishes.  You only get one.  Yes…I know your walk in basement but Santa Pepperman is afraid of your dog.

 MG |

Yo El M Dave… I’m diggin’ your dream too.  I just read through your post again, and your case is compelling.  Sort of a “Casseroll Heavy” or an “El Mariachi Light”.  <BR><BR>The Butcher and I have discussed my desire for just such a bike on several occasions off-line as well.  I too desire a ride with the qualities you describe.<BR><BR>That said, I’ve already made my Christmas wish… ;-)

 Anonymous |

The one thing that would rock harder than back-in-the-day Black Sabbath would be a true “Cross” bike.  As in- “Cross all boundaries.”  I’d like a close cousin of a Surly Cross x Check, but with a higher end more spritely tubeset (steel of course), long (as in Casseroll long) dropouts and slightly more tire clearance (to fit Fire Cross 45c tires with some clearance left over), and a bit longer stays(like my old Schwinn LeTour) to keep the rear wheel from getting too crazy on the trail.  A 68mm bottom bracket shell to keep the Q-factor down would be necessary.<BR><BR>I’d run this puppy as a full time fixie on the road and trail, flip-flopping (with two front rings) between a 38x16 and somewhere around a 34x20 (and some points in between) within seconds.  Truly a bike for all seasons.  Comfortably placed drop bars on an appropriately long headtube would give it that classic look.<BR><BR>Think a scorcher with slightly larger (45c) tires.  Nice relaxed angles and all day comfort.<BR><BR>Thanks for letting me dream…<BR>-El Mariachi Dave-

 Jason |

A brushed Ti Dos Niner. PERIOD.

 rick is! |

oooohhh, the ti niner does sound pretty sweet.  definitely better than what I was gonna ask for so I’ll go with that.

 Anonymous |

A ‘special edition’ La Raza with 953 or S3 tubing (both on main AND rear triangles) and with a full carbon fork/steerer.  I’d wish for the frame color and fork styling to remain the same, as they are both quite beautiful as they are now.  Maybe update the decals to Salsa’s current decals.

 MG |

Wow, Jason, you did pick a nice one with that ti Dos.  I like titanium.<BR><BR>That said, I would like a 5.5-6 inch travel, relatively lightweight (30-pound) backcountry 29er with a single crown, through axle, quick release fork.  <BR><BR>Salsa, I would like you to build one for me please—out of Scandium, preferably, with perhaps an RP23, m’kay?  Yeah, that’d be the ticket…  <BR><BR>I know you have my address for delivery.  My chimney might be a little tight, but my basement is a walk-in, and it goes right into the bike room—how convenient.<BR><BR>Thank you for making my Christmas wishes come true Santa Salsa.  <BR>Merry Christmas!

 big john |

Well…I already have an Ala Carte, a Dos Niner, and a Primero. I think an El Santo with room and geometry tuned for big knobby 650B’s would be a perfect edition to the stable and be perfect for epics in the Wasatch front range! I would want the new Mamasita paint scheme…or better yet how about a Con Crosso geen finish? I’d have to flip a coin to decide!

 Matt |

Mamasita w/ EBB

 Ben Witt |

I’d like a production S and S Mariachi like Mr Butcher is sporting.  Like the new Traveler’s Check, this could be a thoroughly well designed alternative to costly custom bikes.  There is nothing else like it out there.  Given the popularity of the bike currently, it would seem a doable project.  I would love to see a color like the brown scheme as well.  Something on the subdued Salsa style wave length.  I would not want an uber-flashy travel bike.  Cheers, Ben

 Anonymous |

A looong top tube, very short standover rigid, non-disk singlespeed.

 Jmeiser |

Is PK, our latest Salsa Engineer posting here?  That DJ bike sounds like something he and I were talking about a couple of weeks ago.  If that’s you Pete, enough already! <BR><BR>If I could have any one thing for Christmas from Salsa it would be unlimited resources to make all these wishes come true.  But, alas we are in the real world.

 Big29 |

All I “NEED” for Christmas is a nice green Chilli con Crosso (55cm)under the tree.

 Guitar Ted |

Ha ha! This will come as no surprise to Salsa’s head honch’s and echos what mg said:<BR><BR>I want a full suspension 29"er with at least 4” travel, room for big tires (mounted on Gordo Disc 29"er rims of course), room for a down tube mounted water bottle I can actually reach, efficient travel, (no to very little bob), and painted purple, ‘cause that’s my favorite color!<BR><BR>boing….boing….boing!!<BR><BR>Say it’ll be under the tree Santa Salsa!

 Anonymous |

single speed dual susp.<BR><BR>simple idea, tricky to implement.<BR><BR>remember the Kona AA? like that, but salsa quality of materials and design.

 rockhound |

A cromoly steel, disc-only, flat bar touring bike with room for Nanoraptors or 650b wheels.<BR><BR>Or simply a Casseroll without the shifter bosses…

 joel |

A Mamasita with a EBB and a “slice” in the drive side dropout to take a spot belt drive system…. I’d rather you hack up a frame than me do it to mine :)<BR><BR>Merry Christmas Salsa, thanks for the great products!

 Andrew |

It’s been mentioned before and I’m with the guys on the full suspension 29er.  I want it to be light and efficient enough to race XC but with enough travel to tackle some rocky rough SoCal trails.  Maybe something with 4 inches of travel.  I would want to put another 4 inches up front so something designed around maybe a Manitou thru axle or a DUC 32(29er).  Oh yeah and of course a fancy bling paint scheme and room for at least a rampage coated in mud. <BR><BR>Finally this dream frame of mine needs to be affordable.  I’m sure it will cost more than a Dos Niner but hopefully less than a RIP so between $1000.00 and 1500.00.  <BR><BR>I’ll put a X-mas tree up as soon as it is available and I will make it christmas right then and there.

 Simmons |

One carbon fiber snow bike frame please.<BR><BR>Merry Christmas!

 Anonymous |

Mmmmmmm a full suspension 29er with 3-4” of travel would be tasty.  Something that’s really efficient but can take a little bit of the edge off of rougher trails.

 Dan Bailey |

Ooh…a Salsa Ti “Chili Con Cruces”—a blend of the two frames.  Brushed titanium is serious hotness.  Give me the disc brake mounts of the Las Cruces and the flattened top tube of the Con Crosso.  Polish up the frame, mask out the Salsa logo, and then brush it and remove the masking so that Salsa logo glows in the sun…  Oh, and white carbon seat stays for added awesome.

 blackdog1o1 |

Dear Salsa Claus,<BR><BR>I’ve been very good this year and a new El Mariachi complete would be an excellent way to bring it to a close.

 Kevin |

How ‘bout a hot pepper etched headset spacer?

 bigwheelballer |

Echoing the request for a 4” travel 29er. I want mine in blue though. Paint scheme off the 07 el mar would work fine.<BR><BR>Wouldn’t mind a retro wool jersey either.<BR><BR>I’ll leave the milk and cookies out.

 Andrew |

How about a dw link sub 5 lb cross country bike. While you are at it make one in 29 for the 29 folks. make it out of what ever material you need to, ti, scandium, carbon, steel, doesn’t matter only the weight. DW is expensive, but at least its a proven design that works much better than a standard 4 bar link and it would probably be less expensive than designing your own rear link system like Giant or Specialized. <BR>Keep the chain stays short

 engineguy |

A brushed Ti Do Niner with 2” of travel and designed for 100mm travel forks…...

 JJ |

A set of Gordo rims would do now :)<BR><BR>I like my mariachi to much now to update it…. yet..<BR><BR>Merry Christmas to all!!<BR><BR>JJ

 BluesDawg |

A 4” full suspension 29er (or maybe a 650B?) available as a complete bike or at least with a Fox fork included. And please, any color other than orange (it’s a football thing).<BR><BR>BluesDawg

 Anonymous |

Salsa’s current complete bike offerings look like this:<BR><BR>SCANDIUM<BR>700c (0)<BR>SS (0)<BR>Cross (0)<BR>26” (0)<BR>29er (0)<BR><BR>TTOXP<BR>700c (0)<BR>SS (0)<BR>Cross (1)<BR>26” (1)<BR>29er (1)<BR><BR>CRMO<BR>700c (1)<BR>SS (1)<BR>Cross (0)<BR>26” (0)<BR>29er (0)<BR><BR>My wish for the coming year is that Salsa’s complete bike offerings look like this:<BR><BR>SCANDIUM<BR>700c (1)<BR>SS (1)<BR>Cross (1)<BR>26” (1)<BR>29er (1)<BR><BR>TTOXP<BR>700c (1)<BR>SS (1)<BR>Cross (1)<BR>26” (1)<BR>29er (1)<BR><BR>CRMO<BR>700c (0)<BR>SS (0)<BR>Cross (0)<BR>26” (0)<BR>29er (0)

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