Comments Are Returning & The First Arrowhead Update

Greetings Amigos,

It has been a few weeks since we disabled the Comments feature on this Blog. It was something we didn’t want to do because we enjoyed the interaction with all of you.

Why did we turn it off then?

Well, we saw an increasing amount of all of the following, none of which are the intent of our Blog:

Political commentary
Mean-spirited commentary
Promotion of our competitors’ products

Why are we turning it on again now?

We’ve made a few changes that we think will improve the function of the Amigos Blog.

First off, we have disabled Anonymous commenting. You will need a Google/Blogger identity to post. If you have an identity from another blogger type, try it first before you create a new one. Often, they will work. Not allowing Anonymous commenting will improve the community aspect of this Blog. We assume that you’d like to know who said what just as much as we do.

Secondly, we’ve boosted our number of administrators. When we see a comment that we feel is offensive or against the spirit of the Amigos Blog we will delete it. We allow you to post your comments directly to the Blog without prior approval because we feel this facilitates better interaction. In the future, if needed, we will have to move to prior approval before posting comments. We don’t want to go there if we can help it though.

As a visitor or participant to the Amigos Blog, please bear with us if you see an inappropriate comment. We ask that you please ignore it and we will remove it as soon as possible.

Enough of the serious talk though! Let’s talk about the Arrowhead Ultra 135.

Two of us from Salsa are entered in this year’s event. ‘New guy Tim’ and I will be taking on the Arrowhead snowmachine trail this coming February. We’ll do a formal introduction of Tim next week when his three-week hazing period is over.

It will be my third time participating and Tim’s first and we are both busily preparing. One of the things I like most about the event is that you don’t just have to physically train for it. There is also both mental and gear preparation. The nice thing is that you can often do a lot of the necessary thinking while you are training.

With that I’ll pose a question to this audience. If you have experience using vapor barrier clothing (particularly while taking part in active sports) I’d love to hear how it worked out for you.

If vapor barrier clothing is something you’ve never heard of, you may enjoy checking out these websites.

Stephenson Warmlite

RBH Designs

Enjoy your weekend.

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


 Velodelphia |

Haven’t used VP clothing yet, but looks very intereting.  Have been using mainly Schoeller fabrics as well as merino wool.

 jbagression |

Welcome back comments and best of luck to you Kid and Tim in the 135. Makes my digits cold just thinking about it. Cheers!

 chuck |

Yeah, KID! Glad to see you are heading back to the Arrowhead again. I just hope you will be able to count to 10 once it is all said and done. GOOD LUCK and we wish you the best.

 Captain Bob |

I love having the comments back.  Hope it stays.<BR><BR>Congrats Tim!  Called you the other day and what do you know?  Gone.  Talk soon.<BR><BR>17 degrees today here.  Can’t imagine what the Arrowhead would feel like.  Go get em!

 Chris |

Hey Amigos,<BR>Thanks for turning comments back on and good luck at Arrowhead!<BR>Chris in San Diego, loving my new to me Las Cruces! :)

 Andrew |

Comments are back! Yay!

 Eric |

Kid - Feet yes for sure, use VB socks.<BR>Integral designs work well but are slippery and you can easily get your socks bunched up on long pushes. The RBH’s might be better in this regard.<BR><BR>I tried the RBH Jacket/ shirt but didnt like how “jacket-like” it is. For a next to skin garment it should be more minimal pull over style so that is is easy and comfy to tuck into your pants. I never gave it the full test at extreme cold with exertion though.

 Kid Riemer |

Thanks for the feedback Eric. I’ve decided to try an improvised vapor barrier jacket for a while. I’ve got a sil-nylon type windbreaker that I’ll wear over a polypro or lightweight wool baselayer. It should give me a decent idea of whether I’ll overheat too quickly or just put out too much moisture to be comfortable. It only offers the main front zip for venting but should work for my testing I hope.

 Head Honcho |

Welcome back comments[sung to welcome back cotter tune]. And Congrats Tim, but then you knew that already.

 Smitty |

Moderated commenting.  Brilliant!  Now I can get daily Salsa updates again!  Thanks Salsa!  Good Luck Kid!

 Vik |

Hey glad comments are back!<BR><BR>Quick question what do you consider to be promoting a competitor’s product?<BR><BR>- can we mention other companies at all if it makes sense in the context of the discussion?<BR><BR>- do you consider Surly a competitor since Salsa and Surly are both owned my QB?<BR><BR>cheers!<BR><BR>Vik

 Kid Riemer |

Hey Vik,<BR><BR>The main thing we hope to avoid is promotion of our competitors product. This is the Salsa Amigos blog after all.<BR><BR>For example, someone in the past posted an entire review of a bike from a different bike brand. Not cool.<BR><BR>Can you mention companies that we compete with? Sure. But consider your reasoning carefully.<BR><BR>Is Surly our competitor? Speaking from my personal point of view (that’s a disclaimer!), Surly is definitely a competitor. And that is as much as I’d like to say about it on the Salsa Amigos blog! Hah!<BR><BR>Enjoy your weekend.

 SMB tech geeks |

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