Continuing Education 2012 - Tracey Petervary

After 20 years of riding and racing, I am still learning. Almost every time I hop on one of my bikes, I learn something about my preparation, gear, bike, clothing, food choices and strategy. It is definitely one of the reasons I continue to ride and it keeps me looking forward to the next adventure. I know that when I follow my instincts, listen to my body and let my mind relax, I perform better.

The MOST influential thing I have learned this year is this: I can enjoy riding alone for a really long time!

Previously, for most all of my multi-day rides and races I have ridden with JayP, either as a team or on the tandem. This year I completed the Stagecoach 400 (400 miles), the Tour Divide (2745 miles) and the Fitz-Barn (350 miles), all pretty much riding alone. Going into these races I wasn't sure I would like it. I thought I might get scared, lonely or have a mechanical I didn't know how to fix, but I was fine.

I enjoyed the freedom of just being responsible for me. It was so liberating to be able to throw down my bag, sleep, eat or take a break wherever, whenever I needed or wanted to. I know that this past year I have gained confidence and know that I can do it! I can ride alone, and I love it!

I have also discovered how strong my mind and body REALLY are. When I need strength, I know it will be there. As long as I keep my head together and push through hard times, I will make it through, because tough times don't last, tough people do!

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Tracey Petervary

I am Tracey Petervary, endurance cyclist, accountant, originally from New Jersey, currently residing in Victor ID. My husband and I moved to Wyoming in 2000 for a better quality of life (more adventures) and to get out of the everyday hustle bustle of corporate america. I have been riding bikes all my life, and racing for the past 18 years. I began in the beginners category, and moved to expert the following year. After that I got into adventure racing which is multi-day, multi-sport, team events, traveling to places such as Fiji, New Zealand and all over the United States to compete. It is a great way to vacation and explore the world. I left the adventure racing world in 2002 and started to really focus on just cycling, and cycling, and more cycling. My stable includes several bicycles (MTB, road, cyclocross, commuter, snow, tandem) which allows me to ride everyday of the year in any condition. Events that I have completed range from 1 hour to 24 days, including places like Costa Rica, Alaska and all over the USA, on terrain involving both dirt and snow. I love to ride and share my experiences, although I'm a better rider then writer. I like to help others enjoy cycling as I do by leading group rides and clinics, which are mainly focused towards women. I am currently looking forward to my next Adventure By Bike and am super stoked to have Salsa Cycles along for the ride!


Jim C | December 17th, 2012

“tough times don’t last, tough people do”
I love that.  Thanks for sharing, Tracey.

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