Dear Salsa Claus,

Yes, folks it’s time to plead your case to the Big Man himself, Salsa Claus. Is there a certain Salsa flavor you’re craving? Is there a two-wheeled Salsa machine that needs inventing? Is there a Salsa widget needed to out perform all the other widgets out there? Tell it to the man in the red suit!

You may notice that Salsa Claus bears a striking resemblance to our own big man, Jason. Some freaky coincidence.

The master list of your Salsa wishes starts here folks. Add as many items as you choose. Include as much detail about your idea as you like. The what, the why, and the when. Keep the naughty or nice stuff to yourself though please!

Next week, Salsa Claus himself will respond to some of the more intriguing wishes.

Where it goes from there? Well, that’ll be up to Salsa Claus and his pepper-powered posse of elves.


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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


 Velodelphia |

1.  Salsa scandium complete singlespeed bike.  For those of us who love Casseroll Single, but still crave an aggressive, loco-fast singlespeed experience.  Podio Single?<BR><BR>2.  Salsa Ti or scandium road stem.  I think Ti stem is coming soon.  Right?<BR><BR>3.  Salsa Ti or carbon Shaft post.  Comfy and super lightweight.  Especially needed for Salsa’s scandium frames/bikes.<BR><BR>4.  Salsa scandium 26” complete mtb hardtail.  Geared, with suspension fork.

 Ben |

Oh, and high rise, long steel stems for in 25.4 and 26.0 sizes.  Something around 35-45 deg and 110-130mm length.

 Ben |

I’d like a Salsa 29er Cromoto fork to fit this.  <BR><BR>

 Drew vonLintel |

Peace, Pedals, and Power to the People!<BR><BR>Hello All at Salsa - best wishes to you - and a wonderful new year as well.  <BR><BR>If Santa can fit it in his bag I will take a Fargo frameset.  Its time to take the show on the road. <BR>Oh yeah - what do you think about some Salsa touring specific racks - most out there are pretty boring and could use a little pepper spice.

 Velodelphia |


 GeekyTiki |

Dear Salsa Claus,<BR>What I really want this holiday is a EBB equipped A la Carte.  I ride in Florida, and the really tight trails are not very good for a 29” bike.  I would really like the option to ride Single speed or Geared.  Essentially I want a 26” El Marachi, I can only speak for myself, but I think adding an EBB to the Ala Carte is the way to go.  <BR>If that is out of the question, when can we see some Silver Salsa Shaft seatposts?  Make mine 27.2 for my new El Gogo I have begun building.  Love the frame by the way.  I will send some pics once it is all completed.<BR>Bobby


A Silver Dos Niner<BR>A La Cruz Complete or Chili!<BR>A Red Mamasita<BR>A new team kit<BR>A pair of Salsa socks<BR>A Spicy T-Shirt or Two<BR>A El Grande Mama<BR>A new credit card,‘Cause I just maxed my current one out! D@mn you Salsa!!<BR><BR>Did I ask for two much??

 Andrew |

Hmmm with the release of the Selma and the Big mama you’ve met two of my new wishes.  But I bet I can think of a few more:<BR><BR>-Short travel XC race full suspension 29er.  You know what I’m talking about something to compete with a JET.  More travel than a Dos Niner less travel than a Big Mama.  <BR><BR>-Ti or scandium or carbon seatpost, this is the order of material I’d prefer<BR><BR>-A carboMotoGrande 29er rigid carbon fork.<BR><BR>I think thats about it and for me, personally this season you can bring me a Selma built up in beautiful bling, and a Mamasita for my Girlfriend. <BR><BR>Have a merry X-mas there at Salsa.<BR><BR>-Palek

 miles |

Stems for retrofitting normal mountain bikes with dirt drop style bars.<BR><BR>Specs would be. <BR>53* rise / 100mm - 120mm - 140mm - 150mm extension for 1 1/8 threadless and 25.4 / 31.8 clamp.<BR><BR>These would be a modern version of the original salsa P10 stem which was for mounting drop bars on mountain bikes.

 Champs |

Casseroll plus:<BR>Canti/disc brake option<BR>Surly FFF-ish clearance (35mm studded + fenders)<BR>Eccentric bottom bracket (not track ends)<BR>Scandium tubing?<BR><BR>It is a frame for a “drop bar Nexus” bike.  It is not afraid of weather, roadies, or the latest trend in gears, but it probably wants to stay pretty close to pavement.

 skylerd |

A 26” cromoto fork that has canti bosses AND 445mm atc (as opposed to one or the other). And throw some braze-ons for low-rider touring racks on there. <BR><BR>And: change the colour of the fargo.

 Ovidiu |

To end building my Mamasita…

 MC Meat and Potatoes |

How about adding canti posts to the Fargo?

 Sam |

1. Salsa dirt drop. Bar end shifter compatible<BR><BR>2. Bring back the classic looking wool jersey. Black and red, Black and green w/ red letters, rasta? <BR><BR>3. Wool logo cap

 Dan Frayer |

Bring back the TT Go Go with a touch of carbon and those new fancy colors you have been using.<BR>love dan

 karen |

How about a Fargo for the vertically challenged SO= 29”<BR><BR>karen

 Andrew |

I say change the rasta colors and flavors and go with a new look that isn’t so…ummmm…90’s. Something that goes with the new DT graphics.

 Velodelphia |

Salsa Casseroll urban riding pants.  Full length with water & wind resistant Schoeller (or similar) fabric.  Spicy enough to ride with, spiffy enough to wear at the bar for cervezas.

 Smitty |

Hard to imagine nobody went there yet - maybe the new 2009 bikes actually brought some satisfaction to the masses - but I think a full carbon road race frame and a full carbon 26” race MTB frame would make lovely presents.  Next Christmas.

 Chris |

I agree a Cassaroll made of scandnium or, dare I say it, carbon with disc mounts would be nice and bigger tire clearence. Maybe a 650b option in randonneur style? <BR><BR>I’d like to see some more of the Jerseys featuring PepperMan (kind of like the Comrade jersey) and maybe some regional Pepperman jerseys (colonial for New Engalnd, eskimo for Alaska, etc…)<BR><BR>I’s also love to see a Salsa line of bags…seat, pannier, messanger, etc…

 Jammin |

I think offering the La Cruz fork as an after market option would be great.  It’s hard to find a nice non-carbon road disc fork and would let me turn a Casseroll into an even better all-weather commuter.

 Sean McHenry |

Dear Salsa Claus,  <BR><BR>I’d like a Big Mama complete. Nothing else, since Salsa Cycles makes only the best stuff.<BR><BR>Maybe with Sram X9 instead of XT. But anything would be great. Thanks<BR><BR>Sean

 Velodelphia |

Ah, a couple of brave Salseros dare to bring up the words ‘carbon frame’ on the Amigos Blog!  Perhaps Salsa will surprise us in 2010.  Perhaps…

 Matt |

A Pistola without a sloping top tube, with Ultegra/Open Pros, and Rival, for maybe $1,750.

 Chris |

I even thought of a name for a carbon Cassaroll…. Cassaroll Carbonara!

 Cellarrat |

135 mm fork here as well…in 455 a/c 47mm rake please :)<BR><BR>maybe a 28” ti bar with 15-17 degrees of sweep<BR><BR>Ti post?<BR><BR>ss version of the fargo?

 Will |

EBB Ala Carte.  Steel. SS. Geared. 26” or 650b worthy.  Sounds pretty darn versatile.  <BR><BR>I’ve always wondered what a cargo trailer or kid hauler with some Salsa styling and creativity would look like.  Especially with the fargo out now. Call it “A Remolque” (in tow).......or La Cart.  Or simply “Mule.”<BR><BR>How about a rim that I can legitimately go tubeless on without the warning stickers.

 Andrew |

Maybe a Salsa fire-road recumbent…just for kicks.

 Andy S |

I would love upside-down 15 degree CroMoto SUL stems.  Even though they are my favorite stem, when they are flipped I have to look at the ugly (gap) side of the clamp cap and the logos are upside down.

 MC |

Pro Moto Carbon Flat Bar.  31.8 x 17* sweep x 710 width.<BR><BR>And a pony.<BR><BR>MC

 Velodelphia |

Couple more requests for Salsa Claus:<BR><BR>1.  Special edition CLIF Bar Road Team Podio Complete.<BR><BR>2.  CLIF Bar road team racing clothes (i.e. jacket, shirt, bibs, socks, warmers, cap, etc).

 Solo Goat |

i would agree with andrew:<BR><BR>-Short travel XC race full suspension 29er. You know what I’m talking about something to compete with a JET. More travel than a Dos Niner less travel than a Big Mama. <BR><BR>light, race worthy 29er short travel frame.

 Will |

I just wanted to add one more wish to the Ala Carte….  The same rear dropouts as the Fargo with the chainstay, post mount discs.<BR><BR>Also change the color to something blue.  There are currently no blue bikes.

 Tony |

I want: <BR>A 26” hi Q steel frame for use with 120-130-140mm forks. This setup makes for a good climbing and well descending bike (for those of us not living in the flatland), an “all-mountain hardtail”

 Velodelphia |

Moto Rapido Complete, with updated decals and paint.

 Chris |

so, where are the replies to all this? :)

 Kid Riemer |

Coming soon enough Chris! We’ll revisit the subject post New Year’s with replies to some (not all) of the suggestions.<BR><BR>Cheers. Don’t drink too much eggnog.

 Velodelphia |

Salsa Ti bottle cage.

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