Dirty Kanza 200 - The Dirty Nine: Joe Meiser

This year Salsa is sending the Dirty Nine down to the 2015 Dirty Kanza 200. Salsa Product Manager Joe Meiser is Dirty Eight. -Kid

At what point does the idea of the event transcend the event itself? In 2010, the Dirty Kanza 200 started fewer than 500 riders and I thought that was big for a gravel event. Big…as in…I had never been at a gravel event with more than 100 riders at that point in time! This year, in its tenth edition, the DK will have close to 1500 riders. It is a festival, it is the epicenter of gravel racing, and gravel racing is just getting started!

As I think about the upcoming Dirty Kanza I’m thinking less about 200 miles on the bike and more about the community of Emporia, riders from all over the world, new friends, old friends, and the opportunity to be a part of something that is challenging, fun, and special for so many reasons.  Jim Cummins, Kristi and Tim Mohn, Lelan Danes, and entire community of Emporia are creating a community around gravel riding and for one weekend we get to be a part of it.

I’m excited to be on a Salsa Warbird Carbon, one of the first from the molds when they were cut so many months ago for testing and evaluation. It will be a long day on the bike an opportunity to let my brain wander uninterrupted while I take in the open prairie and sound of wheels on dirt. When you see me out there, I’ll be speaking to horses and cows. I’ll be watching the wind over the grass. 

This will be my fifth Dirty Kanza representing Salsa Cycles. Each year the experience is better and I expect that this year will be no different. While I am stoked to be on the bike out in the open prairie, I’m even more excited for the experience on Main Street, in and around the Granada Theatre. 

I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and making new acquaintances. Stop by the Salsa space and say hello.


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Joe Meiser

Joe Meiser

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