Finishing Touches - Final parts selection

Wow, this has been a fun project. We've made decisions on all the main categories. I can't wait to build our virtual road bike. Today, we are looking for those finishing touches. Below, you will see all the parts selected. Use the comments to share any final finishing touches that we did not discuss. Any part not decided is fair game.

Here are the parts we've chosen thus far.

Frame: New Salsa road frame set
Seat clamp: Salsa Lip Lock color matched to headset
Fork: Included with road frame set
Headset: King
Component group: Sram Rival w/compact crank.
Wheels: Handbuilt with DT spokes & nipples
Hubs: King
Rims: Mavic Open Pro
Tires: Continental Grand Prix 4Seasons 700x25
Saddle: Fizik Aliante
Seatpost: Thomson...But I may over rule and install a Moots or Eriksen instead
Stem: Salsa
Handlebar: Still deciphering the comments, but right now it looks like Salsa Short & Shallow, alloy if its a 26.o stem, carbon if its a 31.8.
Tape: Salsa....Maybe Salsa leather!

So...What other little details would you recommend?

Share your finishing touches and I'm going to spend the next few days making sure we can get some of these parts all here in the next week. I hope so because I really want to build and ride this bike. I've got a fun idea for the build up too. Just wait.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Nicholas |

Put a Salsa Leather Chainstay Protector on it. Those are soooo nice.

 Anonymous |

Finishing touch: Crank Bros. Quattro 4Ti road pedals color-matched to hubs and headset.

 Baabaa |

Hmmm I wanted to be the first to ask for a bell.  Can you get a nice brass number with carbon fittings? Should only cost a few coins from Taiwan.<BR><BR>What about a hand full of extra (stem) coloured spacers, I like to keep my bars up high and to find these after market over here in Oz would be impossible.<BR><BR>I trust you fellas will make sure this bike will be available down here in Australia!

 Anonymous |

No fenders, please.  This is not Casseroll, nor even La Raza.

 Anonymous |

Is it sneak peak Friday yet?

 Anonymous |

King stainless bottle cages, cuz they’re solid.<BR>Honjo fenders, cuz we’re from the Midwest (you did allow clearance for fenders, didn’t you?).<BR>Get the Moots post…I’ve got two and they do make a difference—on my El Mar and even on my level top-tube steel road bike.<BR>My wheels have never fallen off with Salsa skewers.<BR>The Arundel seat bags are the ticket…no velcro around the seat-post thingy to trash your spendy bibs.

 Anonymous |

make sure you use pretty pink streamers on the bar plugs, and a nice shiny bell, mounted on the drops for improved race-ringing! just kidding.<BR><BR>perhaps you could show your support to millions of women and use king’s komen-supporting pink spacers/stemcap?

 Smitty |

The fun idea for the build up…everybody who commented along the way gets to install a different component during the build at Q.  No wait, that would take forever.<BR><BR>How about a time lapse photo progression?

 Loren |

Salsa skewers!

 Anonymous |

If Salsa leather gloves aren’t available, a complimentary Salsa Coolmax cycling cap with purhcase of complete bike would be nice : )

 Anonymous |

If Fizik makes matching bar tape, go for that!

 Anonymous |

Finishing touch: don’t allow the weight for the complete (steel?) bike to exceed 18.5 lbs.

 Dan Bailey |

I’d find a complementary secondary color that went with the frame pick the following items in that color:  Nokon brake housing, Salsa Lip Lock, Salsa Flip-Offs, and get anodized spoke nipples to match.<BR><BR>Slap a Salsa leather chainstay protector on it, and a couple of nice non-carbon bottle cages.<BR><BR>Jagwire teflon-slicked brake and shift cables.

 Jason |

I run Jagwire cables and housings on all my bikes, but would Nokons be out of place on this build—and maybe colour matched to the headset, seatpost clamp, hubs, etc.?

 Anonymous |

super fun time doing this. how about some color matching housing.

 Anonymous |

An awesome build thus far.  I'd only add it should be Salsa S & S carbon bars regardless of stem size.  Hopefully the new Salsa prototype stem makes it on time.  If Moots or Eriksen gives you a good price on their Ti post, go for it.  Salsa leather bar tape would be very cool.  Otherwise, Fizik actually makes tape with the same material as used on the Aliante.  I know we don't get to have input on the frame/fork, but please no rack or fender braze ons, nor pump peg.  Finishing touches: make the valve caps ano in matching color to the hubs; offer a pair of new Salsa leather gloves (with knuckle holes) with complete bike purchase.

 Captain Bob |

And I thought I was up early….<BR><BR>this has been loads of fun reading and I have looked forward to what folks comment each day.  Even though I haven’t commented on any parts suggestions I just wanted to let you know how much fun this has been.<BR><BR>Keep up the good work.<BR><BR>Oh yeah, I also wanted to be the first to post.  :-)

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