Gobble Gobble

Sweet Potatoes. mmmmmm…...sweet potatoes.

So Thanksgiving is upon us and everyone is in bustle mode trying to get everything done. I just wanted to remind you all to take some time and reflect upon what all the bustle is for. Being Thankful. With quick pace of life in general today I think its not often enough that we stop to smell the roses…or the sweet potatoes. Take time tomorrow to appreciate what you have and be thankful for it. For family, for friends, for the ability that you have to hit the grocery store for that last minute garnish. For football (go Vikings!), for grandmas, and for heavens sake be thankful for the sweet potatoes. Yeah…I like em. I bet you never would have guessed. Anyway have a great Thanksgiving from us to you.
Ride and Gobble.

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Bobby Dahlberg

Bobby Dahlberg

Its all about God, Life, Love, Music, and ear wax candles.


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 Anonymous |

Happy Thanksgiving,<BR><BR>Turkey ride in the morning.

 Captain Bob |

Hope all of you have a thankful day as well.<BR><BR>I am thankful for my Mamasita single speed…..wait…..I don’t have one of those, yet?

Jayden | November 18th, 2012

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