Good Golly Miss Molly….

Warning…this post is not for the feint of heart…literally! So today while immersing myself in salsafication and 2009 dealer stuff a life long friend of mine sends me this link. We have officially decided this will be item number one on the “To Do” list for the springs first BBQ. I made it through last years fried, chocolate dipped, and grilled bananas okay but I’ve got my doubts on this one. If I do actually manage to live through it, I’ll let you know how it goes. Better yet… one of you amigos reading this where it isn’t negative 20 degrees outside do it up this weekend and give me the low down. With that…enjoy the link below.

“The Bacon Explosion”


Salsa Cycles

Western Region Dealer Support

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Bobby Dahlberg

Bobby Dahlberg

Its all about God, Life, Love, Music, and ear wax candles.


 Captain Bob |

Oh man!  All I can think about is this now.  My mouth is watering so bad.  This will be done at my house this weekend.  <BR><BR>I will send you a pic when it is complete.

 Captain Bob |

This bacon Jay Leno Friday night.  He said the explosion was your heart after eating one.

 micro1985 |

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