Good idea Friday

Last fall leading up to Eurobike and Intebike, we did Sneak Peak Friday. It sure was fun. Well, today we thought we’d review some more of the Salsa Claus wishes. Today, we’d like to talk about good ideas.

Some people and brands only think good ideas can come from within a group, a person or a specific part of an organization. We don’t think that here at Salsa. While we are all parts and bike geeks and do talk about product a lot, lots of good ideas come from outside our work group. Good ideas are just that, good ideas. Please don’t mistake or interpret our acknowledgement of these good ideas as this is what we are doing or that you will see some of these projects come to fruition soon. Sometimes good ideas take some nurturing. Some times good ideas just don’t fit Salsa or where we want the brand to go. So with that, let’s explore some of those good and interesting ideas.

Blogger Andrew said…“Short travel XC race full suspension 29er” and Blogger Solo Goat said “....more travel than the Dos Niner & less travel than the Big Mama.” Well, we think this is a good idea and something we’d like to ride.

Blogger Velodelphia started something with…“Salsa scandium complete single speed. For those of us that love the Casseroll…”. Blogger Chris added to this as well. Hmmm? We think with some exploration of this idea, there might be something there.

Blogger Sam said….“Salsa Dirt Drop - Bar end compatible; Bring back the classic wool jersey; Wool Logo Cap”. All good ideas. Riding in today, I thought about long sleeve Classico wool jerseys again. In fact, I could I have used all three this morning.

Several Bloggers mentioned Ala Carte with EBB options. We love the Ala Carte & it’s special place and we think this is a good idea too.

Velodelphia talked about doing more with Clif Bar. We think this relationship is just starting. There is something there for sure. You’ll will see more about that soon.

Man we love talking about product and ideas. We need to do more of this. Stay tuned next week as we explore the other suggestions. The next post will be about stems, seat post, bars and forks. Lot’s of interest, good ideas and possibilities in these areas!

Have a good one. Ride your bike.

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Velodelphia |

Hola, amigos!  Thank you for referencing my ideas for:<BR><BR>1.  scandium singlespeed road bike/frame<BR><BR>2.  Team Clif Bar - Salsa special ed. Podio and road gear<BR><BR>I mucho mucho hope Salsa will strongly consider these for its 2010 line!

 MG |

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 MG |

As much as I love the idea of a bit lighter Big Mama, I also relish the idea of a bigger Big Mama… perhaps in the 120mm travel range, maybe 130mm.  Maxle rear dropouts would be cool and easy to do with the current dropout setup and based on the stiffness and strength present in my Big Mama, I suspect you really wouldn’t need to beef it up THAT much.<BR><BR>Ok then, sorry I didn’t get this in on the first call for ideas, but better late than never, ‘eh?<BR><BR>Happy trails in 09!<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>MG

 RJ |

A Caseroll that can race ‘cross?

 Elvis |

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 Elvis |

a shorter travel “not quite so big” Big Mama.<BR><BR>with massive tyre clearance… for sand and snow. (and deserts)

 MG |

A “Crosseroll”...  I like that idea.  Not like there aren’t already enough ‘cross bikes in Salsa’s stable, but hey, you can always have another!

 EB |

A Casseroll can race cyclocross.

 Kid Riemer |

EB, that isn’t necessarily true. Nor is it recommended by us at Salsa.<BR><BR>It depends greatly on how willing you are to risk your front teeth. That’s not a joke. It is important to consider the intended use of a product. <BR><BR>The Casseroll is a road frameset. It is not intended for cyclocross use.<BR><BR>Why? Our frames are designed to have a specific purpose. That specific purpose dramatically impacts the design of the end product. Not only does the intended use impact geometry, it also impacts product strength.<BR><BR>A Casseroll is a road frameset. <BR><BR>The La Cruz and Chili Con Crosso are Salsa’s cyclocross framesets.

 EB |

Kid, I respect your words and value your opinion. You obviously know what you are saying. Frames are designed with a purpose and I could’nt agree with ya more that the LaCruz or Con Crosso would be far superior race bikes.<BR><BR>But, for a college kid just wanting a bike to do it all on a budget and hey maybe hit up a local cross race just for the hell of it.He does it because it’s fun and he does’nt have money for race bikes.That’s where I believe a Casseroll would do the job.

 MG |

Eric, for a college kid wanting to race cyclocross, a Casseroll is exactly the WRONG bike to choose.  Why?  Because the bike was not designed to be strong enough to take the pounding you dish out to a bike in a cyclocross race.  Especially in the hands of an amateur racer, who is likely much less smooth and polished than a pro, the Casseroll will take punishment its road diameter/gauge tubes are not designed to withstand.<BR><BR>I’ll put it to you this way:  When I built Laura’s Casseroll up, Jason gave me an explicit warning, because he could see the little gleam in my eye… He knew what I was thinking.  He said, “Matt, you are not to ride this bike off-road at all… not even through Wilderness Park.  It was not designed to take it, and it will not take it.”<BR><BR>Now, I understand that you could race a Casseroll in a ‘cross race, but when Salsa makes not just one, but two frames that are incredible ‘cross frames (one even being steel), the question I have to ask is, why would you want to?  You’d compromise your performance and risk the lifespan and longevity of the frameset.  Is that really worth it?<BR><BR>The answer for me is no.

 MG |

... and as a day-to-day frame, I’d submit that a La Cruz would make a great candidate.  It’s what I ride every day, as do you, EB!

 EB |

Oh MG, you’re making me blush.

 GeekyTiki |

I want to make an addition to my suggestion on the Ala Carte with EBB.  How about a 10 or 12mm Thru axle for the rear?  I love the extra stiffness the TA gives.

 jimmythefly |

Late to the party but..<BR><BR>I’d like a HD La Cruz, or a light-duty Fargo. <BR><BR>Basically I want a La Cruz with clearance for 44c and fenders, and maybe a split-shell EBB while you’re at it. Oh, and the Fargo’s sweet chainstay-mount caliper.<BR><BR>Also front eyelets, lowrider bosses, or canti studs -basically somewhere to put a fender strut in front of the fork, and maybe a light duty front rack/bag support/light mount.<BR><BR>The Fargo is heavier-duty than I need. I much prefer the LaCruz’s more horizontal-ish top tube, but I wish I could stuff more tire on it and keep my fenders.

 Telford |

1) Singlespeed cyclocross frame modeled after my Chili Con. Steel would be ok too. Cantis are fine by me - no need for discs. Might be able to use the deep dropouts on the Casseroll, but I prefer a rear facing drop. Might also consider something like the Paragon track ends with deraileur hanger so you’d have a geared/SS choice.<BR><BR>2) Mass-produced porteur rack. I currently use a Velo Orange stainless - pricey but oh so sweet. The common man needs a nice basket.

 Brewster |

If you’re looking for a new product, here’s something to consider - how about a nicely polished SILVER threadless stem with rise. In other words, take your SUL stem that has a 105 degree/10-15 degree rise, and make it with a nice SILVER polish finish. It may be expensive, but if you’re already going overseas for your stuff, instead of making it here in the USA, like you use to do, then you should be able to get it done at a reasonable price. Something to think about….

 Craig Sinclair |

I’ve never understood why a somewhat retro cross bike (LaCruz) forces you to use more contemporary brakes (disc specific) while the ultralight race machine (Chili Con Crosso) is cantilever specific. I mean, I understand racing cross and canitlevers go hand in hand so, yeah, the CCC needs to be cantilever specific but it would be nice for us to have a cantilever option for the LaCruz as well. Maybe you guys could talk to your buddies in the Problem Solvers department down the hall about a removable clamp on brake post specific to the LaCruz. <BR><BR>You remember way back when shifters used to clamp onto downtubes they would braze on a flat metal piece for the shifters to key into? You could do that with the LaCruz as well, hide it on the bottom side of the stay, so you’ll still get your nice clean seat stay lines if you don’t want to use cantilevers but for those of us that are purists when it comes to cross we can still put on our beloved brakes of choice and ride a cross bike the way it should be. Cool?<BR><BR>As for the fork, offer it in both configurations and as a separate piece from the frame. There’s a good aftermarket for a quality steel cross fork so it’s not like the SKU would be wasted.

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