Got frame, got fork, need headset

Our virtual bike is starting to shape up. We've got our core group with 2009 SRAM Rival. Now we've settled on compact gearing. Today, we need to figure out what headset we need so we can start hanging parts. It needs to be 1 1/8 threadless. No integrated here. It also needs to have some color on it becuase this is a Salsa bike and we need some color.

So....What headset? NO, we won't tell you the color. Bobby and I will pick the headset color once we decide what model.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Josh |

Loren, <BR><BR>Interesting taking on things. I was wondering about that as well. <BR><BR>I guess it depends on when we will be seeing this bike. <BR><BR>If I’m not mistaken, the Cane Creek license of the Aheadset’s patent expires in September of 2010.<BR><BR>Sidenote: If Salsa does make headset, please make a version with an integrated cable hanger for cyclocross…

 Guitar Ted |

Well, I have gravitated towards the King headsets over the years. I do like Hope stuff, (fellow ano freak here)and the German Acros headsets are nice too. But for marketing purposes and those that are looking at a bike that are not total bike geeks like us, I think King is the better known of these. Crank Bros? My buddy got one, the finish is pitting out already after about six weeks. Not cool. Cane Creek? Pedestrian name, and looked at as not as nice, I think. (Perception is 9/10’s of reality!)<BR><BR>Nokon Bobby? What, are you nuts? Get ahold of me sometime and I’ll give you the low down on why that is crazy talk!

 Anonymous |

Christian K?nig, was sonst !?

 Michael |

What about IRD tange headsets that come in plenty of colors. They are a sweet headset for the price and what I am sticking to these days without a shop discount on King…

 BluesDawg |

Something reliable and low maintenance.

 Anonymous |

Go for the Crank Brothers Cobalt SL.  got one on my La Cruz and love it.  very light.  looks understated. colors are okay but sometimes it’s good to see the steel.

 Loren |

Read between the lines people! Salsa’s going to come out with a headset! ROCK!!!!

 Anonymous |

chris king

 Anonymous |

If you wanted to put on the best, put a “star” headset on that thing. Stainless Steel. Best seal known to man. Fully rebuildable. Enough with this Chris King crap.

 Jason |

I’m with Andrew. I don’t need a flashy hoochie head set. I figure I get as much joy out of a $30 HS as I would a $120 one. For the sake of this post I vote for Hope. They gotz colors, and I have nothing but good things to say about my Hope hubs and Mono Mini brakes. So bring on the Hope headset.

 Anonymous |

Crank Brothers Cobalt in Black(blue ano top!)

 Chequamagon |

I have not been a fan of Crank Brother’s products to date, however I did give the stainless steel DirectSets a try, and they are the real deal.  Very light, work flawless, good finish and half the cost of a King.  <BR><BR>That being said, I do have Kings on my other two bikes.

 Chequamagon |

Oh, and one thing I wanted to point out, that the lower cost cane creeks can join the game, as in OEM they can come in colors, Specialized is doing it this year.  <BR><BR>That being said, I am sure most companies with alloy cups would sell them in colors to an OEM willing to buy a few hundred.

 Stevezy |

Agreed - Chris King is a great choice for colors available and quality.  If cost is an issue, then a Cane Creek may be a better choice.

 Anonymous |

It’s got to be a Cane Creek.<BR><BR>Salsa has a blue collar bent to it and Cane Creek is the working man’s quality headset.<BR><BR>Let the pretty boys have the King headsets. |

I don’t care because either way I am going to brake it at some point in the bikes life and have to replace it. Cane Creek, yup toasted those, king, yup toasted that too. Thats what happens when you live in Maine and train year round. Our muddy races don’t help much either. I’ll take what ever is put on the bike. Just no FSA please.

 Bobby |

From above:<BR><BR>“Salsa’s rules clearly state the headset MUST have color. Therefore, there are only two choices: Chris King, or Cane Creek 110.”<BR><BR>This is not a vote but as a strong “Pro-Ano” advocate I would like to point out that Hope also makes smashingly wonderful colored headsets.  Can we have a vote for colored Nokon housing too?  Added bonus here would be Jason has to install them!  :)  Oh wait..sorry..straying from the game.  Carry on! <BR><BR>Bobby<BR>Salsa Cycles

 Anonymous |

Salsa’s rules clearly state the headset MUST have color.  Therefore, there are only two choices: Chris King, or Cane Creek 110.  <BR><BR>Which one to choose?  Flip a coin. Functionally, they’re both great.  <BR><BR>The only advantage I see to Chris King in Salsa’s case is it does offer more customization with the colors.<BR><BR>Unless Salsa plans to surprise us and have the headsets color-matched to the frame color, just like they did with their stems on their complete bikes…

 MG |

If this is a bike for me, then King it is.  All my bikes have King headsets.  That’s just how it is.<BR><BR>That said, if we’re speccing a bike, I understand it’s not a cost is no object sort of deal.  For that reason, I’d likely spec something like a Dia Compe S-8 as well.  Boring, I know, but it’d leave money in the well to do more in other places.

 Anonymous |

Has to be Chris King.<BR>No question.  Buy it, install it, and forget about it.<BR><BR>This is going to be a nice road bike after all, right?

 Smitty |

Honestly, what’s the functional dif between King and Cane Creek 110?  Might as well pick the one with the color that matches the bike “just so.”

 Anonymous |


 Head Honcho |

King schming. nice, but expensive. Muy expensivo. And EVERYONE does it. I say go with a Crank Bros. direct set. May not have the ‘colors’, but its got panache. That or Cane Creek. Anything from s3 to s8, or if you really MUST have color, go with the 110( I know its as much as a King - but they’re better).

 Spartacus P |

Easiest choice of any bike part - there is only one Chris King. If you’re selling this as a bike to keep for a long time, you know everybody is going to drop a King in there as soon as the OE headset fails, so why not get it right from the get-go

 Jason |

If the budget was unlimited I would also go with Chris King, but for all-day reliability, nothing beats a Cane Creek headset. All my bikes have an S-3 and I’ve never had a problem.

 Chris |

Ditto the Cane Creek… King is the obvious choice.  Keep ‘em guessing and hit the Cane Creek.

 Got Chili |

Chris King Wheels for Life (Rasta as listed above)

 Anonymous |

Cane Creek’s S-8 is nice (I own it on my La Raza), but no color.  For color, I’d go with Cane Creek 110.

 Racerveza |

Headset, schmeadset. Nothing boutiquey like a King or a Crank Bros Direct Set. The Cane Creek S-8 would be a solid choice, especially if it has a split crown race (can’t remember). The only thing that pains me more than sledging a non-split crown race onto a fork is having to take it off after years of gunk and water have seized it in their oxidative grip.

 Dan Bailey |

Chris King.  Duh.  :-)

 pete |

I think the obvious choice would be the king rasta set…  ;)

Jess | February 24th, 2010

You know, Cane Creek invented the threadless headset. So, thank you Cane Creek! A couple years ago they jumped into the high-end headset game. Finally, someone to challenge King! I’ve owned King headsets and their 10 year warranty is a joke, they don’t and won’t honor it. For the money, I say go with the 110. Cane Creek has always taken care of me and a few of my friends, no questions asked even on an OE headset. So, if I wear-out the 110 I actually believe they’ll stand behind the headset and fix or replace it, even 20 years from now.

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