Got Shaft! Let’s talk seatposts

What should we attach the comfy Fizik Aliante too? Yes, we've got our classic and functional Salsa Shaft. It would work beautifully on this bike, but I also want to ask what folks would use if given the choice? What would you spec if you were building this bike for yourself? Don't recommend anything that doesn't come in a 27.2 diameter.

I know some of you will want to know what stem/bar when recommending your seat post. The stem will be Salsa. Remember, this is a dictatorship and we have made a unilateral decision here.

Also, here's the update on our choices thus far. I've filled in a few that haven't been, and won't be, up for discussion.

Frame: Salsa ????
Fork: Included in frame set. Clearance up to 25, maybe a small 28
Seat clamp: Salsa Lip Lock color matched to headset
Stem: Salsa
Component group: New SRAM Rival w/compact crank
Headset: King color matched
Wheels: Handbuilt with DT spokes and nipples
Hubs: 1st choice = King color matched
Rims: 1st choice = Mavic Open Pro
Tires: Conti Grand Prix 4seasons 700x25 (QBP is out of stock on others)
Saddle: Fizik Aliante
Seat Post: ???

Man, this is shaping up to be one sweet bike. Can't wait to build this and ride it!

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Racerveza |

Surprised you’re throwing this one out for debate! I’ve been real happy with the Shaft, minus the one that seized up in my Waterford…<BR><BR>I like my stem and post to match, so given a choice, I still pick the Shaft.<BR><BR>If both stem and post were open for discussion, I’d vote Thomson.

 Anonymous |

In the unfortunate abscence of a Salsa carbon Shaft (which could’ve been matched to Salsa carbon handlebars), I’ll vote for a carbon FSA SL-K seatpost (matched to FSA SL-K Shallow carbon bars).  I think that’s good enough for an ‘all day’ non-racing rig.  <BR><BR>On the other hand, if the Salsa Secretariat were to dictate that the bars would be Salsa, then I’d vote for a Thompson Elite seatpost (in silver).

 Jason |

If black would best complement the frame’s colour(s), then I’d go for the Salsa Shaft to match the stem. But if silver would look better I’d go for a Thomson Elite.

 Anonymous |

Easton carbon por favor.

 Anonymous |

if it is not a salsa then thompson all the way

 spartacus_p |

At risk of being boring, it has to be Thomson for this bike. It’s the ‘Chris King Headset’ of seatposts!

 Anonymous |

Salsa Shaft

 Head Honcho |

Shaft if it’ll match the rest of what’s going on, if not Thomson. Its really the only choice. Set back or straight, which ever fits Jason’s fit needs.

 Guitar Ted |

Baring the announcement of a Salsa Shaft carbon seat post, I’d say a Salsa Shaft to match the stem. Barring those two choices, I will defer to Thompson, in black to match the stem. |

Salsa Shaft Carbon to match your carbon bars please.

 Tim |

Custom anodized Thomson Elite.  Etch it with “Limited Edition for Salsa”.  Bling, Salsa and reliability in one object, just like a set of Flip-Offs.

 Anonymous |

Since it doesn’t look like carbon Shaft is happening this year, I like the idea of custom ano Thomson offered by Tim.  Surly did a similar co-branding with Nitto for their Torsion Bar.  This way you could conceivably match the colors on the headset, hubs and stem, creating a ‘color triangle’ that mirrors the main triangle of the frame.  It would also be the only ano Thomson on the market, and you could only get it with a Salsa bike!

 Jason |

Thomson. Black. Works for me.

 Anonymous |

“By Thomson for Salsa”.

 MG |

You know I love the Thomson, but I think a Shaft would be totally appropriate here.  Shaft it up!

 Anonymous |

Thomson.  Custom, if possible.  Even if it’s just a small etched Salsa pepper on the post.

 Anonymous |

“Barring those two choices, I will defer to Thompson, in black to match the stem.”<BR><BR>Guitar Ted, don’t you think the stem will be painted to match the frame?  Salsa does it for their complete bikes so why not for this bike?

 Anonymous |

I know Salsa wants to keep the stem Salsa on this build, but what if Thomson were to offer Salsa a deal where they would customize both the post AND the stem for Salsa?  Perhaps Salsa could work something out with Thomson where both brand names would be featured on both the custom stem and the custom post…<BR><BR>If not, Salsa stem and Thomson post works for me.  <BR><BR>I like the Shaft, and I think it’s appropriate for some of Salsa’s current complete offerings, but I think this particular high-end, all-day road build begs for a Ti Shaft or a Carbon Shaft, not the current Shaft.

 Anonymous |

?Es f?cil, amigos!  Tomson Elite post (silver or custom ano) matched to Thomson Elite X2 stem (silver or custom ano).  How hard can it be to get a small Salsa decal on both?

 Palek |

I’ll go with Thomson, just can’t beat it.  Silver or black which ever matches best.

 Anonymous |

Thomson, with setback.

 Nicholas |


 Anonymous |

Thomson.<BR><BR>Would it be too much to ask Salsa to drop Alpha Q for this bike and source a Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork instead?

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