Guest Blog: Going Far In Iceland

Today's Guest Blogger is Diego Vallarin. He shares his story and some fantastic images of his solo tour through Iceland. Thank you for sharing your experiences Diego! -Kid

My name’s Diego, I live in Italy, and last summer my dream came true. I spent three unbelievable weeks in Iceland, alone in a land where nature is powerful and takes great effect.

My Fargo and thousands of sheep kept me company and cheered me up.

After reaching Iceland, I left from Keflavik and I made for the northern lands along the famous Kjalvegur F35. Pedaling along this road alongside glaciers was extremely incredible, and it seemed that the road was endless. 

After traveling north, I proceeded along the Ring road going past Dettifoss, the powerful waterfall, and Myvatn, a stunning lake with banks formed by lava flows from ancient volcanic eruptions. Thereafter, I reached Egilsstadir, riding through its fabulous fiords to the east.

Nature rules in this land. A day can change from sunny to rainy in a few hours and the wind never quits blowing, and sure enough, riding against the wind was very strenuous.

Unfortunately during my 20-day trip, I had 17 days of wind in my face, but I got used to it day by day, and the incredible landscapes helped me forget my exertion.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip, which really touched my heart, was in the southern part of the country, in the Jokulsarlon Lake area.

The day I arrived at Jokulsarlon Lake was my most difficult, as I spent 20 hours to ride there! But my goal was to sleep in front of its spectacular panorama.

My emotions were uncontrollable in front of this breathtaking view, iceberg blocks were moving slowly along the river facing the biggest European glacier, and after a hundred meters they gradually went away, reaching the ocean.

A glacier and the ocean, hundred of birds fishing, so many sounds and colors. So much water and a bunch of sea lions. It was almost too much to take in at one time. This place is not for the weak of heart.

Landmannalaugar is another unforgettable place in the southern lands. Its colored hills are painted like an  artist’s painting. I had the chance to go through these beautiful hills, and then I joined the F26 road, and finally reached the Ring road. This road was the most beautiful one of the whole trip. Here, each shape and color seemed like entering another dimension. It was like being on another planet!

This country did not remind me of any place else I’ve been. I had the chance to appreciate the true spirit of the journey during my solo trip in Iceland. The nature and surroundings constantly encouraged me to keep up the pace.

Iceland was truly fantastic and I would visit it hundreds of times, but for now, there are many other places to explore while riding my bike.



My name is Diego Vallarin and I am a freelancer graphic designer. I live in the north of Italy. I love mountains, specially riding a lot on my Fargo, or going up and down along paths and slopes. I enjoy experiences and trying different things. Variety is the spice of life. Enjoy the ride!

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Steve Lee | October 14th, 2013

Great photo’s Diego. The evening one next to the glacier is particularly stunning.

Shame about the headwind, but, there’s not a lot cyclists can do about it!

Look forwards to seeing pictures from the next trip.

Diego | October 14th, 2013

Thanks Steve, every corner is stunning in Iceland.
You will find many different landscapes on this island. I recommend everyone to have this experience.

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Luca Federzoni | October 14th, 2013

Great Trip Sergio… (grande Sergio.. gran bel viaggio) bye L.

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ArkyKenny | October 14th, 2013

Thanks for sharing!

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Paul Q | October 14th, 2013

Thank you Diego for sharing this adventure.

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Pat Irwin | October 14th, 2013

Great trip Diego and thanks to you Iceland just made my bucket list!


Paul | October 20th, 2013

Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. I was wondering what tent that is. Looks pretty awesome.

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marietto | November 5th, 2013

gran bel viaggio! Come ti trovi con quel manubrio? Dove lo trovi in ITALIA? Io stò a bologna

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Brian Sims | November 8th, 2013

Diego,  Great looking trip.  So glad you enjoyed Iceland.  I couldn’t agree more, Iceland is a magical place.  I’ve been twice and would go again in a heartbeat.  I dream of biking around the country myself.  My wife and I were also captivated by Jokulsarlon Lake.  It was an unexpected treat, we could have spent hours by the lake.  There is an unexplainable pull to the surroundings.  Funny, as we were leaving the lake a group rolled up to film a Bollywood video.  Small world.

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Ed | November 27th, 2013

Hey Diego thanks for such a great blog. Iceland is also on my to do list now. I need to buy a touring tent. What did you use on this trip and would you recommend it? Ideally Im looking for something that packs small enough to put in a pannier bag.

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Diego | December 8th, 2013

THANK YOU guys! ;)
It’s a wonderful place to visit once in your life
Enjoy ride

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Diego | December 10th, 2013

@marietto - Il manubrio è un SALSA WOODCHIPPER 2 così come esce la Fargo. Ero un po scettico ma devo dire che è comodissimo, una volta trovata la tua angolatura vai tranquillo.
Lo puoi trovare da chi rivende Salsa in Italia, sinceramente a Bologna non saprei.

Don | January 4th, 2014

Great pictures and a perfect bike for the trip!  Those dirt roads look like they call out for days of riding.  I hope the view was worth the 20 hour day in the saddle. 

Thanks for sharing your trip.

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Scott | January 6th, 2014

Summer before last I rode my Fargo from Rekyvec ( however its spelled) to Vik, the only town I could pronounce and spell. Iceland was great and the Fargo is the perfect bike for it.  Little disappointed Ben Stiller wasn’t riding one in Walter Mitty

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Ingrid | January 8th, 2014

Thank You so very much for sharing this beauty with us. Oh, how I wish I were young once more!  I virtually lived on my broke when I was younger, managing to take long rides every day.  I did not, however, explore the world on my bike.  It felt too unsafe for a young woman to do so.  I had no friends who loved biking as I did so my adventures were limited to the region in which I was living.  Please keep us up to date on your travels.  I can enjoy them deeply.

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Diego | January 9th, 2014

I want to thank all of you for your comments, your energy and support.
I am happy to read your words.
I think the beauty of a trip is also relive those emotions after time.
Situations that will always live inside of us.
Thanks guys!
Thanks Salsa!

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Erby | February 4th, 2014

Idol diego!!

Late Latino | March 10th, 2014

Great experience!
Late Latino

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