Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Salsa Cycles.

Most of the folks are out of the office taking a much deserved holiday. I came in today to get a couple ads out the door and a few new jobs started. As 2007 ends and a new year approaches life doesn’t stop or even slow down much at all.

New Year’s has always seemed a bit different to me than to many because New Year’s Eve is my birthday. As a kid growing up in Korea, I was fortunate to celebrate my birthday in several other countries as well because every few years we took a family trip to see some other places in Asia. Once I was even in three different countries on my birthday because we were flying somewhere and had to switch planes enroute.

On those occaisions where we’d be in another country on my birthday I’d get to choose where we had one meal. The one I remember picking in Singapore was McDonald’s. Hey, what can I say? At that point there were no fast food joints at all in Korea and I was a kid missing the taste of a Big Mac! It is fun to think back to those highlights from our lives.

Highlights from this past year and too numerous to name them all, but I’m going to take a shot at listing some. Some revolve around bikes and many don’t, which is how I think it really should be.

BIKE Week: Riding in the Black Hills with the folks from BIKE magazine and a host of others from different bike companies was a total epic treat. Killer riding on sweet singletrack with some epic weather to boot. Awesome.

Arrowhead Ultra: This one was a highlight and a lowlight at the same time. I made it 69 miles before asking a snowmobile to take me off the course. That was a disappointment to me. But I also felt like I put everything I had into getting as far as I did in the conditions of the day and I think I learned a whole heck of a lot by doing it. I’ll apply that knowledge when I take my second shot at the event this coming February.

Jordan breaking the 5 foot barrier: He’s almost as tall as his mom now and is becoming a fine young man. Seeing your kid grow up as a caring person is just about all you can hope for.

Disney World: We hit it up this past spring. Some folks may not be into it, but you’re missing out on some fun rides. Don’t let commercialization force all your opinions. Sometimes you just have to let yourself have some fun.

Lots of dirt: Almost all of my riding this past year was on dirt. Most of it local but how can I complain about that? We’ve got good dirt in our metro area and I’m thankful for it.

Lots of snow: We’ve got a real winter right now and the snow riding has been top notch. If it is going to be cold there might as well be snow, right?

Family: My wife’s dad is now 88 years old. Yup, she was his last baby. It is sad to think about it but we know we won’t have him forever. We’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time with him this year and especially during the Holiday season. He’s a great dad to her and a wonderful granddad to Jordan. I sure hope we’ve got another year or two with grandpa Pap.

Books: Some good books I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past year include Lost In The Wild, the whole Hatchet series of books for youth, Dogsong, Wintersong, True North, and Alaska. You can probably tell where my reading tastes lie, but if you like to read outdoor stuff try any of these out.

New graphics: We introduced new steel graphics at Interbike 2007 and it is a relief to see people dig them. I’m proud of what our bikes look like and happy I get to play my part in it.

Change of perspective: All of us have to readjust from time to time as our perspective can get out of balance. It is impossible to say how often we each need to do this but it is defintely something that occurs. I had the realization within the last couple months and am glad I’ve realized it as it is my chance to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Great hikes with my great lady: On one of our trips up north this past year, my lady and I put in a couple great hikes including one just north of the Arrowhead trail north of Hovland. I’d been backpacking on that trail a couple times years ago but she’d never seen it. Now my lady enjoys a good hike but will be satisfied by a few less miles than myself. She loved seeing how much more rugged the trail got further north and how few people clearly ever used it. For her it was a new trail and for me it was a great trail with my great lady.

Salsa Uncatalog: It was fun to take a chance on doing something different than a typical product catalog. I’m not sure how it exactly will work out but I know we created a killer piece of work. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Got a highlight or two from 2007 that you’d like to share among the Salsa community? We’d love to hear about it.

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes from all of us for 2008.

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


 joel |

Moving back to MN (not until mid January, but it was planned in 2007). Can’t wait to shred the MN singletrack once again!

 Captain Bob |

Happy New Year!

 MG |

Happy New Year to all my Amigos at Salsa Cycles, and out on the trails around the globe!<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>MG

 57-180 |

Getting the wife a La Raza!  Loggin some miles with her while the tandem hangs in the garage.  Hopefully 2008 holds a Campeon for me…..We’ll see!<BR><BR>Happy New Year,<BR><BR>Jason

 Jason |

Happy New Year to all Pepper Heads! Your work is much appreciated. Look forward to another year of “riding and smiling”.<BR><BR>JM

 Guitar Ted |

Happy New Year! My highlights are numerous and have been documented on my blog, but here’s one that’s Salsa related:<BR><BR>Finally getting to meet and ride with Bobby at the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. That was a blast and riding with Bobby was encouraging and memorable. Thanks Dude! (Or should I say Shrek! ;) )<BR><BR>Maybe we can share a trail together in 2008.

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 Big John |

I moved from Michigan to Utah this past August with my lady friend and our dog. We were homeless for the 2 weeks and spent them camping and day hiking in the Uinta High Wilderness. Something I will never forget!~Since being out here I’m more appreciative of what I am now missing out on of the midwest(great trails and a tight knit cycling community)I am also grateful of my new experiences and new people I’ve met here in Salt Lake. As for 2008 I am looking forward to logging plenty of miles on my new Dos Niner! Been wanting one ever since they were introduced and I finally picked one up this past month!

 Bobby |

Thanks Mr. Nugent.  We will surely share some dirt again in 2008.  <BR><BR>-The Ogre

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