Here’s To The Next Adventure

Welcome to our new website…and more. During the past 12 months or so, we've been taking a good hard look at the Salsa brand. We've revisited the past, checked out the present, and are trying to look toward our future.

This website shows our continued evolution.

We are letting go of parts of the past. Some will slowly fade away, while other changes will be more abrupt and immediately noticeable. But some things won't change at all. We are a different brand than the one that was started way back in 1984. We welcome this step away. We welcome this change.

Our new website is a work in progress. In the days to come you will continue to see it grow. You will see our products in use around the globe. Images will change from time to time, but in those images you will see Adventure by Bike.

A news report a couple months ago spoke of children in school no longer wishing to be astronauts. 'Been there, done that' had reached into the grade school levels and eliminated what was once the dream of many. Why go the moon if someone else already has? Why go to the moon when you can play Rock Band?

I would argue that the moon wasn't really even the dream most astronauts pursued. Instead, I think they were after adventure…adventure of the highest caliber.

But there are all sorts of adventure in this world, and many of them can be experienced on a bicycle. You felt it when you were a child and were first allowed to roam your neighborhood on two wheels. Beyond that first initial burst of freedom…you felt Adventure. Where would you go? What would you find when you got there?

During the past year, many of the Salsa Crew took on some grand, and some not-as-grand, adventures. From Joe riding the Tour Divide Race to Jason hitting a 130-mile chunk of the Kokopelli Trail in a day. From David touring alongside the Gitchi Gummi and up into the Great White North to Tim soloing the 24-Hours of Nine Mile.

And we know you've had adventures as well.

We've seen photos of Salsa bikes maneuvering on glaciers in Iceland, bike packing in Arizona, crossing the high mountain passes of France and Spain, and riding the Dempsey Highway in Alaska. We've seen our bikes ripping it in everything from 100-mile mountain bike races to 300-mile-plus gravel grinders.

Each and every one of those experiences has provided someone with a fine adventure. That's how we think it should be.

We hope you'll open yourself up to the possibilities of Adventure by Bike.

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


Jason | February 19th, 2010

Love the new site! Very clean, very nice! Also love the evolution of the Salsa brand. Adventure By Bike indeed! Good luck in 2010.


Jerry | February 19th, 2010

the site looks great.  it’s cool to see some faces too. big improvement, nice job. 

why don’t you post prices?  just curious.  I realize the dealer will set the price, but a ballpark is nice place to start.  I don’t like to call my dealer every time I see something and ask how much? instead google gives me an answer, just not always an accurate one.

Elvis | February 19th, 2010

love the new site. Kid, your words struck a cord in me. As a child… i just wanted to ride my bike and see new things.

and a quick note to Jerry: Salsa is sold world wide. that’s why pricing is not on the site.

S.Fuller | February 19th, 2010

Love the new site look. Please tell me that you’re planning to have some Adventure by Bike schwag available for purchase. :)

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Tom | February 19th, 2010

Love the new website. Keep up the great work!

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captain bob | February 19th, 2010

Yeah, this is a great new site!  It makes the old one seem hokey already.  Strange cause the old site wasn’t bad.  So, congrats on the new site and I for sure am excited about your new products and can’t wait to see more.

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | February 19th, 2010

S.Fuller…you asked first so you are the winner. I’ll be in touch. You’ve won a prize.

S.Fuller | February 19th, 2010


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J. Cummins | February 19th, 2010

Love the new site.  Very nice.  And great job on all the photo’s, Jason.

ps:  Dang it, Steve.  You beat me to it.  Congrat’s on winning the prize.  ;)

team 29er | February 20th, 2010

Nice the new site, good job!Best regards
Team 29er Poland

Hollis | February 20th, 2010

Wait did I miss something or did the steel Ala Carte and El Mariachi bikes go away ... poof. Or is this just the 2010 lineup?

Hollis | February 20th, 2010

I see now they are coming soon ... can’t wait to see what you do with them. As a graphic designer and bike lover I have to say you nailed it with “Adventure by Bike” - it’s a wonderful ethos and I think one that will lead Salsa towards a brighter future.

Ken | February 20th, 2010

The old site was great and this is better. Lots of personality. Great job.
The Vaya is a great addition. Is the egg shaped rear wheel an upgrade?
Oh no! Where did the Belgium Brewing Shoe Bike gallery pic go?
Anyone who would buy a Salsa can handle M$RP… it’s just better customer service. Even internet stalwort Taylor Guitars has had pricing online for years.
Have a great 2010. ;^)

MG | February 20th, 2010

This new site is awesome.  It is a great reflection of the folks and spirit that make Salsa’s brand, and thus it’s products, so great.

Adventure by Bike… It’s what we do.


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Leaf Slayer | February 21st, 2010

You guys are waving the same freak flag that Rivendell has been waving for years. Still, it’s good other folks besides your cousins at Surly are getting on the bus. All-rounder type bikes are where it’s at. Keep’em coming.

Larey | February 21st, 2010

Your new site looks good and I really like the “Adventure by Bike” tag line.  It would make a great bike tattoo.

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Eric | February 22nd, 2010

Yeah, another great job on the site.  Each has been a nice improvement.  As someone who has been interested in Salsa since “back then”, am excited to see where you are headed.  Methinks Adventure by Bike is a great idea.  Maybe a Fargo in my future?  Am really tempted.

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Chris | February 22nd, 2010

New site/gear looks great!

Larey | February 22nd, 2010

After taking a second look your new graphic “Adventure by Bike”, I still like the phrase but the image needs something more bike-like, something that says cycling.  The more I look at it, the more it looks like a trail sign in a national forest.

JayP | February 22nd, 2010

Salsa, Kid - WOW!

This struck me well and has goose bumps running through me…

Adventure By Bike, an excellent phrase we all can experince and a way of life for some.

I hope to bring Salsa to Front St., Nome in just a few weeks…

Nice work to all of you, love where Salsa is heading…everywhere.


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Salsa Fan | February 22nd, 2010

Here’s what I hope to see from the new, bolder Salsa in the near future:

More high-end Ti, both on frames and on components.

More CrMo, preferably quadruple butted, both on frames and perhaps also on some components.

No high-end steel nor scandium.

High-end carbon frames (and components).

Raising the frame paint quality up a bit.

Nice improvement on the old website, amigos!

Outsider | February 23rd, 2010

Love the new site and the “Adventure by Bike”-thing.

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CrMog | February 23rd, 2010

Site looks nice
Was hopin’to add a Salsa to the stable
Alas you’ve given up on steel
Oh well

Elvis | February 23rd, 2010

CrMog -

I’m seein’ both a CroMo Ala Carte and CroMo El Mariachi listed there…

Andrew K. | February 24th, 2010

Nice site…. So… please tell me… when you’re going to have… some Adventure By Bike complete bikes and components available for purchase. :D

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City Slicker | February 24th, 2010

So ‘Adventure by Bike’ is replacing the broader ‘Ride and Smile’.  The logo that goes along with the new motto has what looks to be some sort of pine tree on it.  All of the pics on the new website’s home page feature bicycles in ‘country’ settings, thus seeming to imply the ‘adventure’ is to take place away from cities.  Does this mean Salsa is giving the urban/city market up to Surly?  I hope not.  After all, Surly has plenty of models that are well-suited for ‘adventure’.  One might get away with saying the Vaya or the Casseroll Double are commuter bikes, but I’m not sure I’d call them city/urban bikes.  Where does urban adventure fit in with the new Salsa brand?


Gnat | February 24th, 2010

Thanks folks for the kind words.  I just want to take a moment to attempt to answer some of the questions here. 

Adventure by Bike goods - We are glad some folks are interested.  We haven’t finished plans here but I expect you will see some items in the future.   

One comment referenced giving up on steel.  Not true.  While we recognize that our new steel Ala Carte and steel El Mariachi are not currently for sale, we will be showing these new models at Sea Otter in April.  Steel will continue to be the back bone of our line up with Fargo, Vaya, Casseroll, Ala Carte and El Mariachi.  We love steel. 

Regarding Urban Adventure - Adventure can mean a lot of things including riding in the city.  Heck, we live in the city and often find adventures.  We’ll continue to make products that work really well for commuting such as the Fargo, Vaya and Casseroll.  Over time, we’ll also add some imagery that includes “urban adventures”.  But, we will not have a primary focus on transportation.  Again, this does not mean folks won’t use our most versatile bikes for commuting and other urban adventures.

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Steely Dan | February 25th, 2010

Couldn’t help but notice that the steel Pistola wasn’t mentioned in Gnat’s comment about steel continuing to be the “back bone”  of Salsa’s lineup.  Was that intentional?  What’s the plan with Pistola going forward?  Also, all of the steel models mentioned by Gnat are CrMo.  Does that mean Salsa will only work with CrMo on its steel bicycles from now on?

That Salsa will not focus on transportation is not surprising.  That market is covered at QBP by Civia.

Casseroll Triple became Casseroll Double.  Inquiring minds want to know: what’s in store for Casseroll Single?

Errin | March 4th, 2010

Great look to the site.  I want a “Adventure by Bike” jersey, wool preferably.  Or at least some socks please. 

Re: Urban Adventure—The Fargo is a great city commuter bike.  I’ve got some plans to take pics of the Fargo all around Los Angeles.  The bike would look great among the skyscrapers.  In the city, is the Fargo out of it’s element?  If you’re riding it, you know the answer, you’re in it, no matter where you are.  Paved or dirt.

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