How About A Little Music?

If there is one thing that I have learned it's that if you are a cyclist, the thing most dear to your heart is tunes…well excpet for maybe beer but thats another blog post all together. No matter what your flavor we all have that song that we jam to on the way to the trail, or blast on the stereo while sucking it up on the trainer. There seems to be a theme song for every epic trail that spurs you on when you have nothing left. Its just part of what we do.

Music is a huge part of my life. I toured with a band for many years and it just seems to be that natural common thread among the world. Whenver I meet new folks or see someone I haven't talked to in awhile one of my favorite questions is "What are you listening to?". I thought it would be fun to ask that question of my Salsa comrades and post them up here for you to enjoy. Maybe you'll find something in common with one of us, or maybe you'll be introduced to something new. Afterall, there will always be more trails screaming for a theme song. In any case, here is what we are listening to. Feel free to share with us what you are listening to as well.

Eric Fredrickson – Sales, Warranty, Customer Service

1. As I Lay Dying - "The Powerless Rise" - I would have to say for the nonstop intensity and adrenaline of The Powerless Rise.

2. Old Crow Medecine Show - "Big Iron World" - For the laid back, old time simplicity of non-amplified instruments and while gathering around one mic for the Big Iron World album.

3. Social Distortion - "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" - The country ballad melodies mixed with raw electric guitars go so well with Mike Ness’ gruff voice and to-the-point lyrics.

David Gabrys – Sales Manager

1. Halloween, Alaska - "Champagne Downtown" – They’re a Minneapolis band, and funnily enough, I started listening to them a lot more this fall because I was actually in Anchorage, Alaska on Halloween day. They also have a nice creamy sound that conveys warmth and relaxation, both of which I’ve needed a fair amount of lately.

2. Lazerbeak - "Legend Recognize Legend" – Beak has done a lot of sound work for P.O.S. and other artists on the Doomtree label. He’s also a veteran of the infamous Minneapolis band, Plastic Constellations, whose music I love. Ever since the release party in October for his debut CD, I haven’t been able to put it away. It’s a great mix of hip-hop riffs, melody, and even some massive ballad sounds. One of my favorite artists.

3. The National - "High Violet" – The baritone voice of Matt Berninger is very warm, and captivating. I’ve been listening to High Violet a lot lately because of its warm vibe during these incredibly frigid temperatures.

Thomas Scherber - Purchasing

1. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs - Because it’s an incredible album which gets better with each listen.

2. P.O.S. – Never Better - Because it’s the best and most innovative Hip-Hop album I’ve heard in a long time.

Mark Rane - Product Designer

1. Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny - “Home” - Not sure why, but I can’t get enough lately.

2. Travis - “The Boy With No Name” - Selfish Jean” was the only song that would calm down our baby when she was upset, and so it’s been the theme song in our house this year.

Chuck Sween – Warranty, Customer Service

1. Uncle Tupelo - "No Depression" - This one comes and goes in the rotation, but it’s been playing a lot lately. I know Jay and Jeff didn’t live the lives they sing about, and neither did I, but for some reason, it sounds like they’re singing about my adolescence. Maybe it’s the adolescence I wish I’d lived?

2. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - "Up From Below" - In music, I listen for intriguing lyrics, stories or characters to which I can relate, and unique voices or instrumentation. I haven’t had this album for long, but it seems to cover all the bases. Plus, I’m a sucker for female vocalists and brass.

3. The Gaslight Anthem - "American Slang" - They’re my generation’s Springsteen. Embarrassingly fun, fist-pumping, foot-stomping rock and roll. They even quote The Boss. If you don’t like them, I don’t understand.

Mike Riemer – Marketing

If I had to make a playlist that would last me forever, these artists and these songs would be on it.

1. Bruce Springsteen: Bruce isn’t all ‘Born In The USA’, you know. Here are some of my favorites of his lesser known tunes: This Hard Land, Lost In The Flood, I Wish I Were Blind, My Beautiful Reward, I’ll Work For Your Love, The Promise, My City Of Ruins, Stolen Car, Drive All Night, Iceman, and The Wrestler.

2. Lucinda Williams: If Bruce is the boss, Lucinda is the queen. She takes her incredible lyrics and applies her even-more-incredible voice to them. I’ll throw these on to start: Drunken Angel, Lake Charles, Metal Firecracker, Reason To Cry, Bus To Baton Rouge, If Wishes Were Horses, Crescent City, Words, Fruits Of My Labor, and World Without Tears.

3. Eddie Vedder: I actually don’t have that much of his music, but I’ll throw his Into The Wild album/soundtrack onto my playlist. It is that good.

Bobby Dahlberg – Sales, Customer Service

1. War of Ages – “Arise and Conquer” – I love brutal, thick, intense metal. These guys have a great sound and put on an amazing live show to boot. There is just something about old school gang vocals over a sick, double-kick chunky guitar breakdown that makes my heart skip a beat.

2. Blazing Haley – “Blazing Haley” - I’ve been working on this pseudo rockabilly/metal project with some guys lately and was looking for some guitar riffs to study. These guys were recommended to me to check out and I’m glad they were. Amazing bass lines and some really rippin’ guitar.

3. The Agony Scene - “The Agony Scene” – This is an old album that I have been really into again lately. Pretty aggressive metal with a vocal tone that is nothing short of amazing. I especially like this album for what is probably the best cover of “Paint it Black”

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Bobby Dahlberg

Bobby Dahlberg

Its all about God, Life, Love, Music, and ear wax candles.


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jp | January 13th, 2011

I think rando bikes and rando boxy bags go well together.  I hope Salsa makes an affordable boxy rando bag for the new Casseroll’s front rack.  Most boxy rando bags currently in the market are priced over $100.  This may be an opportunity for Salsa, assuming the recent proliferation of rando bikes suggests a rando comeback in the U.S.

donnie | January 13th, 2011

Interesting post… but really - we all just want to know when the new Fargos come out… ;)

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Wally | January 13th, 2011

Cool post. Yeah, music does matter and its interesting to read what others are listening to.

Me? I’m all over the map. I just like music. I listen to the same Springsteen stuff Kid does; Acrade Fire is also a favorite; I’ve been stuck on a few Jay Z tunes although rap/hip hop is not my thing; I’m in Texas as I write this and have listening to Lady Antebellum.

Most any good guitar riff gets my attention as does a powerful vocal. I have a pretty large music collection and shift from genre to genre so its hard to just point to a few favorites.

Oh, and build a real travel bike please? S&S endowed Vaya would work…


Gnat | January 13th, 2011

Donnie and others - I will be putting up a large product update post on Monday.  We want the Fargo’s too!

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cmherron | January 13th, 2011

Why have I never heard of most of these bands?!  I too am like Wally, my music is all over the map.  Pre-ride I like upbeat stuff that gets me excited (311, Korn, System of a Down, Daft Punk, etc).  Post-ride I like more laid back stuff (Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Avett Brothers, etc).  But DURING the ride… I LOVE the music that my tires make rolling over the Earth.  I can’t bring myself to listen to music while I’m out on the bike.  In the gym I toss in a Podcast that I love (GROOVE ELECTRIC w/ DJ Steve Boyett), they’re only about an hour long and the intensity will rise and fall creating a fun interval style workout.  Cool post, cheers!

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009 | January 13th, 2011

Currently on heavy rotation:

Black Mountain, from Vancouver.  Their lps Wilderness Heart and In the Future are way far out.  The eponymous debut is great too.

F*cked Up, The Chemistry of Common Life.  Good, melodic hardcore.

Frank Zappa, Apostrophe.  Bizarre musical genius.

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Jefe Branham | January 13th, 2011

Seems to me that almost all music, within reason, sounds so good when the pedals are spinning, not that I am a big ear candy guy, but right now mid winter, riding the trainer, oh it is so peanut butter and jelly. Once I am out there I prefer to sing to myself, and the birds, nothing between my ear drums and the wild world around me, the sweet music of momma nature. Peace Jefe

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Tom | January 13th, 2011

Right now, I have a bunch of Peter Rowan CDs in the car. “Old and in the Way,” His 2 CD’s with Tony Rice & “Crucial Country.”

Beyond that I usually listen to Celtic groups wich feature people strangling sheep(bagpipes!, Richard Thompson, Tom Russell and other wierd and wonderful folkies.

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Mike | January 13th, 2011

I would have thought one of you would have had the “Bieber fever”.

Bobby | January 13th, 2011

“I would have thought one of you would have had the ?Bieber fever?.

Mike - okay that made me laugh out loud.  Funny thing is that I have an 8 year old daughter that I make fun of for that all the time.  She dislikes all things Bieber but my wife and I love to make comments here and there about posters or cd’s or whatever. The reaction is priceless, usually something like: “FOR THE LAST TIME I TOLD YOU I DON’T LIKE HIM!!”  We of course know this…but thats what makes it all the more fun.

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Ed | January 13th, 2011

As a Santa Barbara guy, big thumbs up on Blazing Haley!

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AlanG | January 13th, 2011

if you are down with the funk, be sure to check out Menahan Street Band. do it!

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Collin | January 13th, 2011

I agree that music plays an important role. As I’ve never been one to use music as “background ambiance”, I definitely put some thought it to my pre/post ride choices.
These days, I’m pretty much always pumping some sort of black metal pre-ride. Satyricon’s ‘Nemesis Divina’ is always on the iPod for special occasions. Depending on where I’m riding, I’ll dip into some “Epic fantasy metal” like Blind Guardian or Rhapsody of fire.

Post-ride usually contains something along the lines of Opeth, Dawes, or even some Coltrane.

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Paul Danek | January 13th, 2011

Wow, no Cash? Shocking.

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JK | January 13th, 2011

Three words when it comes to music to ride your heart out to: THE HOLD STEADY!

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Kevin | January 13th, 2011

I’m with David and I can’t get enough of The National (High Violet) lately.

E] | January 14th, 2011

interesting guys. Always picked Kid to have (some) similar tastes to me. Springsteen. (esp’ the very early stuff)
But my other music led me down a road I didn’t see coming until it was too late…
Springsteen, Mellencamp, Dylan, Neil Young, Midnight Oil, Redgum (Australian folk), Paul Kelly (Australian folky/rock)... next thing I know I’m buying country on itunes…

But I can’t understand people that listen to music when riding.
To each their own y’know. But I love the feeling & sounds of the world around me when I’m riding. (esp’ when off road, even more when I’m in the desert)

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Peter Rhodes | January 14th, 2011

As I lay Dying is a great choice.  So is Silent Civilian, All That Remains and the best band ever….Only Living Witness!

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dandan | January 16th, 2011

Hi guys, this is my first time on your post. My favourite tunes at the moment while out on my fargo are anything by Groundation,Fat Freddy’s Drop,Trinity Roots. Laid back reggae/jazz perfect for all fargo journeys!

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Will | January 16th, 2011

David Crowder Band, Jeremy Camp, Phoenix, Lady Antebellum are all usually on my Ipod.  Some John Mayer as well.

manchester handyman | January 16th, 2011

My top tunes are as follows, don’t laugh.

1. queen’s greatest hits 1,2 and 3. especailly when hill climbing.
2. cant beat limp bizkit “break stuff” when ya going fast down a bumpy path.
3. thats it x

Landscapers manchester | January 16th, 2011

couldn’t live without my tunes. my ipod is loaded with the strokes and frattelis. rock on i wanna ride now.

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Andrew | January 18th, 2011

Good to see Lucinda listed, my wife just grabbed tickets to her March show in NH. Seeing her live is on my 2011 to do list.

plasterer manchester | May 9th, 2012

The Gaslight Anthem - “American Slang” awesome. im really into kasabian at the moment.

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