Interbike 2008 is in the books!  Now what?

It’s been a fun, exhausting, successful, disgusting and an enlightening week in Las Vegas. Interbike 2008 is now behind us all. In my opinion, it was our best show ever. Now what? It’s funny how the mind works. Immediately after finishing something, my mind often says those last two little words “Now What?”. While I could list about a million things, I’m going to start this week off with a whole bunch of shout outs, observations and thank yous.

Thanks to the Salsa crew. Wow, what a crew. We all pitched in. We all got it done. Long, long hours. Special thanks to Bobby for his efforts with Dirt Demo. Also, a special thanks to Kid Riemer for the new booth and his tear down efforts where Mike stayed at the booth until late into the morning while the rest of us slept. Both Mike and Bobby put in extra credit hours.

Thanks to the readers here. Do you know that in the last month we hit a web traffic number that is almost 100% higher than January 2008? The blog went as high as #3 most viewed page of our site.

Thanks to our amigos. You may or may not realize it, but all the Salsa consumers, dealers, and amigos we’ve met or interacted with either in person or here on the blog, all contribute to our success and impact our direction. While we know we can’t make everyone happy all the time, each of you contribute none the less.

Thank you all. It’s been a fun year and IB 2008 was so much fun. Here are a few observations.

1) Our industry is filled with really good people. Sure there are a few not so great ones….Like the jerk who flatted on the El Kaboing. Thank you for stopping to remove the tire and tube before you rode the course back in on a naked rim completely ruining the rim. Nevermind the fact that every bike had replacement tubes in the seat bag. Honestly though, almost every person I came across and/or shook hands with was really sincere and nice. It was so much fun meeting new faces and catching up with old friends.

2) Our industry is changing. Folks are looking to bikes as transportation as opposed to recreation. Also, folks are talking of the economy and of rising raw material costs. Seems like these things come up in at least every other conversation. Thankfully, bikes are part of a solution.

3) Salsa’s booth - It was 100% new and a show stopper for sure. For me, the booth was almost as fun to talk about as our new products. That is saying something as I am really proud of what we showed in the last month.

4) Graphics - Other brands are finally tuning into the fact that paying a little more attention to graphics can really say something about your brand.

5) Carbon - Holy cow, I say it every year, but carbon is everywhere. I know what doing carbon the right way costs and frankly, I’m shocked some of the brands have carbon at all. I don’t know how they can do it?

Now…Onto the fun. Here are my highlights.

1) Riding out to the Dirt Demo with J.Meiser. We had a blast and mark my words, next year, we will find a way over and through the mountains and connect to the Boulder Canyon trails. This year, we rode the pavement, bike trail then double track. Sweet.

2) Party games are fun. While the arm wrestling with Sov from Surly was fun, few things compared to Bear - Ninja - Cowboy and Bloody Knuckles with Satoshi and the other fine Japanese dealers. I still cringe thinking about the sound of smashing knuckles. Now that was a fun night.

3) People. I’ve said it already, but the Salsa crew rocks and meeting both old and new friends was just a blast.

4) Business. Yeah, it was a good show. Highlights for Salsa include all our new stuff; Pistola, Podio, Fargo, Selma, Dos Niner, Mamasita and Clif Bar Chili Con Crosso. Our new bar tape with more colors and our new prototype stems were hits too. It’s pretty fun doing web searches with these names and seeing page after page of coverage and comments.

Beyond the observations, here are few of my favorite quotes of the weekend.

1) Regarding bar end shifters on the Fargo - “It felt like a single speed you can shift!” Now that is a SS I like.

2) Regarding the Fargo’s appearance - “The Fargo is the ugliest bike I have to own.”

3) Regarding the Selma - “Man, that is gorgeous. I want one.” Spoken from one of the Blue Man Group performers who was strangely attracted to the blue graphics and blue anodized bits on our show bike.

4) Regarding taking care of Salsa business - “You need to take care of your feathers so Salsa can fly.”

With that, I’m going to put Interbike 2008 behind and move onto the follow up and the coming months. I assure you, more great stuff to come….we should have some new prototypes arriving soon.

Thanks Amigos.

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Frank |

Cool<BR>Thanks for shareing with us!

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 Anonymous |

What the….. no sneak peak friday?  :(

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 Anonymous |

Hi, guys.  I love Salsa, and I love what it’s been doing.  But I must wonder about the pricing.  I know steel is getting more expensive these days, and I understand the pricing for the complete Pistola, but $2,800 for the complete Podio?  I stopped by Masi’s booth at I-bike and looked at their new Gran Criterium (an alu frame, like the Podio).  It has a full SRAM Rival group, like the Podio, but retails for $600+ less.  Carbon fork and stays.  I’m not suggesting Masi’s quallity and design are the same as Salsa’s.  All I’m saying is I think the Podio’s price is a bit rich for alu, especially in these economic times when so many people are loosing their jobs or barely holding on to them.  Next year I’d like to be buy a Podio, not a Gran Criterium, but I don’t think I can justify paying Salsa’s current MSRP.  Personally, I’d like to see Salsa lower the Podio’s msrp, or else upgrade some of its parts.

 Chris |

Salsa Guys!<BR><BR>I had a chance to see your booth at Interbike, way to go! The booth looked good, the products looked great! <BR><BR>If anyone was worried about the slope of the top tube on the Pistola…the website picture makes it look much more pronounced than it really is. The bike looks really great! My only regret is I didn’t make it to the demo days! :(<BR><BR>Great Job Salsa Peppers!

 MG |

Oh yeah, and I also heard your booth was by far the best booth at the show… way to go TMCO!!!

 MG |

I think you owe it to yourselves to take some time to reflect of a job well done.  Your 2009 line is just incredible, from end-to-end.  The progress you’ve made from 2008 to 2009 is frankly amazing.  Though I personally was not at the show, I have heard from several people that Salsa’s line was one of the few true highlights of Interbike this year, and I’d consider that a high compliment indeed.<BR><BR>Salsa’s stock is rising… and it’s cool to see.  Congratulations once again.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>MG

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 Anonymous |

I’d like to see some of these new rides in action… see what they can do. Compare to my own designs for rides in the future. See how they’re performing at the podium.

 Butcher |

Smitty and folks, thanks.<BR><BR>I’ll start by saying that I’m home today and just did a hike with the family.  Long overdue.  I’m now sitting and enjoying my second round of espresso.  Nice!<BR><BR>The Salsa crew is pretty darn happy.  Sure there is no shortage of work and follow up, but we are all stoked with the results thus far.<BR><BR>New product talk.  There will be lot’s of time to discuss that.<BR><BR>I’m checking out.  Hope to have my Pistola and virtual ride bike story up this week.  Might be Monday.<BR><BR>Thanks again.

 Smitty |

Now what ought to include taking a little siesta, having a beer, going for a ride.  I like the community that has sprung up around this blog, but I think we should police ourselves and our expectations a little bit.  I think we should refrain from asking for new stuff for a while.  Our favorite brand has just hit a bunch of homeruns with new bikes and, from what I ascertain (I wasn’t there), has done a great job showing them off.  I’d like to see blogging about the new stuff getting put through its paces.  More rides, more smiles.  Feel free to get in touch with me to “guest test” any of the new bikes.

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 Banning's Crew |

Steel, steel and more steel.  That there sure a purdy booth, you MN boy’s got!  And them crowds…. damn!  Blast seeing everyone and the line is the perfect combo of commuter/rec/racer goodies.  Congrats on a brand that is really maturing.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>B

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 Anonymous |

First of all, congrats on the new products and the Interbike show!<BR><BR>Okay, “now what?” you ask?  Well, in the very near term, I’d say make sure you add the ProMoto ti stem to the Podio and upgrade the wheels to Ksyrium Equipe.  Everything else on the current complete bike lineup appears reasonable to me, given the price.<BR><BR>In the medium term, I’d say look into upgrading the Shaft seatpost and adding carbon or ti to some of your parts and accessories wherever it may make sense.<BR><BR>In the longer term, everyone knows carbon will have to be fully embraced—all the way to carbon frames—but you want to take your time and do it right and that’s the right way to go about it.<BR><BR>Keep ‘em ridin’ and smilin’!

 Guitar Ted |

What next? I gotta agree with Captain Bob. If you guys top 2008/2009 I’ll fall over fainted. First because this show and lead up to it was awesome. Secondly, because that means you’ll be making more bikes I want and I will be sorely pressed! <BR><BR>Sheesh! I almost hate to think of it, but bring it on! <BR><BR>Congrats on a job well done to all the Salsa Crew!

 Butcher |

It’s a Fargo.  The morning light and the angle of the shot that makes it look so golden.

 Captain Bob |

More Prototypes!  I am not sure if I can handle anymore!  <BR><BR>Ok, maybe I can.  You all have really impressed me with your new bikes.  Very nice.

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 Anonymous |

What is that gold bike in the “ride pic”?

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