Introducing La Cruz Titanium

Today we introduce you all to the new La Cruz titanium cyclocross bike. Another product introduction? Yep, we've been busy up here in our snowy paradise. So, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and read on.

Cyclocross bikes are the original adventure seekers. Capable of killing it on the cross course, the versatile La Cruz Ti grinds gravel, tramples dirt, tackles mud and rolls over potholed pavement. The steel La Cruz has always been near and dear to our heart and with titanium, it's even better. We took our proven La Cruz geometry and tweaked it ever so slightly to optimize the material. The end result is true cross bike that can take a lifetime of pounding without pounding your body.


- $1800 MSRP for frame and seat clamp
- 42 mm tire clearance
- 130mm rear spacing
- canti brakes
- designed for cross forks with 395mm axle to crown with a 45-47mm rake

Geometry: We took our proven La Cruz geometry and added a few additional sizes to match our cross racing bike, the Chili Con Crosso. This geometry will be live on our new website in about another week or so, so until then, here are a few of the more important details.

SIZE & STANDOVER: The frame size matches the effective top tube length. (Note: This is our new sizing scheme based on top tube length. If you already own a La Cruz or Chili Con Crosso, please match your effective top tube lengths when ordering.)

51.5 cm - 724mm standover
53 - 748mm
54 - 769mm
55.5 - 788mm
57 - 807mm
58 - 826mm
59.5 - 843mm
60.6 - 860mm

51.5 - 485mm seat tube
53 - 515mm
54 - 535mm
55.5 - 55.5mm
57 - 57.5mm
58 - 595mm
59.5 - 615mm
60.5 - 635mm

51.5 - 85mm
53 - 100mm
54 - 120mm
55.5 - 140mm
57 - 160mm
58 - 180mm
59.5 - 195mm
60.5 - 210mm


51.5 - 71, 75
53 - 71, 74
54 - 71.5, 73
55.5 - 71.5, 73
57 - 71.5, 73
58 - 72, 73
59.5 - 72, 72
60.5 - 72, 72




Our first order deadline from our dealers is due back to Salsa March 1st. This will guarantee a mid year delivery to our dealers and insure you have lots of miles going into the 2010 cross season. We recommend you take a look at our dealer list and call one of them. They have the correct information and can work with you to get you your dream Salsa cross bike for the coming season.

Over the course of the week, we will post up more details on the La Cruz Ti and the development process. Stay tuned!

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Kevin |

Not sure if right now is a good time to come out with a bunch of $1800 frames.  No fork either?  Ouch.

 Butcher |

Kevin, we understand what you are saying.  Thankfully, with the ti stuff we can keep things fairly small and serve those who are seeking this product.

The ti stuff is pretty special.  We don't expect it to be huge but given our early orders and excitement, we also know it has struck a chord with many.

In addition, we've got a bunch of other stuff in the works to serve some more price conscious Salsa Amigos.  Think of ti as the high end and we'll fill in the categories below that with both alloy and steel at significantly more affordable prices. 

Thanks again.

 Puerto Rico |

Awesome.  Disc breaks are out on this one.  Good call.  Will there be a complete version?  Are you planning on doing a Ti road bike sometime in the near future?  Gracias.

 Puerto Rico |

Also, what fork is that on the picture?  The saddle looks like a classic Flite, but can't tell for sure.  Finally, is that a 1x9 setup on the photo!?  Gracias de nuevo.

 MG |

This is an incredible frame… I sure hope to be able to add one of these beauties to my stable.  It'd be a shame to have the Ti El Mariachi and not a Ti La Cruz! ;-)  But that said, I've got a few bikes to build (and still stay married while I pay for building) before I even think about this! heh heh heh…

But that's a beautiful new dream bike, and I know you'll get plenty of enthusiastic takers.  Considering how amazingly dialed the Scandium Chili Con Crosso is, I can only imagine how amazing that proven geometry works in Ti… It's gonna' be good.

Thanks guys.  Another one blasted out of the park.  2010 is shaping up to be the best year yet!


 Butcher |

PR - Thanks for the comments.  Regarding a ti road bike.  We have prototyped one but the road market is pretty messed up right now with cheap carbon and other stuff.

Regarding the spec in the picture above.  Most of those parts are David's personal parts.  He travelled with that bike in December including a cross race out in Oregon.  The saddle is in fact an old Flite Ti and yes it is a single set up.  We'll be showing the bike in a couple of weeks at Frostbike with some different parts.  We'll post it up when it's completed. 

MG - I'm a bit concerned over Mrs. MG coming down on Salsa.  The year has just begun and I'm fairly certain you will be asking Mrs. MG for more by the end of 2010! 

Thanks again folks. 


 Puerto Rico |

Thank you, Butcher.  So will the Ti La Cruz be available as a complete bicycle?

Also, would you please consider doing a future blog entry regarding Salsa's tubing going forward (i.e. in light of True Temper's bankruptcy late last year). 

Will Salsa continue to use True Temper tubing on its steel offerings, or will it now strictly stick to 'custom-drawn' Salsa Cl?sico CrMo?  Will Salsa continue using Alpha Q (owned by True Temper) forks on its framesets and complete bicycles, or will it now source these elsewhere?  Will Pistola remain in the lineup, and if so with what tubing?  If not, what will replace the Pistola as a performance-oriented steel road offering?

These are just some of the questions going round and round in my Salsa fan head…

 Butcher |

PR - I'll do my best to answer your questions. 

La Cruz ti complete bike?  We are not planning a completely spec'd bike.  A bike could be built with a dealer through QBP's Dreamcycle, but again, we do not plan to offer a complete bike specification right now.  Sorry.  We just don't have the capital and the resources for that.

Steel tubing, Pistola, True Temper, etc - Yes we will address all of those in the future.  We've been hard at work regaridng all of these subjects and each deserves their own blog post.  In the future we will discuss at length.

 Wally Kilburg |

No discs? Bummer. Thats one of the draws for me to the steel La Cruz. I seem to have found Salsa too late in life…all the good stuff I liked is going away and being replaced by stuff thats of lesser appeal to me. Sure wish my demographic was still supported.


 Butcher |

Wally, I'm sorry we are missing the mark for you.  Our desire is to be responsive to our consumers and dealers.  I assure you we are listening. 

Regarding the La Cruz titanium, the functional intended use of this bicycle pretty much demands canti brakes.  This does not mean we have given up on discs.  Our recent introductoin of the Vaya points to this as will future new products. 

I might suggest another view point to consider.  It may not be that things are going away or we are not serving your demographic.  Rather, it is timing.  We can't do all things at one time. 

Over the course of this year, I suspect you might see where we are going with both disc braks, steel tubing, price points, bikes vs frames, etc.  That said, I do understand that this isn't serving you today, here and now.  We/I are sorry for that.

 Wally Kilburg |

Jason, it most certainly is timing. I'm a little late to the dance it seems…when I first found the Salsa catalog with its offerings I was stunned. Here was something very cool and different. Bikes I wanted! Well the rest of the world has been enjoying these gems for some time so its indeed timing. Now that I found 'em, they are going away.

I know you guys worked hard on the Vaya and I'm not going to stab a dead horse here over that and I might spring for a frame but while that bike looks great on paper, its thin to me in "personality" or presence/character.  Salsa stuff exudes character. Given what the Ti "La Cruz" is and what the original La Cruz was, I just don't see the resemblance. But you guys make it so you get to make what you want and you get to name it. I'm okay with that.

I am getting somewhat skeptical about what Salsa has in store for the rest of the year. You used to only be able to get unique, cool and different offerings from custom shops with hefty price tags. Salsa was a production shop though that did just the opposite. Affordable uniqueness. They did quirky and cool. I hope it still stays that way once you get the mainstream stuff out of your system :)
(Boy, will I get hammered for that line…)

 Hollis |

I am ogling over the choice placement of blue on this bike. Can I please hug, high five, or beer whoever was responsible for accentuating blue so successfully [on this Ti frame] and by laying the hammer down with that bar tape! Killer job.

 JB |

Enough about the La Cruz.  I want to know when your coming out with a frame to go with that fat tire fork you teased us with a while back.  Heck I'd settle for the fork.

 Puerto Rico |

No road Ti offerings?  Bummer!  Well, at least Lynskey is coming out with brand new sportive and fixed models this year. Would rather see these with a pepper headbadge, though.

 bjteel |

Cantilever brakes?

Eh…I'd ask for a disc La Cruz in ti, but I can't swing ti right now. 

How about a 4130 La Cruz with discs and rack mounts for the budget-minded. 

It would sell like hotcakes.

 Solo Goat |

could not tell from pics - had a few questions.

1.  is the frame running a replaceable dropout?

2.  approximate frame weight?

3.  headset - internal or external?

thanks mucho.


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Kris | February 22nd, 2010

Does this bike come in a more sophisticated color? I love the orange on the la cruz(discontinued), the beige on the Casseroll(not cyclocross), and the brown on the Vaya(Not Cyclocross<?>Adventurer); Do you have anything similar to these classy colors for the La Cruz Ti?

No avatar image

Kevin | June 12th, 2010

The Salsa Ti frames… are they being produced/welded in the US or are they coming from Asia?  Is the tubing US made or off shore?  Thanks!

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Urban Cyclist | August 11th, 2010

I have steel La Cruz, and I love it. It’s my daily ride. The frame has a really great feel. It’s nice to see a Ti model as well, although I live in the Pacific Northwest so rim brakes wouldn’t work for me year-round. Hopefully you’ll introduce a disc brake model for for riders that have to ride in the rain for six months out of the year.

No avatar image

Andrew | September 27th, 2010

I have one of these on order in a 55.5 through a dealer. Any word on when one might be available to ship? Racing cross on a full suspension MTB is fun and all but I’m really looking forward to losing some weight from my bike instead of my body. Thanks.

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Chris | December 15th, 2010

Please can we have this in steel?  Ti is too rich for my blood, the Vaya has discs, and the Chilli wouldn’t be pleasant for 100 miles on the gravel (and it can’t take racks).

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