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2011 has been an exciting year for Salsa. We've experienced great growth and development. We set our sights on the horizon and plan to continue to put out top notch products. As a result of these things, we are looking to add to our team. If you are a talented and experienced Industrial Designer, are passionate about Salsa and Adventure by Bike resonates with you, then you just might be the perfect addition to our team. The entire job description can be found here on QBP.COM's website. Please go there to read the full details but I will also share some important details of this role.

The hire for this job displays top notch Industrial Design skills and abilities. You think both strategically and creatively using sketching, modeling, and rendering to communicate ideas to the team. You are constructive in giving your feedback and expect the same of others. You are self motivated and highly aware and can handle "no" when someone doesn't like your idea, design or solution as much as you do.

Beyond the technical ability, the hire for this job exudes cycling passion and cycling in all seasons. You have lost count of how many bikes they own or are in the current fleet. You know each and every part on your bikes and have strong opinions about your favorite products. You are a bike person and everyone one you know would tell us just that.

The hire for this job must be a team player. You don't care where the idea came from so long as it is the best one. You share openly and willingly with others to get the best results for Salsa and our organization. In fact, they can't live without collaboration and instigate as necessary, knowing it brings the best results for nearly any project.

Above all, the hire for this job takes both work and play seriously. You can delineate between the two, maintain a sense of humor and get the job done on time.

Over the years, we've met many amazing and talented people. We know the person we are seeking is out there somewhere. Help us find this person. If it is you, please apply. If it is not you and but you know just the right person, then please share this with them and encourage them to apply.

Note - Due to the nature of commenting and the content of this post, comments are turned off. If you have questions or want to apply, it is imperative that you do so through proper channels and not through blog comments. You need to go to the link above to read the full description and apply there. This channels all info and apllications correctly insuring nothing is lost.

Lastly, one last shot showing our team testing Mukluks on one of our designated Salsa ride days. It is intentionally showing winter because you need to embrace winter to enjoy living and working here in Minnesota.

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Tim Krueger

Tim Krueger

I come from the land of trees, lakes and cheese. I like beef jerky, singletrack and pale ale. I believe derailleurs were invented for a very good reason. Long rides with good friends and campfires is really what its all about. Oh, and if its not anodized, its worthless.


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