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Life on the road with the Salsa is a large part of our sales team's lives. Between Bobby, Eric and myself we travel from coast to coast and across the globe. It isn’t all just riding bikes and drinking beer, but that does sometimes play an important role into our jobs.

In early October, Eric and I loaded the Sprinter van and headed to Michigan to visit our friends at Ada Bike Shop. This year Ada became an Adventure Center for Salsa. Being an Adventure Center is a commitment from the shop to bring in a full representation of Salsa bikes and frames as well as the gear to help enable our fans to get out and do their own adventures. We are honored that Ada joined us in this journey and they have a great selection of bikes and gear at both of their stores in/near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Make sure you go check them out if you are in the area!

Scrubbing bugs...

The not-so-glorious part of the job is washing the three inches of bugs off the front of the demo wagon.

After 12 hours on the road, and battling through Chicago traffic, we made it to Michigan. We hit town and met up with Salsa sponsored rider Daniel Musto and shop manager Mason. They were grateful enough to get us out on some fresh gravel to stretch our cramped up legs. Mason, Eric and myself were all on Fargos. Daniel however was hammering on her Spearfish. And hammer she did! The colors were beautiful in Michigan. There were so many reds and bright oranges that the trees appeared to be on fire as we blazed by them on our 29 inch tires.

Trees ablaze with color...

We rushed back to the hotel for a quick shower and then were off to the Grand Rapids premiere of Reveal the Path. It was an amazing turnout at the Wealthy Theater and a good time chatting with all the folks that made it out. Oh yeah, and the beer was good too!

Doorside bike parking at the Wealthy Theater...

The next morning started earlier than our bodies wanted and we rushed through breakfast to set up a demo about 30 minutes outside of Grand Rapids. The morning was a brisk 40-something degrees. It is amazing each time we do a demo to see the amount of people that turn up.  Beargrease, Spearfish, El Mariachi, Horsethief, Mukluk, and Fargo were all in attendance. The demo was scheduled for 10AM but the line started forming at 8AM. We hustled through setting up the tents, tuning the bikes, fixing the flats from the ride before, and getting our waiver forms out. Here is a little clip of set up. We are getting to be pro’s at this!

Nope, nope, nope...the search continued...

During this trip I had convinced Eric that any free moment we had would be spent trying to find a new pair of cowboy boots for me. Finding cowboy boots in Minnesota is like finding rattle snakes in Antarctica. You get the picture! So the search took us to Wayland, Michigan where we found the perfect pair. And those boots made an appearance at the Salsa Adventure Center party our last night in town. Ada redesigned a large section of their store to really display and tell the story of Salsa and Adventure by Bike. We couldn’t have been more delighted.

Ada Bike Shop Salsa Adventure Center...Thank you Ada!

So what did I leave out? More riding of singletrack on Fargos and more drinking of bubbly refreshments. More gas station burritos and more windshield time. And a few more cowboy boot stores rounded out our trip to Michigan. All in all, we love being on the road and we love traveling to see friends of Salsa. Make sure you keep an eye on our schedule via Facebook for a demo or visit in your area. I can’t wait for the next ride!

Nature's confetti...

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Justin Julian (Red)

Justin Julian (Red)

I am lucky enough to be the General Manager of Salsa Cycles. I hail from central Missouri where the hills hide some of the most fascinating treasures. Moonshine being one of them, great singletrack being the second. Bikes have been an important part of my life from the ripe ol’ age of 3. I have raced, rode, crashed and enjoyed motorcycles for going on 34 years now. The bicycle has been a critical part of my motorcycle career (loosely used) in terms of training, enjoyment, rehab, and escape from the day to day. Both of these two-wheeled contraptions are the reason I exist. They are very much part of my life and being. Cycling and motorsports are also a strength and bond that connects my wife and two boys. Live to ride, ride to live!


Scott | December 11th, 2012

Justin, the sales team continues to rock the demo-party even when you aren’t there (is that a measure of success or what?).  Bobby and NorCal Rep Steve did an awesome job at our place this last weekend, and piles of people made it out to ride all the bikes that you guys shoe-horned into that Sprinter van, as well as a bunch of Colossal and Vaya models we have on the floor.  Thanks for the work on getting the 2013 demos out there and helping your “extended sales team” of dealers spread the Salsa word!

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Matt Smith | December 11th, 2012

Do you have email address? I have some questions and want to talk to a MO guy! Email me contact at moduks at


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