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Pretty in pink! No, not the movie. Nope. I'm talking Salsa seat clamps. They look really nice with a matching Chris King pink headset.

ST8470 30.0
ST8472 30.6
ST8474 32.0
ST8476 35.0

MSRP $30

ST8680 30.0
ST8682 30.6
ST8684 32.0
ST8686 35.0

MSRP = $20

Both models and all sizes in stock now at QBP.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Anonymous |

Is it 2005 again?

 Anonymous |

I can picture these on a pink & white Salsa mixte city/commuting road frame for the ladies.  Because this would be a Salsa, it would be creative and out of the jalape?o jar design-wise, so I envision the 3 sets of rear stays made out of Salsa Carb?n, while the down and top tubes would be Salsa Escandio alu and the fork would be a Salsa Cl?sico CrMo with an anodized crown.  1x9 gearing with option for singlespeed or fully geared.  Clearance for 35's with fenders. Long reach road brakes.  Color-matched chain guard. Silver Poco bars with white Salsa cork tape. <BR><BR>This frame could be used for errands, for light touring, or even for crits!  <BR><BR>This is hopelessly Quixotic, I know.  Maybe Salsa can bring it to life in a more Sancho configuration!

 Got Chili |

Those will look nice on my daughter’s pink Gunnar road bike!

 Butcher |

In due time.<BR><BR>The skewers have a different manufacturing process and are made of different materials.  We have not been able to color match the skewers so we have not proceeded here.  We also have a shipping/packaging issue to overcome with to proceed with the QR’s.

 pete |

Those a hot!

 Anonymous |


 Anonymous |

Any plans to do Flip-offs in pink?

 Anonymous |

These will go well with my new Kurt Kinetic Pink Trainer <BR><BR>

 The Goat in a Turtle Shell |

Thanks for the Pink seatpost clamp. I think it makes a great trim piece. <BR><BR>I really don’t think you need to exactly match the pink for your quick releases though. Every manufactuer thinks pink has a different shade which I don’t mind and neither does my wife’s new ride as you’ll see in the link.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Jeremy

 Anonymous |

It’s totally awesome… I needed this to finish my girlfriends birthday gift, it matches well with King and pretty close to the Sid Race pink sticker kit.  Thank you so much and I really hope you can figure the skewers out…

 Ben |

I have had many family members that have unfortunately had cancer.  My aunt currently has a inoperable brain tumor.  It’s nice that companies are supporting cancer research, but I think it comes down to marketing.  I would respect a company a lot more if they said, “Hey, we support Cancer research, here’s a check for $10,000.  Now buy our stuff.”  Or companies that host events as fund raisers for Cancer or other things.  But to say that $1 or $5 of a certain product goes to this, so you should buy it…  I really don’t get it.  If you’re going to do that, pull a Planet Bike and donate a “sizable” portion of profits.  Seriously, give a cancer organization $10, buy whatever you want, and you’ll have done more good that buying a Pink King ever did.

 Butcher |

We are watching this discussion closely.  Again, we acknowledge we are hearing both sides.  Not trying to lead this, we just don’t want to turn it into a non constructive argument.  <BR><BR>Please, if folks comment anymore, please simply state your opinion and don’t challenge others.  It is just a request.

 Anonymous |

Pink is a color, sure.  But Pink as a fashionable color on a bike was created by King when they joined the “wear pink” campaigns.  Any evidence to the contrary?  Why not do a purple anodized part - take us back to 1992?  Oh?

 Smitty |

Pretty in Pink, the movie…OK, so if you are Sophomore guy who is invited to Prom by a Senior Girl, who is your friend, nothing more, do not rent said movie for the apres party hangout.  It makes for an awkward couple of hours…

 Butcher |

Careful here folks. <BR><BR>I want to acknowledge that we have heard the feedback, both for and against.  It has also given me another idea for a blog discussion.  <BR><BR>More to come.  Let's just be careful about this because there are many, many attached feelings to pink and to cancer and all the feelings, research, technology & emotions that go with cancer.  <BR><BR>I will be following up on this.

 Guitar Ted |

I was going to mention that I thought it was cool that Salsa wasn’t using this pink color as a marketing ploy to get more awareness for a silly little bicycle part. Really, Ben said it best though. <BR><BR>It gets little old seeing all the words, phrases,symbols, and now colors that used to be free and common in usage being co-opted by special interest groups. <BR><BR>Sorry! Let pink be pink!

 Anonymous |

Let’s get back to the virtual new road bike, pretty in pink please!

 Anonymous |

C’mon Salsa.  King donates money to Breast Cancer for pink items.  As do many other companies.  Pony up.  Don’t sell pink without the donation.

 Ben |

Pink is a color, not an obligation.  Nice Color.

 Anonymous |


 Guitar Ted |

Oooo! Pink ano! Drooool!<BR><BR>Okay, ya got me on this one!

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