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July is a crazy month here at Salsa and throughout the bicycle industry. July really means final planning and preperation for the upcoming tradeshow season. Later this month we have a private dealer show followed by Dealer Camp in Utah. This is followed by Eurobike in August and shortly afterwards by Interbike in early September. Generally, new product releases are timed with shows such as these. Well....We aren't waiting for those shows for everything and today we bring you several new parts, accessories and clothing items. Most of these are in stock now and available for sale. How cool is that?  

Let's start out with some new T-Shirts. We've got new men's and women's Squadron T's, Spearfish T's and Fargo T's. All are in stock now. Check them all out here.

We also have received many of our new handlebars.  We've completely updated our drop bar product line. It is also the first to use our new 3-2-1 nomenclature. Essentially, we have a good, better and best offering in our key component areas. This includes bars, stems and seatposts as well as some future product categories. All products within each of these levels will include similar features, finish and details. Level 1 is tops in terms of features, materials, quality and finish. Level 2 is our middle line and Level 3 is our entry level product line.

With all that in mind, here are the details of many new handlebars. 

Pro Road Bars - PRS, PRM, PRL

Our new Pro Road bars will be available in a variety of widths ranging from 34-46cm and and 3 different drops ranging from 106mm to 134mm. The new Pro Road bars are all 31.8mm diameter, are optimized for a smooth transition from bar to shift/brake lever, have the same reach (76mm) and have a 4 degree flare. The S, M,and L designation simply identify the and refer to the drop small (106mm), medium (126mm) and large (134mm). All the information can be found on the specific web product pages. Start here and drill down. Most of these bars are in or will be soon.

Cowbell 2 & Cowbell 3


The new Cowbell bar is essentially a second generation of Salsa Bell Lap bar with many of the same features of Pro Road bars such as 31.8mm diameter, smooth transitions to brake shifter levers and a nice radiused drop. One really cool feature of the Cowbell bar is the 12-degree flare of the drops. This makes for a very natural position in the drops and gives a little bit more breathing room.  These are in stock. Again, start here and drill down.

In other bar news, we introduce you to our new Bend Bar. This product builds on our already successful 17-degree bars. Many folks, including us, love the 17-degree bend but it forced many to run a 1 cm longer stem. This new Bend bar has a forward sweep followed by a bend backward that positions your hands in the same position as your existing bar without needing a new, longer stem. We also added a new 23-degree bend option. The Bend bar also has a a 5-degree upsweep. You can run this bar in an up or down sweep position depending on your personal preference.  These will be in stock in the next 30 days. You can check out the Bend 2 bar here.

We've got more new stuff coming including new Mukluk hubs and hubsets as well as new Pro Moto 2 alloy seatpost & Pro Moto 1 carbon seatposts. So much cool stuff. More on those in a later blogpost

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


MG | July 5th, 2011

Nice… I’ve been riding a Cowbell 2 bar on my Ti La Cruz for a couple weeks now, and have to say it absolutely rocks. I don’t know what you guys did on the butting, but the ride quality is fantastic, especially in the drops. Nice work and an excellent evolution of the Bell Lap.

I’m looking forward to trying out one of those new 23 deg. Bend bars. Right on…

Thanks for the hard work on the contact points. These are some very nicely refined products. The quality, style and performance are top-notch.


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Paul | July 5th, 2011

The new road bend looks great—I’m a big fan of “semi-anatomic” bends—I think that’s what you call ‘em—Like FSA and Trek do. I believe folks will really take to the bend.

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JP | July 5th, 2011

Pro Moto carbon post & Pro Road bars would look great on a new La Raza or Primero comeback made with Columbus Spirit tubing :)

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DG | July 5th, 2011

OK, nice stuff, now get to the new Mamasita already!!!!!!!!!


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Kevin | July 5th, 2011

no maxle fork? :(


Gnat | July 5th, 2011

JP - One day we hope to bring you what you desire.

DG - Soon

Kevin - Maxle fork is happening and we’ll report on that later this month as it’s arrival date nears.

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KM | July 6th, 2011

Whats the difference between the cow bell 2 and 3. And 2nd question is what size Vaya would fit me best. I’m 5’11”, inseam 32.5. That puts me on the high end of a 56 and the middle of a 57. Also, are the complete Vaya’s back in stock. Thanks KM

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Ari | July 6th, 2011

The Cowbell handlebar is a great design. I am starting to sell it for road bikes as well. Good Job and see you in Utah soon!



Gnat | July 6th, 2011

KM - The difference in the Cowbell 2 & 3 are material and finish. The Cowbell 2 uses a lighter 7050-T76 alloy and has higher quality finish graphics and the Cowbell 3 uses 6061-T6 and laser etched graphics.

Ari - See you in Utah!

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R | July 6th, 2011

Cool.  I wondered why I had a hard time finding a shaft seatpost. So will all of the new seatposts have the minimal 2.5mm offset, or will there be some with a larger offset like the Shaft used to have?  A larger offset comes in handy when you are between frame sizes.

MG | July 7th, 2011

KM—I’d likely put you on a 57cm Vaya, likely with about a 90mm, 5-deg stem unless you really prefer small bikes or short top tubes. I’m about 2 inches taller than you and am very comfortably riding a 58cm Vaya, so my experience suggests the 57cm is what you want.

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jp | July 7th, 2011

Aw, man.  I guess we won’t see an Italian-style, steel, road race bike from Salsa this year :(  I own both a Casseroll Single and an Updated Casseroll.  I’d love to add a traditional, steel club racer to those and I’d love for it to be a Salsa:)

Hopefully we’ll get to see a Pistola Ti at Interbike in September?

PS—I really dig the Salsa Squadron tee. Organic cotton?

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Chris | July 9th, 2011

just picked up a new Vaya with the cowbell bars…  awesome! LOVE the cowbells!

so, is the Shaft gone completely? I loved the adjustment system on the shaft… a two bolt system is better than a single, but not as good as the shaft system… 

BTW- just curious why the Vaya complete didn’t come with a Salsa post for one of the cool Salsa embroidered saddles?

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bumble | July 9th, 2011

Water bottles, though not mentioned above, are all sans-BPA, yes?

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Leaf S. | July 10th, 2011

Will the Cow Bell 2 bar accept bar-end shifters?

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KM | July 10th, 2011

Thanks for the info MG.

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km | July 10th, 2011

Does the Vaya come with cowbells now or is that an add on.

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Chris | July 10th, 2011

@km- my Vaya I just got came with Cowbell 3’s…

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jp | July 11th, 2011

I hope Salsa’s plastic water bottles are not just BPA-free, but also melamine and pthalate-free.  Plus free of other ‘estrogenic’ chemicals (BPA is just one example) common in plastics.  I’d also love it if the bottles were made with recycled, post-consumer #5 plastic.  These would be the most eco-friendly plastic water bottles for cyclists in the market, and they’d be Salsa to boot!  Short of that, I guess I’d have to keep on using my Kleen Kanteen bottles on my Salsa bikes…

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | July 12th, 2011

bumble & jp: Salsa waterbottles are made for us by Specialized. Here are the facts about the bottles as quoted from their website.

Uses BPA-free plastic : 100% FDA food-grade materials, printed with non-solvent base (UV cured), CPSC-approved ink

jp - I used waterbottles, Nalgene bottles, and Kleen Kanteen bottles depending on the situation. Personally, I still find that nothing beats a good waterbottle for drinking while riding.

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jp | July 13th, 2011

Hi, Kid!  Thanks for the details on Salsa’s water bottles!  They’re very nice bottles :) 

However, there are other toxic compounds, besides BPA, often used in plastic water bottles.  A plastic, BPA-free bottle is good, but not necessarily completely safe. 

And if the bottle is made with post-consumer(rather than virgin) plastic, that’s even better for the environment.  As far as I know, Specialized’s bottles are made with virgin plastic.

That said, Specialized does make nice plastic water bottles, and Kleen Kanteen bottles aren’t squeezable (important for those who want to drink while they ride), and sometimes rattle, depending on the cage used.  But they could be made in a more eco-friendly, safer fashion.

As far as Nalgene goes, they haven’t been free from controversy, as a quick Googling will reveal. 

Being in the eco-friendly products business, perhaps I just know too much about this stuff, the same way you probably know too much about bicycles.  But I’m sure most Salsa fans won’t be as picky as I am with water bottles.

Salsa’s new motto is Adventure by Bike.  These adventures take place in our environment.  That’s why I think it would be nice for Salsa to offer eco-friendly, sustainable branded prodcuts whenever possible, regardless of supplier.  For instance, Salsa could offer branded Kleen Kanteen bottles and cages, in addition to the plastic ones it now offers.  This would give Salsa fans like myself more choices.  Salsa could also offer organic cotton tees.  Just a thought.

Keep up the great work!

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | July 14th, 2011

jp - Thanks for the thoughts that were behind your original question. Well stated, and yes…you and I probably both know too much about our respective industries! Enjoy your day.

Spoonie | July 14th, 2011

...Now if only there was a Ti Podio on the horizon :)


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jp | July 19th, 2011

I don’t know if this would make business sense for Salsa or not, but perhaps Salsa could consider offering 3-2-1 complete builds, or even on their framesets their bikes as well.  For instance, I’d rate the Updated Casseroll a 3, while the prior Casseroll a 1 (I own both).  Or did I get that backwards?  Anyway, frame details, as well as compoentry, could make the difference between complete offerings.  Obviously, the different categories would have different pricepoints, just as the with the parts components.  The point would be for the Salsa fan to have more choice, and to decide how much s/he wants to pay.  Unless, of course, Salsa only wanted to focus on very high end, or very low end stuff exclusively, like some competitors do.  But that doesn’t appear to be the current strategy.

A Spoonie: A Ti Podio?  Sounds cool.  But it’s rare to see Ti used these days for crit-racing frames.  Ti being relatively expensive, don’t know how much of a market there would be for Ti among crit racers.  These days, it seems to be more common, and for there to be more demand for Ti in long-distance, sportive-type bikes, like the Pistola.  Personally, I’d really like it if Salsa were to offer a traditional, Italian-style, full-steel club racing/sportive road bike.  I feel like there’s a gap, and demand, for such an offering in Salsa’s lineup right now.  A Ti Pistola might also do well, though Salsa faces more formidable competitors with that type of road bike in Ti than it does in steel.  Still, would love to see both on Salsa’s lineup :-)

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Chris | July 23rd, 2011

Salsa Guys,
any response on this question I posted above?

“so, is the Shaft gone completely? I loved the adjustment system on the shaft? a two bolt system is better than a single, but not as good as the shaft system? 

BTW- just curious why the Vaya complete didn?t come with a Salsa post for one of the cool Salsa embroidered saddles?”

BTW- loving the new Vaya…  just put a pair of Ritchey SpeedMax tires on her and the acceleration factor went way up… with just this change, the bike is down to just above 25#...  with a lighter seat/post setup and some of the crazy light XC wheels, this bike could be down around 22# I bet if one was so inclined (I’m not)... in STEEL! awesome for a stout disk brake gravel bike! :D

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | July 24th, 2011

Chris: Yes, the Shaft is no longer being produced. Regarding the Vaya spec, those decisions are made by our product manager Tim. Spec’ing a bike is a tough job that involves considering everything from the final price to what parts will be available when.

At some future time we will have Tim do a post about how spec’ing works. There are incredibly long lead times for many items. For example, tires are a huge issue throughout the industry currently. Having the tires actually available when you need them has become a problem and that is even with having an order placed 6 months or more in advance. -Kid

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Chris | July 25th, 2011

thanks Kid… I can understand speccing a bike isn’t easy…

Chris, who had a great trail ride on my Vaya today…

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retroscool | August 4th, 2011

Just curious as to which Bend bar is pictured. Is it the 17 or 23 degree bend?

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