New ProMoto Stems and CroMoto Forks

Hey folks. Just wanted to take a minute or two to introduce you to some new & spicy Salsa products. I think both of the products and categories being discussed represent Salsa’s values on products, design and our future product direction. With that, I introduce you to our new ProMoto Ti stem, our new ProMoto stem, and our new CroMoto steel forks.

These have all the right buzz words. They are light, stiff, carbon friendly, use titanium bolts, and come in a high end gloss black finish. In stock in low quantities with more coming in mid to late July. QBP Part number series is SM0110 - SM0118. MSRP $90

Same forging as ProMoto Ti but this stem has less machining and processing making it less expensive and a great value. We’ve already received and sold a bunch of these with more arriving around the 4th of July. QBP part number series SM0120 - SM0128. MSRP $50

For more details including downloadable PDF’s, go here.

We are working to update ALL our CroMoto forks to use our new stainless forward facing drop outs. The stainless material doesn’t chip when you clamp skewers or when you take the front wheel off and set it on the ground. It looks really good too. The forward facing drop outs resist disc brake forces and make front wheel removal easier when running full coverage fenders. Sweet little tweaks to an already good product.

For more details, go here.

In other news, we have added two new CroMoto forks. They are in stock but we haven’t gotten them photographed and added to the Salsa website yet.

CroMoto Fargo fork in black. Our amazing adventure fork in 2 rakes. Make sure your bikes geometry is right, but you could be one of the first on your block to have 2 additional water bottles on your fork legs. Make your daily adventure a little longer and enjoyable with a CroMoto Fargo fork. In Stock at QBP. MSRP $140

55mm rake = QBP Part# FK0540 (In stock now!)
50mm rake = QBP Part# FK0542 (Due mid July)

CroMoto La Cruz fork in black. You know you want a monster cross bike. In stock at QBP. MSRP $120

45MM rake = QBP Part# FK0531

Hope you enjoy. Now go buy one of these fine products.

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Jason |

Those stems are sssexy with a capital Ssssss. ;)

 Velodelphia |

Love the new products! They are beautiful, intelligent and affordable all at once.  Especially the ProMoto Ti Stem.  I would definitely want to stick one of those on a new Podio Complete.  By the way, will we see a blog entry on the Podio Complete?  Please don't make us wait until the TDF starts!

 Guitar Ted |

Interesting things might be done with those fork options. I think I have a plan for the Fargo 50mm fork when they come in. Great job on the stems, by the way. I've already seen a few out on the trail. Lookin' good!

 Wheezy |

Hello Velodelphia, I did a blog entry on the Podio in September 2008 just before we introduced it at Eurobike.  You can check it out here:

 Elvis |

my Fargo needs one of those stems.

my Casseroll needs one of those stems.

my El Mariachi needs one of those stems.

and if I build a Big Mama… it will need one of those stems.

unless I decide to build a Dos Niner… but it will still need one of those stems…

 Elvis |

I just noticed… on the forks… no post mount for the discs?

 Butcher |

Elvis, thanks for the comments.

I want to follow up on the forks and the post mount vs IS mount.  Right now, this depends on model. 

CroMoto 26" forks have IS mount
CroMoto Grande 29" fork has IS mount
CroMoto La Cruz cross disc fork has IS mount
Fargo 29" fork has post mount

Hope that helps…..And yes you need a Salsa stem on all those bikes.

 MG |

As one who already has two of the Pro Moto Ti stems on my Big Mama and my red El Mariachi, I can definitely say I need them on every single one of my bikes, which means I've got some buyin' to do.  But the good news is they're clearly a great long-term investment.  The quality is top notch.  The graphics are on time and every time I look down at those beautiful titanium bolts, I think, "damn, that's sexy."  But I'm sorta' weird that way…

 Velodelphia |

Hola, amigos!  Would you please show us un poquito de amor for the Podio Complete with a new blog entry?  Gracias!

 Butcher |

Velodelphia, we hear you.  We'll do something.

 JeffS |

Stems look ok. I'd consider buying one if they didn't have logos slathered all over them.

 MG |

My opinion is that the logos on the stems look very good.  Understated yet rockin'.  But I understand we're all different…

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