Polished silver stuff is cool - More new product

OK folks, in case you didn't know, Salsa likes color. Bobby always says Salsa is Pro Ano. While its no secret we love colored bits, we also love no color, as in polished silver. So with that, here are few new polished silver items. These items are in stock and ready for purchase. Buy some.

Dedicated single ring cross bikes are so cool. Now they can be even more stylish and cool with a polished silver outer guard.

CR0401 Silver Crossing Guard, 110mm x 44 tooth max. MSRP = $45
CR0403 Silver Crossing Guard, 130mm x 44 tooth max. MSRP = $45

For all those 1x9 or SS folks, we also added our popular Ring Dinger in silver.

CR0407 Silver Ring Dinger, 104 x36 tooth max. MSRP = $37

We've also got a slew of new chain rings in stock with more on the way. All our rings have been updated with a new look, a new manfucturer and a new tooth profile. They are still dedicated flat replacement rings. Simple. Reliable. Proven. Available in a crazy number of sizes, both black and silver.

Too many chain ring part numbers to list on the blog. you can have your desired shop check http://www.qbp.com for details, stock and pricing. We don't even have them on then Salsa website yet. :(

Silver is good.

Oh....and we know folks want a silver Shaft post. Not happening without changing both material and manufacturer. :(

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Anonymous |

If you can’t do an ano Shaft, how about a carbon one?  Ball on your court now.

 Anonymous |

Nice! Was just about to find a black bash and polish it down myself. This is one of the last pieces to finish the Tomitillo Green El’ Mariachi with all silver parts… Except for the bars!<BR>Anyone notice that it seems NO ONE produces higher quality polished silver hbars? (except for Azonic) <BR>Flat or riser, all there seems to be is black and the new, trendy white… Any thoughts about continuing with some polished silver bar offerings? Please!?!?

 Butcher |

Your request is formally acknowledged.<BR><BR>Not saying no, but to let you know about the current shaft, we could not do a carbon shaft with our current forging for the head.  It would require quite a bit of work.

 MG |

Whoa… That silver Ring Dinger is super sweet.  I’d be diggin’ on one of those for my SS El Mariachi!<BR><BR>Silver is cool in a timeless, classic, ultra-style sorta way.  Good stuff.  I like ano too, but sometimes silver is just what the Dr. ordered.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>MG

 Guitar Ted |

Gotta agree with mg there. I really like the polished silver stuff. Of course, I also have Bobby’s back when it comes to liking ano colors too!

 Anonymous |

Here’s a drop shot: how about a titanium Shaft?

 Jason |

Titanium shaft?? Nice, but I’d rather see a Ti Dos Niner :) <BR><BR>Seriously nice rings. Classy.

 Anonymous |

I second motion for a titanium Shaft!<BR><BR>Salsa-branded Alpha Q carbon post might be nice as well.

 rick is! |

love the silver ring dinger.  question, how much bashing can they take?  I have a poly carb guard on my 1x9 now that can take a hit (because it’s pretty thick).  Could these silver beauties handle an occasional thump?  next year’s dos is begging for some of this swank!

 Butcher |

Rick, thanks for the note.<BR><BR>The Ring Dinger is not a heavy duty bash guard.  It is more of a tooth protector and chain retainer. Not for bashing.  <BR><BR>That said, mine has certainly taken a few licks.  If you use your bash ring to the fullest, you will not want this specific ring.

 rick is! |

ok, thanks for the feedback.  While I don’t always mean to use mine as a bash ring, it does happen on occasion (during races or while riding over large logs)

 Anonymous |

Plenty of new Salsa stuff for the mountain, not enough stuff for the road : (

 Butcher |

Anonymous - It’s a bit predictable, but we’ve got some stuff coming for you…well maybe.  It’s road stuff to us, as are 130mm chainrings, but I’m a bit worried it won’t pass your road product litmus test.  <BR><BR>We shall see…...

 Anonymous |

Oh what sadness, Butcher!  Next thing we know the Campeon will join Primero and La Raza in the Salsa Archeological Road Museum.  :’(

Andy | February 27th, 2010

I just wanted to thank Salsa management for discontinuing silver Salsa Shafts and forcing desperate customers (i.e. those who couldn’t find a Campy double bolt NR or SR post) to either bite the bullet and buy a boring black Shaft or pay over 2x the msrp for my stash of silver Shaft posts.  With the profit I made on silver Shaft sales, I was able to buy both a new fluted Campy SR post and a new Nitto Jaguar post which was neato for me. My guess is that Salsa management decided to experiment with putting the ass before the horse or whatever idiotic idiom might appeal to you.

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