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OK…Here’s a quick update on our virtual Salsa road bike. For those not following the blog in the last week or so, we are building a virtual road bike based around a new and undisclosed 2009 Salsa road frame set. This build isn’t about picking parts for a production bike. It’s about having fun and building a really nice road bike. So far we’ve chosen the following components to go with the Salsa frame and fork: 2009 SRAM Rival, compact crank, & a Chris King colored coordinated headset. Today, I’d like to move to the sensitive topic of saddles.

What saddle? I know asking this question may prove difficult because a saddle on a bicycle is a really personal choice. However, just maybe there will be a trend. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the answers to this question and I will actually give the saddle we pick here an extended try.

One note before you comment. Remember to play nice. I deleted two comments from the headset post. Nothing too harsh, but I could easily see the sparks. Remember, let’s have fun and build a really nice road bike.

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Jason |

I vote Fizik Nisene HP. Treats my boyz/bunz good. But as you said everyone’s boyz/grrl/bunz differ. Just my 2?

 cmau |

For myself I’d have to stick with a Fizik Aliante for a road bike or even a Vitesse as that is what I ride on my bike right now even though it’s a womens saddle it’s damn comfy for my tush…..<BR><BR>I contemplate a Brooks or even a Selle Anatomica but haven’t made that leap yet, but for a long distance all day roadie sounds like the way to go…..

 Guitar Ted |

If it was “my” bike, I’d put a Bontrager Inform RL on it in a heartbeat. For Salsa Crew dudes, I’d go with a Brooks Swift.

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 Anonymous |

How ‘bout a re-issue Salsa saddle with the tensioner in the nose a la Brooks. I’d kill to have another one!

 Baabaa |

My vote for comfort and style would be a san marco rolls, seems to fit most rear ends end after a few hours in the saddle.

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 Big Schott |

WTB Silverado or Devo….actually anything WTB. Everyone of their saddles are magical!

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 Haryo W |

Selle SMP Strike. a rather expensive but definitely worth every penny.  :)

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 Anonymous |

WTB Pure V Race.<BR><BR>Function before Form.<BR><BR>The most comfy saddle ever made!<BR><BR>If you need color, get the camouflage one.

 Oscar |

Many great choices available; for my tush these two reign supreme:<BR>1) Brooks Swift Ti—but…the short rails have precluded me using it on my road bike…couldn’t get enough set-back. That said, it was so comfy I rode it a long time set way too far forward and my knees cursed while my backside rejoiced.<BR>2) Fizik Aliante—could be just a wee bit wider, but the best all arounder for me—they’re on my cross and road bikes.

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 Anonymous |

i just built up a new bike and put on the san marco regal, however the san marco rolls would be cool too. i also hav e heard that these break in a bit easier than the brooks

 MG |

Honestly, I’d have trouble not going with a WTB Rocket V Team, since I run WTB saddles on all my other Salsas already and they’re imminently kind to my behind.  It’s not much of a “differentiator” though, as many brands spec WTB saddles.<BR><BR>The Aliante would be a good choice too, but it’s kind of like the WTB—not much of a differentiator since you see ‘em on a lot of stock bikes.<BR><BR>The flip side of that is that you see both saddles on a lot of stock bikes because they’re kind to a lot of stock butts, so there you go.  Is it bad to be universally good?  Not in my book…<BR><BR>If I were the PM, I’d go with a WTB Rocket V Team.

 Nicholas |

Fizik Aliante. I’m on my 4th.

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 Anonymous |

Fizik Aliante

 mindset |

Anything that comes in multipul widths. Not everyones sit bones are the same. (I use specialized Toupe but that is probubly out of the question for this bike). If you give people the option of choosing a saddle size when they buy the bike you’ll get more people a better fit.

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 chequamagon |

I love Brooks saddles and own two finely broken in samples, a B-17 and a Team Professional.  Ooooh.<BR><BR>But has anyone here ever tried to sell one to the general public?  Yeah, they think we just got done with the crack pipe when they feel them.<BR><BR>I really (again, personal pref.) like Selle Italia Flites and Specialized Phenoms.  <BR><BR>If this is a racing bike, make sure it has a really cool looking saddle like an aliante or flite.  If this is more of a classic looking bike, then maybe something classic like the Storica or a Rolls.  Primary thing, make sure it looks the part with the intent of the rest of the bike.  Classic bikes with racing saddles and vice versa just look strange, and appearance is 90% of the sale.

 Jeff |

Yeah, I’d go with the Brooks B17. I’m gradually moving that way on all my bikes except the El Santo!

 Ben |

Brooks B-17 Narrow.  After all the “race” level seats I’ve used, I’ve come back to classic Brooks on all my bikes.  A B-17 with chopped sides is on my current long distance bike.

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 Anonymous |

I find the Fizik Aliante strikes a nice balance of light weight, comfort, style, low maintenance and value for money.<BR><BR>I liked what Salsa did with the WTB saddles on the complete bikes.  Gives it a unique touch, and enhances the brand image.<BR><BR>Selle Italia SLR XP is also a fine saddle.  Similar to Aliante in what it’s trying to accomplish.

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 Anonymous |

Fizik saddles sure are popular with their multiple coloring options but for the road bike I prefer the simpler Sella Italia SLR, light, simple, just plain works with the rump. |

Selle Italia SLR. thanks.

 Smitty |

I would be honored if you would consider my own product, demonstrated at <BR><BR>My business has been stuck in idle for about 2 years since SDG got out of the custom saddle business, but I have since started working directly with Velo (like everybody else who offers a branded seat) and now do the assembly locally in Minnesota. <BR><BR>I am now moving toward custom saddles, with many choices for the covers, including, as of this writing: croc, ostrich, and snakeskin leather, camouflage and chrome material.  I am not to the point of offering custom embroidery, but I surely could for this one-off build.<BR><BR>If I have piqued anyone’s interest feel free and e-mail me through the contact page of the site.<BR><BR>Jason, if you see this post as being a blatant hijack of the comments, I will not at all be offended if you delete it.<BR><BR>But I did want to offer my services to produce a unique seat for this special bike.

 Racerveza |

When I have to sit on <200g of plastic, metal, and leather for over four hours, I reach for the Aliante.

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 Anonymous |

I’m with Spartacus_p. Why even put an expensive saddle on a bike? We sell bikes without pedals all the time, and if you ask me, saddles are much more important. The Arione put me in the doctors office with a lovely case of hemorroids. I don’t ride anything but a Brooks Professional on my road bike, and B17’s on my Touring and Mountain bikes. Haven’t been back to the doctor’s office since.

 Dan |

Selle Italia SLR—have it on two of my four, and love it.

 Stevezy |

The Fizik Arione is pretty comfy and that’s what I have on my road bike, but you can really make a statement if you put a Swobo Cart saddle on there with the attached bottle opener for the victory brew.

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 Anonymous |

Fizik Aliante Gamma or WTB Silverado Team with Salsa embroidery.

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 Anonymous |

I vote for a selle san marco regal, the best saddle ever.

 Got Chili |

Brooks Swallow or Swift

 BigSprinter |

I’m partial to the Arione by Fizik, though I could certainly see a case being made for a classic San Marco Concor Ti as it would be in line with Salsa’s culture and heritage. The Fizik could allow you to easily color-coordinate, however, depending on the color combination you end up with on the bike. And pretty much everyone and their brother is riding this saddle out here in Colorado, so it must work for a lot of people.

 Head Honcho |

I’ve not ridden them, but the fizik’s look really comfy. It’s gotta have Ti rails though. And color match if’n ya can!

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 spartacus_p |

While I’ve ended up with Fizik Ariones on most of my bikes, there’s something to be said for just sticking something cheap on there based on the fact that most people are going to switch it out for their favorite saddle anyway. You can’t please anywhere near everybody, so you might as well please practically nobody and keep the price down by about $100 by speccing some basic OEM product from Selle Italia or San Marco

 Butcher |

One note folks.  We keep getting answers based on folks thinking we are specing this as a complete bike to be sold.  That isn’t the case.  We are building a fun bike that in all honesty, will be riddent by the Salsa crew and at a few demo events.  It isn’t about meeting a price point or pleasing everyone or any specific segment of the population.<BR><BR>In the case of saddles, we are looking for what works for you and what you’d spec if you were building a nice new road bike.  <BR><BR>Keep it coming.

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LT | November 30th, 2012

Where the heck do I even buy a Salsa Saddle? I need one for my 2012 Vaya. Local dealers not much help.

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