Salsa Sol Sessions - New Product Launch Details

June is going to be a big, big month for Salsa. We've been hinting at some new stuff coming for quite a while. We've even seen a few spy photo's on various websites. In some cases, we've even shown it here and you didn't even see it. Ha! Well, we are finally going to show you some of the stuff we've been working on. During the week of the summer solstice, we are launching 2 new bikes. That's right, 2 new bike models.

The Sol Session starts with a product launch on the evening of June 16th. At this time, we are keeping the plans of that week to ourselves. I'm betting a few people reading this blog will think they know the details of this week. You might know parts, but we are asking you to keep what you know quiet. This is important Amigo's, so please keep quiet if you know any details. Thank you.

I'm betting that there will be coverage of our product launch somewhere on the internet the evening of June 16th. If for some odd reason, coverage isn't posted on the 16th, for sure something will be up by the 17th. We are also updating our website that week. My point is that you should have plenty of places to view and gather information on these 2 new exciting products.

And it gets even better. If you are lucky enough to be going to the Big Wheel Ballyhoo, you will get a chance to not only see, but ride these 2 new bikes. That's right, we are taking our bikes directly from the Sol Sessions to the Big Wheel Ballyhoo for 2 days of riding fun. The challenging Decorah, Iowa trails should be a great proving ground for these bikes. We'll also bring some of our other great models like the Dos Niner, Mamasita, and El Mariachi. Stop by to test ride our bikes, meet the crew and have some fun. We can't wait.

Well, there you go. I said it. We aren't saying any more right now. More details to come. Stay tuned.

Two new bikes. Too much fun.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Smitty |

Can’t hardly wait!

 Anonymous |

Hmmm…  Sounds like two new mtb bikes.  That’s swell, but when will the new road bikes finally launch?  Salsa already has quite a bit of mtb offerings, but not so much road.

 Butcher |

The answer to any “when” question is “When it is ready!”  That is our plan.  <BR><BR>Probably not the answer you wanted, but it is the correct answer.

 Jason |

Calendar marked Amigo!

 MG |

See you at the Ballyhoo!<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>MG

 Guitar Ted |

Thanks! This should be a really fun weekend! (Well, the ENTIRE week for me!)

 joel |

I can’t wait to ride the Juan Solo 29er! (please, please, please) Oh yeah, with an option derailluer too please!<BR><BR>That’s it…for now….and a carbon Salsa fork.

 Captain Bob |

You read my mind Joel.

 Jason |

While I’m more interested in what’s coming for the road in 2009, if Salsa unveiled a 650B model (or two), I’d definitely sit up and notice.

 Anonymous |

Is the Salsa mtb carbon fork still a secret or not?

 Butcher |

The carbon fork is so secret, Salsa doesn’t even know about it.

 Butcher |

<span class=“deleted-comment”>This post has been removed by the author.</span>

 Head Honcho |

Ohhh - I can’t wait! this is going to be loooongg coupla weeks.

 joel |

“Throw” an EBB on a con crosso while your at it!

 Anonymous |

Here’s my stab at guessing what the two new Salsa bikes will be:<BR><BR>1.  Salsa full-carbon 29” complete mtb. (name: “El Demonio”)<BR><BR>2.  Salsa full-carbon 26” complete mtb. (name: “La Bruja”)

 kent |

29er non-ebb ss frame?  see you in a couple weeks.

 Anonymous |

chrome lugged steel frame.

 Anonymous |

titanium-lugged carbon frame.

 Matthew |

I bet it’s going to be 26 and 29” versions of a Beryllium-lugged AerMet -tubed downhill frame… I’m sure of it.

 Sevo |

Damn I miss Decorah. I went to college there and used to work/race for Deke. Great stuff wish I could make it but too busy here in CO to go. Bummer. Drink some Leinie’s for me!

 Anonymous |

I’m not so sure about full carbon, but I think a 29’er FS bike is very likely.

 Anonymous |

Salsa already offers complete steel mtb’s in the Mariachi (29er) and Ala Carte (26er).  Hence, my guess is the new complete offerings will be either scandium (Moto Rapido?) or carbon.  Salsa doesn’t yet seem keen on Ti.

 Anonymous |

I bet it is a bike frame made of poopie with peanut lugs!

 Anonymous |

Does anyone know yet?

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