Salsa Teams Up With Shopatron

Some of you may have noticed that a BUY NOW button appeared on the Salsa website this past Monday. You’ll find it on our Components and Clothing items when you get to the individual item level.

We’ve partnered with Shopatron (the leader in retail integrated E-commerce) to provide this service. It allows U.S. consumers to buy directly from our site, while servicing that order through participating dealers.

Here’s the quick take on how it works: You see something on our site that you want to purchase. You order it from our site. A participating dealer requests to fulfill the order. Shopatron selects the retailer closest to the customer from those that requested the sale, and notifies the selected retailer to complete the transaction. The selected shop fulfills the order and you receive your item.

We are excited about Shopatron because it makes it possible for customers to get our product if they don’t have a dealer that stocks it. And it does this without cutting bike shops out of the loop.

We believe the Shopatron feature will allow us to better serve our customers, especially in certain product categories like softgoods, while also helping strengthen Salsa in general. We hope you find it of service.

Dealers that have questions, concerns, or are interested in participating with Salsa in Shopatron should contact

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

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Matt | November 4th, 2010

Awesome. You guys are top notch. Finding a way to serve your customers and yourself better, yet still looking out for your retailers. Well done, Salsa.

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Doug Goodenough | November 4th, 2010

good deal.  Clicking around in there I see a section for racks.  Any update on when the various racks will be available for purchase?

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Coming soon! | November 4th, 2010

Shopatron Ti

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Chris Grash | November 4th, 2010

Great idea guys! A true win win.
Two minor suggestions
Allow user to select shop in area (we all have our preferences and loyalties)
If you add Canadian stores and please feel free to bypass any so called distributors. Retailers I support, middle men not so much.

Errin | November 4th, 2010

I agree with Chris.  I’d like to make sure that my favorite LBS still gets the business.

Matt | November 4th, 2010

Not trying be smart about it because I agree, but wouldn’t the obvious solution be to just order through your favorite LBS to begin with?

Jason | November 4th, 2010

Great news. Glad to see it.

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | November 4th, 2010

Thanks for the feedback folks. Please keep it coming. I honestly don’t know the system well enough to say what is possible in future updates, but your feedback certainly will help us ask for the features that you like.

Matt - Believe it or not…sometimes shops aren’t interested in doing a ‘special’ order for their customers.

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Sam | November 5th, 2010

Boy I am glad Shopatron doesn’t name your frame colors - Shopatron doesn’t have quite the same ring as Fun Guy Green or Upside Brown.

I’m with Matt here - and I echo the other comments that I’d rather support retailers that I can choose. Many retailers who are struggling for things like not doing special orders for their customers will jump at the opportunity to participate in this - but it only fuels the bad flames so to speak. Personally, I would prefer to find the item myself or order from Salsa directly with no Shopatron option.

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RC | November 5th, 2010

Shopatron??? Good grief. If a customer orders directly from you, it’s probably because, as stated, some shops don’t have “time” to service their customers needs. Who would want to support that shop? Much preferable to deal direct with SALSA!!! That’s what customer service is for, not?

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Turbo | November 5th, 2010

Shopatron is open to any bike shop, but they need to sign up.  It doesn’t cost anything.  If the shop of your choice isn’t already signed up, ask if they’d be interested.  Might help make your case if you guarantee them a sale…like for a new Salsa t-shirt or something.  Just sayin…

Shoogs | November 11th, 2010

+1 on the choosing the bike shop.  My LBS is closer to work than home, 25 miles away. 
Then again… I call the shop, they go to QBP put said item in basket, its shipped with their next order, I pick it up at lunch.

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