Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye…to bid farewell to a trusty steed…to send a well-loved bike on to finding other adventures under the guidance of another rider. I said “goodbye” recently to one of my beloved two-wheeled machines. It wasn’t easy.

As I opened the skewers on the wheels and let them escape from the dropouts, my thoughts began to reminisce about past trails ridden. As the seatpost slid from the seat tube, I felt the burn in my legs from countless climbs up to high alpine meadows or Appalachian tree-covered peaks. The loosening of the bolts on the stem to remove the handlebars brought back visions of groves of mountain aspen or the red rocks of the desert blurring by from a fast descent. Whoa, could that bike go downhill.

As the frame slid into the box, I chuckled thinking about the antics of some of my riding companions—the punishing sprints from the parking lot to get the first taste of singletrack; the challenges of who could ride this rock drop or that log bridge; all of the laughs and good natured teasing; and all of the post-ride libations. With the wheels finding their place in the box, I noticed remnants of past rides still lodged in my tire treads.

The closing of the box brought the finality of the transaction home. Our journey together was over. No longer would I find adventure with my old friend. As I loaded the box into the back of my truck, I took comfort in knowing that memories and lessons learned cannot be packaged and shipped across the country. They are a part of me. They help define my riding experience and help me yearn for the next trusty ride.

Thank you and goodbye, my friend.

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Brett Davis

Brett Davis

I grew up in a military family where we moved 13 times before I left for college. Consequently, I have the continual urge to explore and travel having climbed, kayaked, and biked all over our amazing planet. My passion for the outdoors drives me to seek out adventures which often times combine multiple modes of travel or activities (i.e. biking to a wilderness area and then backpacking in to climb a high peak). "Keeping life simple" is a guiding motto of my life and for me, bike travel epitomizes simplicity.


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R | March 8th, 2012

Must this beloved bike remain nameless?

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B | March 12th, 2012

Did you mail the box to a farm where the frame could hang out with other old frames?

T | March 14th, 2012

I didn’t plan to be crying so hard so early in the day. I hope the other frames at the farm are open and caring and loving.

Would also like to know the details of the old/new frames. Just curious.

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mom and dad | March 18th, 2012

Let your next ride be better and may the next adventure just add to your wisdom and the quality of what life should be about. You lead by example and we thank you for that. Continue to teach us that the things in our life should add to our growth as caring human beings and not be consumed by their possession make us proud.

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Luc | March 20th, 2012

Just keep it, you can never have too many bicycles!

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