Sneak Peak Friday

Taking a quick break today from our build up. Today, we introduce you to Sneak Peak Friday. We'll be using Fridays to give you sneak peaks of things to come. Happy Friday folks.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 MG |

Notice that’s a Scandium downtube too.  How can I tell?  The alloy bottle cage bolts.  Only SC frames have alloy bolts…<BR><BR>That means this can only be one frame, but I’m not gonna’ be the one to spill the beans.  Boy o’ boy, I bet it’s gonna’ be sweet though…<BR><BR>I’ll repeat, mui BUENO!

 Anonymous |

lookin’ sexy! those shades of green really reming me of my chili, so i’m seconding(and hoping for) team edition cx.

 Captain Bob |

I bet it’s a 650b with ebb based off the Mamasita frameset.<BR><BR>Maybe…....

 Captain Bob |

They can call it the 650bean Dip.

 MG |

Man, that looks HOT.  Mui Bueno!

 The Welty's |

i want a crit-style bike with this paint scheme.<BR>bad.<BR><BR>i love my la raza, but want something lighter and quicker for crit rides. <BR>and green.

 Zep |

Green—salsa verde!  Hard to say, but looks too bleedin’ big for steel—p’haps a Scandia/CF or all CF frame?  With 25c - 28c tire clearance?  Gimme!

 Michael |

That paint job and picture will help stoke the buzz!

 Anonymous |

Yes, Virginia, carbon can also be green.

 Captain Bob |

I forgot to ask when it will be completely revieled and when it can be purchased?<BR><BR>....that is of couse if it is what I think it is.<BR><BR>Thanks.

 Andrew |

Wow! You mated a Chili Con Crosso with a La Cruz….<BR>Wait! That was the Las Cruces… <BR><BR>I like what you’re doing with the graphic schemes and you did put some Salsa Orange in there too.

 Big Schott |

It’s a single speed disc specific cyclocross bike with scandium up front and carbon in the back. It’s going to be one big party!

 Jason |

Ohh! Methinks that’s carbon….

 Anonymous |

Soft tail roadie? Minus the shock.<BR><BR>Sweet…

 Spencer Salmon |

I want it and I don’t even know what frame it is!

 chequamagon |

mamasita ebb?

 Smitty |

Jason said it has a special purpose.  Anyone else think of that line from The Jerk?

 Captain Bob |

I want one.  I just have a hunch I am gonna like it.  <BR><BR>I like to Salsa mild but I like my Salsa bikes HOT!!<BR><BR>PART NUMBER PLEASE!<BR><BR>Ok.  So when do we find out what it is and when will it be available?<BR><BR>Thanks

 Guitar Ted |

Well, I for one say that it reminds me of a few family owned Mexican resturaunts graphics and I think it looks cool. <BR><BR>Now pass me the green sauce and another Negro Modelo, please! <BR><BR>Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll like it. <BR><BR>Jason said so!

 Anonymous |

“I sure hope that isn’t the all day road bike.”<BR><BR>Me too.  That looks awful thick to be steel.

 Anonymous |

Red ano components are going to make this thing look like a Christmas Tree…<BR><BR>I guess you’ll have to go with a green headset, hubs, lip lock, flip offs, etc.

 Jason |

dammmmmmn that is sexy looking. Shwing!

 rick is! |

mmmm, tasty!

 Anonymous |

Wild guess: limited edition utility bike?<BR><BR>What seatpost won for the new, virtual road bike build? |

Butcher, based on our conversation at Interbike last year on what you wanted to do with the brand in years to come, and now your comment above I believe I know just what this picture is. I wont tell though….<BR>So far its a sweet looking bike!

 cmau |

I’m guessing Limited Edition Team Cyclocross frame….nice!!!

 Butcher |

Folks, wait until you see the rest of it.  Simply awesome.  I could easily look at this thing all day. Based on the responses we’ve gotten around the office, many others could too.  <BR><BR>Without spilling too many beans, this is a very, very limited edition frame set with a special purpose.

 pete |


 Anonymous |

I’m not sure I could look at those graphics all day.  ;-)

 bluesdawg |

I sure hope that isn’t the all day road bike.

 Anonymous |

Is this a road down tube or an mtb down tube?  Looks great!  Happy Friday to you, too!

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