Some New Products!

I've been asked for less talk about world economics and prices and more talk about product. I think that was a good suggestion. Product is more fun anyway.

So...Here are a few of our newest products.

Trailbuilder belt buckle with dual beverage openers
QBP Part = CL2122
MSRP = $40
In Stock!

Ball Cap
Part #'s = CL2180 (S/M), CL2182 (L/XL)
MSRP = $30
In Stock!

Fidel Cap
Part #'s = CL2184 (S/M), CL2186 (L/XL)
MSRP = $28
Coming Soon!

And since this post is about new product, here are few pics taken while riding a prototype out in beautiful and sunny California. Thanks Mat B for the pics. What a day that was!

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Anonymous |

Wow, that Fidel cap is hot!  Hopefully we get a look at a new “El Rebelde” (like Fidel) road race complete bike in the next batch of pics!

 Jason |

Agreed the Fidel cap rocks! I MUST get one so I can “get my dictator on” with Wifey!<BR><BR>Oh yeah, great prototype pics too. What a tease. Your pics of this bike are always like the girlie pics in Maxim Magazine. All the good stuff is covered by strategic placement of various body parts. Grrrr! ;)<BR><BR>I say more bike, less of our body covering it up! HA! In due time eh?<BR><BR>Take care.

 Anonymous |

The Fidel hat is old hat already.  It’s kind of a shop rat cliche.<BR><BR>I wouldn’t have worn one when they were first cool and I wouldn’t now.

 gNAT |

<span class=“deleted-comment”>This post has been removed by the author.</span>

 Butcher |

Anonymous #1:  What do you mean?  That is a road bike I’m testing/riding.  ;)<BR><BR>Anonymous #2:  Oh well.  Can’t please everyone.  Maybe next time.

 Jorge |

Butcher, you’re such a tease!  I hope you’re not just kidding.  I’d like to start saving my pennies right away.  I can picture myself right now, riding VERY FAST on my new Salsa “El Rebelde” road race bike with my Salsa Fidel cap on and a big smile on my face!<BR><BR>Anonymous #1

 dicky |

That belt buckle makes me wanna give up suspenders.

 Anonymous |

That belt buckle is very, very nice.  I’ll get one to gift to my buddy who volunteers building mtb trails.<BR><BR>How about a belt buckle for road racers like myself, so people see Salsa is not just an mtb brand?

 Bobby |

Still have a few of the “Bobby Buckles” left in stock. Part number CL2120.  Perfect for the pepper clad roadie in you….and has a much better name in my humble opinion.  :) <BR><BR>Bobby<BR>Salsa Cycles

 Butcher |

This is a serious question.  <BR><BR>What would you consider a roadie buckle?  Any ideas?  We love buckles.

 Anonymous |

What happened to the Team Salsa road race team?  <BR><BR>There are many ways one could design a ‘roadie’ buckle, but the general guidelines I’d use are: it would be shiny/polished; it would have colors; it would be lightweight, it would not be oversized.  Finally, it would have a foldable corkscrew on the back.  Obviously, the buckle would have to be made of some metal. Carbon fiber would be silly and unfit for a buckle.<BR><BR>Another thing I think would be cool would be an ironic-tacky,  oversized name ring with Salsa’s cursive logo.  See the following pic for a general idea:<BR>  <BR>Maybe this could be something your future design hires could work on!

 Anonymous |

I’d like to see a cruiser style buckle.<BR><BR>Or how about just a mountain bike tire buckle.  That would be cool.<BR><BR>Do roadies where belts with their skirts? :)

 wunnspeed |

I have to have one of those belt buckles… where can I order one now?

 Bobby |

You can purchase any of the new items listed on this post from one of our many authorized dealers listed here. <BR><BR><BR>Ride and Smile! <BR>Bobby<BR>Salsa Cycles

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