Taipei Cycle Show

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the Taipei Cycle Show. I don't know how many of the readers have travelled to Asia. Some might think this is a perk of the job while others may think they'd rather have their teeth pulled without novacaine. For me, it's a little of both.

I'm super excited for this trip because we are trying some new things. While most of the folks going on this trip have travelled to Asia several times, this trip is going to be a little different. Usually, trips to Taiwan include countless vendor meetings to work on supply issues, technical issues and relationship. While this trip will have that as well, it will also have an element of research, education, team building and maybe just a bit of relaxing. Sounds great doesn't it?

At the start of the trip, 4 of us will be doing a side trip to China. That's right, China. This portion of the trip is research. We don't manufacture Salsa products in China. We are going to do research and see the factories, culture and environment with our own eyes. Much of the carbon technology and carbon manufacturing has moved from Taiwan to China. This is my first trip to China and I'm super excited.

Following the China trip, we will be travelling back to Taiwan for "Strategy Camp". What is Strategy Camp? Great question. We have one full day of meetings with our Taiwan partners, friends and trading agent. I am charged with doing a Power Point presentation about Salsa, our people in our brand, our values, and our direction. This stuff is so important and is the first time we have done this. It is long overdue.

Strategy camp is only one day though as we must then quickly move on and get to the Taipei Cycle Show. The Taipei show is for manufacturers. Much different than Interbike or Eurobike where it is about selling finished product. The Taipei show is about OEM business and selling manufacturing. At the show, you will see entire booths filled with bolts. I've got lots of meetings with our suppliers and will pack in 2 full days of meetings before returning home.

I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to travel. This entire trip including transportation will only be 8 days. Yep, bring it on. While I love travelling and going to Asia, I don't love leaving my family so I pack it in as quickly as I can.

So...With that little explanation, I'm signing off of the Amigo's Blog for at least a week and half. I'm sure the Salsa crew will be happy to have me gone for a bit. Heck, maybe you will too. Looking forward to sharing some photo's and experiences when I return.

Here are few photo's from last years Taipei show.

There will be lots of food and drink.

Rich lost this bet. He bet our agent that he could not tell the differences in types of rice. Our friend's wife put a single kernel of rice in his mouth and he was able to easily name the rice. Note to self, this was a stupid bet.

Watch out for the scooters. Cities are filled with scooters. When they take off from the intersections, it is like a swarm of flies. It's crazy being in a car here and seeing the scooters come flying around you.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Anonymous |

If you can, get out to the mountains. The trails rock. Taipei is no place to see Taiwan. With a little more notice I coulda set you up to see the good stuff. I wish Salsa had more of a presence here. Giant owns the block, with Merida not far behind… then there’s the whole slew of Jelum, USMay and no names. The high end shops cater to mostly Italian brands. To get my Salsa bike here, I had to order online to my friend, then pay the postage again to have him send it here through Fed EX and then start my build. I even had to pay the duty on it. Keep on it guys. We have great production facilities here and the quality is higher than China, with a higher skilled work force. I hope you keep some of your production here. For the volume it is just as good as a US shop.

 Anonymous |

This wouldn’t be your FIRST trip to China if you’ve already been to Taiwan before.  Taiwan is the Republic of China, home to the native Taiwanese and the non-communist Chinese.  Keep Salsa production out of mainland China, please!

 Kid Riemer |

When the cat is away, the mice will play! Butcher is out of office and here in Salsa land we already have the saki flowing, courtesy of our friends in Japan.<BR><BR>We’ve also called in massive take out orders for next weeks ‘lunch meetings’.<BR><BR>Also, the vote on having a daily siesta session passed unanimously. That started today.<BR><BR>Lastly, the crew is finally moving forward with our plans to do more sitting in the sunshine and thinking.<BR><BR>Have a great trip Butcher!<BR><BR>-Kid

 Jason |

Enjoy the trip. Be safe and have fun. Don’t mix too much business in with the experience of traveling to new places.

 Anonymous |

Welcome to Taiwan!<BR><BR>We need more Salsa here!

 MG |

Nice… Hope the trip is going smooth as silk Butcher.<BR><BR>And Kid, I hope you guys are enjoying your lazy, hazy days in the sun… RIGHT!  Now get back to work!<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>MG

 Anonymous |

Uhhh Taiwan is NOT China. Taiwanese are not Chinese so don’t let ignorance cloud your judgement. Sorry for getting off topic but Chinese is a political idea and Taiwanese were not given a choice in 1945 when the Chinese nationalists arrived. They were then colonized by the Chinese Nationalist party and denied democratic representation for 45 years under martial law following a massacre of 30,000 of the island’s Japanese educated elites. Identity has everything to do with it and according to yesterday’s Zogby Poll…. 85% of the people on Taiwan consider themselves Taiwanese. Just ask em. Chinese and China can not be accurately described in terms of ethnicity, history, culture etc… but rather experience. Taiwan is Taiwan.

 Kid Riemer |

Folks, the world sure is a complicated place.<BR><BR>Salsa bikes and frames and many components are currently manufactured in Taiwan. <BR><BR>Jason’s trip to China is strictly one of looking and learning. In any business it is advisable to know as much about your market as possible. I think you can all understand that.<BR><BR>At this time Salsa has no plans of moving or starting production in China. That’s not meant as an editorial statement. It is just put forward as a fact.<BR><BR>Music with my lady this weekend while the boy is away at scout camp. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.<BR><BR>-Kid

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