‘Tis The Season For…

Well, Turkey Day and the ensuing food coma has come and gone. What to do now?

How about some Salsa Claus action folks?

That’s right. Salsa Claus says he is once again willing to consider all your bicycle-inspired wishes, hopes, and dreams.

So serve him up a big, fat helping of bike lust please. He particularly enjoys his bike lust with a strong rum aftertaste and hint of nutmeg. Booyah!

The list starts here…


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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


 Bobby |

Dear Salsa Claus,
I want a Vikings Super bowl victory.

 Steve Fuller |

I want all the parts to finish off my sweet "new" orange Dos Niner frame. Fork, SRAM XX and a tubular wheelet if you can.

 Hollis |

Dear Salsa Claus,

I want Salsa to announce a "Salsa Amigos" raffle and surprise one lucky amigo with a football brown Salsa Ala Carte ... for riding in style in 2010 and beyond! The lucky winner could be encouraged to blog right here about myriad riding adventures = Salsalicious

 Jeffrey |

Salsa Claus,
I too like Hollis's idea.  How about sending a few bikes(could be a loan) to some folks around the country and have them write stories/pictures for your blog.  I volunteer to take on the Fargo.

 Hollis |

* lightbulb *

Build one bike (recycled out of spare parts) ... maybe have it connect person to person and have it circumnavigate the globe ... Salsa amigo to Salsa amigo. Rule #21 you have to post a ride review which includes a photo of you riding said bike wearing a one-size-fits-all red Salsa Claus suit.* Christmas 2010 (or throughout the year) all of this is compiled and you have one super rad promotion / good cheer story come one come all. Maybe each local shop / Salsa vendor could sponsor their local piece and tune the bike etc. Each amigo chooses a local ride to write about, thanks his local shop, sponsors etc. ... at the end we connect the dots and raise a glass to all the good folks that made this happen.

Or Salsa Claus, if you think Jeffrey and I are sipping a little too much egg nog, then just sweet updates to the El Mariachi and Ala Carte will suffice!!!

* to be shipped (and laundered separately) with the bike


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 Adan |

Dear Salsa Claus,

I would thoroughly enjoy a Pistola, with full SRAM Force group, to help bring in El Ano Nuevo.  I have got dancing visions of long days in the saddle and I think the Pistola is the perfect weapon.  Thanks for the consideration.


 pooman |

I would love a selma with 1x9 gears. thats all

 Guitar Ted |

How about some Enabling Frame to go with that Enabler fork?

Fat front to back!

 Tom |

I am hoping for a Fargo in my stocking

 Cellarrat |

BB-9 mech brake….

salsa fargo single speed



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 MplsMTB |

Dear Salsa Claus,
I'm hoping the Enabler fork will be available to the public by Spring 2010.  An Amigo raffle sounds like a good idea too.

...and a Vikes Super Bowl win would be cool.


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 Joel |

Dear Slasa Claus-

Please price your bikes at the start of the year the same as they are priced towards the end of the year (like now). A lot of excited customers last spring….until they saw the price. Makes a tough sell for me.


 Aqua Dublavee |

Dear Salsa Claus,
I've been really good this year, and I've been riding every day, and so I was kinda hoping I could get a brand new Fargo for Cranksmas. I promise I will take care of it the best I can. I'll try my best but those wide open roads and (now snowy) dirt trails are calling my name and I hate it when I get voicemails…

Thank you!
Aqua Dublavee

 Why...Why...Why... |

Dear Salsa Claus,
I have worked really hard all my life.  I have always followed my dreams.  I am happy with my life, but I would love to work for Salsa and QBP.  There are many things I can do, and for sure I would be a good addition to the team.  You know that I have been good.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

 Chris |

I just want a Salsa carbon roadbike….


Titanium 'Tradici?n' road bike (a reinterpretation of La Raza) with zero-slope top tube, SRAM Force group, Alpha Q carbon fork and Zipp 101 wheels.


Full carbon 'Ganador' road bike
(reinterpretation of Campe?n) with SRAM Red group, Alpha Q GS30 fork and Zipp 202 wheels.  Non-integrated (Chris King) headset, and non-integrated (27.2 carbon Salsa Shaft) seatpost.


TTOXP 'L?der' steel road bike (a reinterpratation of Primero) with SRAM Rival group, Alpha Q carbon fork, carbon seatstays and chainstays, SRAM S30 Sprint wheels.

That's 3 wishes for Salsa Claus, of which I'll probably get 0 on the 2011 model year, so I think I'll stop here [sobbing] :(

But if you DO end up granting me a wish, please make it the full carbon 'Ganador' road race bike (see post directly above this one).

?Feliz Navidad to everyone at Salsa!

 Ben |

I'd like a full fattie snow bike with Fargo geometry. 


 29ro |

I would like to have a Dos Niner as a present for my father… so we'll ride together…

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Steely Dan | March 5th, 2010

Here goes a wish for Salsa Claus’s 2011 model year: Reitre the odd, platypus-like Pistola, and bring back the La Raza. Keep the TTOXP tubing and non-sloping top tube of La Raza’s last iteration, but add a curved TTOXP fork with stainless steel fork ends and rear dropouts. Salsa seatstay caps would be a classy touch.  Design the frame and fork for use with 57mm reach brakes.  Give the frame clearance for 32mm tires (28mm with fenders). Use SRAM’s Apex groupset, paired to SRAM’s S30 AL Sprint wheelset.  Offer your fans and the world alike a classic, versatile, race-worthy, strong, gorgeous high-end steel road offering.  Something much more beautiful and lighter than a Surly Pacer.  Something more affordable, yet nearly as stunning, than a Cielo Sportif.  Something that unintentionally makes the Gunnar Sport look like a relatively bad investment.  Salsa doesn’t have anything like this in its current lineup.  The Casseroll Double desperately wants to become the new La Raza I’m wishing for.  Please consider it!

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Steely Dan | March 6th, 2010

Actually Salsa Claus, make that La Raza I’m wishing for with the new Reynolds 931 alloy, not TTOXP.  931 is both stronger and lighter than TTOXP, plus it’s stainless.  It’s also not as expensive as 953, and easier to make into small tubes. 

Carbon is overdone, fragile, and so much of it out there is subpar.  Titanium is pricey and so 1990’s.  CrMo and its somewhat more lightweight steel cousins (e.g. TTOXP, 853, etc) is timeless and inexpensive, but is not inspiring save in its most artistic, custom or semi-custom expressions.  Scandium has trouble hiding its aluminum roots.  Stainless is the new black.  It’s also eternal, like Rome.

I’m tellin’ ya, release a 931 La Raza and the custom and high-end production markets will hear you make a sound like the Enola Gay is flying just above them!

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