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Wow, what a week it has been! Lot’s of chatter on the interweb along with countless emails. Seems the new ti bikes have struck a chord and raised tons of questions. That’s what happens when info is leaked and not all the information is presented at the same time. Today, we’ll do our best to help clear some of those questions up and let you know just what is going on with Salsa titanium.

First, I’d like to introduce the titanium Ala Carte. That’s right, another titanium bike model. That makes a geared specific 29” El Mariachi and a 26” Ala Carte. These are the first two models and will be the first two to hit stock, both here in the USA and on foreign shores.

If you look at the two models we are showing first and wonder why we are starting with these two models, it is because these 2 models models represent the essence of Salsa. They are products that we’ve been producing for quite some time and we feel we’ve got the geometry and details pretty sorted out. These 2 titanium bikes are essentially, the high end version of their steel counterparts. We also think that ti bikes are THE back bone of any bike collection. They work day in and day out. Ti bikes are timeless. So with that, let me take a bit of time to answer some questions.

1) Is this the complete titanium line up? Will there be a SS version? No this is not our complete titanium model line up. These are the first two models we are showing and producing. We will be showing another titanium bike at Frostbike and who knows after that? The first ti bikes will be geared. We absolutely will be testing a SS version once our tooling is developed and finished for our SS application. No promises here but I can say it will be tested.

2) Do the El Mariachi and Ala Carte replace the steel versions? Are you finished with steel El Mariachi and Ala Carte? No way. The ti models are just coming first. As we’ve written before, both the steel El Mariachi and Ala Carte are in development right now.

3) Geometry - El Mariachi is the same as our current 29ers. It’s proven and works. Small (16”), Medium (18”), Large (20”) and X-Large (22”). The Ala Carte has been adjusted for 100mm 26” forks and is available in X-Small (14”), Small (16”), Medium (18”) and Large (20”). Again, proven Salsa geometry.

4) Graphics - We chose the higher cost industrial mill finish with etching of the down tube panel and model name. We chose this specifically to align the finish with our belief that titanium is timeless. While we have received tons of great comments on the finish, we have also heard that folks want a little more spice! Well, we are working on something and hope to one day have options here, but right now we must focus on selling what has been tested and has proven to work well.

5) How much do they cost? The Ala Carte and El Mariachi frames are $1800 MSRP. Price includes a black Salsa Lip Lock seat collar and frame. Already today we’ve seen some of our Authorized Dealers put up pre order instructions on their websites. These models are built by Lynskey in the USA.

6) How do I order one of these? Well, our first production order is due before Christmas and is shipping to dealers and consumers in March 2010. If you want to guarentee a frame from this first shipment, you should look at our authorized dealer list and call one of those dealers. You should do it this week if you want either an El Mariachi or an Ala Carte from the first production. Our dealers have a December 21st deadline for ordering for the first production. We have given them the information and they can assist you. If you do not have a dealer in your area, please contact Salsa at 1 877 MOTO ACE to ask for assistance. We can help you find a dealer and/or a way to order one.

7) International orders. If you have an Authorized Salsa Distributor in your country, please contact them directly. They have the same information as our US Dealers. If you have no distributor in your country, please contact pepper man.

Lastly, I hope you all understand that what happened in the last week was not intended. We shared our information with our distributors and dealers and had a plan for both marketing and promotion to dealers along with a dedicated product introduction to consumers. That said, what has transpired has allowed us to talk about it and we are excited. If you miss this first production order because of timing, do not despair. We will be producing more after this initial production ramp up.

Thank you for your time. Now go order your Salsa titanium bike from one of our Authorized Dealers!

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Tim Ek |

That is one good looking machine!

 Green Laker |

I'm very happy to see more (relatively) affordable titanium frame options.  Great job!

 Puerto Rico |

The hottest Ala Carte to date.  Tubeless tires!  Will it be available as a complete model?  MSRP on that?

 Hollis |

I will lead the plebeians on my steel Ala Carte ... Ti is nice but not affordable, unfortunately.

 don |

Chili Con Cross with BB30 in the works?  Sign me up if so

 JeffS |

Have you actually run BB30 in the mud? I have, and the bearings get trashed. I'm looking to part with my BB30 tricross to go back to a traditional BB. All this press-fit crap is just a fad anyway.

 Elvis |

please please please… considder a Ti FARGO…

my one dream.

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