Too Many To Name: Favorite Riding Moment Of 2010

The 2010 season had a lot of highlights for me...on the bike, off the bike, and in a campground filled with bikes.

On the bike, I think my experience at the Dakota Five-O has to rank as among the top mountain bike events I’ve participated in, perhaps in my entire 20 years of riding and racing. Thanks to Perry and his crew for putting on such an incredible event. The singletrack around the Spearfish area is amazing!

Another particular highlight was the creation of a legitimate cyclocross course at Van Dorn Park in Lincoln. The concept of a season-long ‘cross course was one we’d proposed to Lincoln Parks and Recreation for a number of seasons, but in 2010, it finally got off the ground. Not only were we able to host a weekly Wednesday-night ‘cross training series on the course, it also hosted a larger regional race in October. The course was the realization of a decade-long dream for me and happened thanks to the effort of a number of great people.

My final highlights have been the bicycles I’ve had the pleasure of riding throughout the season. Whether I’ve been astride my steel adventure bikes or my amazing titanium race bikes, there is never a situation I go into where I’m left wanting for better equipment. You guys know how much I love my bikes – I believe I’m blessed to ride the best equipment on the planet – so it’s in that context that I say thank you to Jason, Mike, Bobby, Joe, Sean, PK, Tim and the rest of the Salsa crew for making me a part of the Salsa family over the past several seasons. And thank you for your support of my riding and racing. Getting to ride with you all at the Salsa Sol Sessions in June was a definite season highlight, now that I think about it. Those CAMBA trails are the best!

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Matt Gersib

Matt Gersib

Growing up the son of a wildlife biologist gave me a jump-start on my appreciation for the outdoors and I still count the day I first pedaled a bicycle as one of the best, most empowering days of my life. And while I enjoy the lure of big challenges like TransIowa and the Colorado Trail Race, I want to help cyclists see that great adventures are waiting right outside their doors. Discovery by bicycle is a beautiful thing. Matt Gersib: The Dirtblog


Wes | December 16th, 2010

My favorite riding moment of 2010 was my first ride on my new El Mariachi! I had an El Mariachi a few years ago and loved it. Set up fully rigid, it was probably my favorite MTB ever. And then I lost my mind and sold it to buy a super light carbon bike set up rigid. Big mistake.
I’m awfully happy to be back on a steel Salsa! And happy to be a new stocking Salsa dealer.

MG | December 16th, 2010

That’s super cool, Wes.  Congratulations on your new El Mariachi and on becoming a stocking Salsa dealer! 

I’m happy to say that my original green El Mariachi is still in my regular rotation, as it’s my singlespeed.  And this time of year, it frequently gets the call.  It’s the bike I feel most comfortable on in super sketchy conditions, as I’ve got more saddle time on it than any other in my stable.  It never lets me down…

Thanks for your thoughts.  Happy trails!


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