Touch point #2 - Handlebars and bar tape

While I'd like to take time to discuss the seat post category a bit more, I'll concede for now and move on to another important category. We've settled one touch point already with the Fizik Aliante. For now, it will be attached to a Thomson seat post. Now, let's discuss another important touch point, handlebars. Today's question is a bit different. It's got two options for the same category. There is also one bonus category today.

I've already shared that the stem will be a Salsa stem. Just which stem will depend on whether or not a certain new Salsa prototype stem arrives in time for this build. If the new stem doesn't arrive in time for this build, we'll fall back on a classic. So with that, we are looking for two recommendations.

We need handlebar recommendations for both a 26.0 diameter stem clamp and a 31.8 diameter stem clamp. Could be two different bars. Could be the same bar if it's available in both diameters. Also looking for input on bar tape if anyone has strong feelings on bar tape.

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Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 Anonymous |

For best value for money, I recommend Oval Concepts R900 carbon bars.  <BR><BR>For money is no object, I recommend Zipp SL Carbon bars.  <BR><BR>Both bars are available with non-anatomic drops (my personal preference).<BR><BR>If I were forced to pick a Salsa bar, I’d pick Salsa Poco carbon.

 Double D |

I’d like to see the Salsa Pro Road Bar (I prefer Alu to plastic for bars) with Rasta tape, especially after the frame sneak peak, and the possibility of some color coordination with the hubs / headset. Look good.

 rich |

fizik microtec tape. nitto neat sti bars

 Anonymous |

No carbon bars.<BR><BR>How about a Nitto Randonneur bar.<BR><BR>Comfy all day.

 Loren |

Short and shallow carbon, haven’t tried the salsa tape, but cinelli feels nice….

 Anonymous |

If the new Salsa prototype stem arrives in time, Salsa Poco carbon.<BR><BR>If it doesn’t, Zipp SL carbon bar with Zipp carbon stem would be nice, though I know Salsa wants to keep the stem Salsa.<BR><BR>If I were using the Salsa CroMoto stem, I’d probably just go with alu Poco bars.

 cmau |

I’m gonna vote for Deda bars and Deda bar-tape.  Currnetly running Supernaturals and really like the reach, drop and curve of these bars.

 Tim |

Short and Shallow alloys work for me.  I, too, like my road bars in metal.  <BR><BR>Although they do come in the right clamp size, this brings me to something I have been meaning to ask.  When are we going to see CroMoto SUL stems in 31.8?  I really like the 31.8 system, I believe I can feel the stiffness, but maybe that is just in my head.<BR><BR>As for tape, almost everything works.  However, plasticized “carbon look” bar tape is really horrible feeling.  Salsa rasta is still cool in my book!

 Dan |

I'm running an FSA K-Force carbon bar on my Campe?n, and loving it.  With the Fizik silver bar tape.

 Anonymous |

For less money than Ti, less weight than alu or steel, and a matching cockpit and seatpost, here’s what I’d do:<BR><BR>1. Oval R900 carbon seatpost<BR>2. Oval R900 carbon road stem(available in both 31.8 and 26.0)<BR>3. Oval R900 carbon bars<BR><BR>Takes care of seatpost, stem and bars in one fell swoop!<BR><BR>For those who like FSA, substitute “Oval R900” for “FSA K-Force” for each of the above.<BR><BR>For those who want total bling and are ready to spend whatever it takes to get it, substitute “Oval R900” for “Cinelli RAM” for each of the above.<BR><BR>Tape?  Well, Salsa wants some color here, so the obvious choice would be Cinelli Champion.

 Jason |

Bars and tape are kind of like saddles—everyone has their own preference.<BR><BR>I really like my FSA Omega bars and Cinelli cork tape. The short reach, shallow drop and rounded shape of the bars is really comfy, and the Cinelli tape nice and tacky without being sticky.<BR><BR>But since this is a Salsa, I’d say just go with one of Salsa’s ALU bars and Goma tape.

 Anonymous |

This is kind of related…<BR><BR>Will we ever see CroMoto quill stems in a 25.4mm clamp size?  Would be nice for those old roadbike-to-city bike conversions.

 Smitty |

I haven’t ridden enough different bars to offer an educated opinion.  But I say that there should be no shame in using Salsa products anywhere and everywhere on this bike.  And I too vote for the Salsa Rasta bar tape, as long as it makes sense with the rest of the color scheme.

 bluesdawg |

Fro a 26.0 bar, you can’t beat the Nitto Noodle. The flat ramp to the hoods makes it the most comfortable bar I’ve ever ridden. Cover it with Cenelli cork wrap in whatever color works best with the color scheme. Natural is nice.

 Anonymous |

I’m a classic drop guy.<BR>Deda 215 for the old school clamp size; Deda Elementi shallow for the big clamp.

 Guitar Ted |

Whatever bar you choose, I think the type of drop is more imperative than the branding on the bar. To that point, I am a classic drop kinda guy. Nitto Noodle, etc… If it must be something modern, a constantly varying radius bar is far more acceptable to me than any anatomic bend bar. I belive Salsa does a classic bend bar, the Classico? (I think)<BR><BR>As for the tape, again, so many great tapes out there, but it’s what is under the tape that matters most. For all day comfort, you have to have something gelatinous under the cork. My vote is for Fizik’s awesome gel underlayment, which can be removed, or replaced on another bar easily. I’ve used this alot on my dirt drop mtb’s and it is great stuff.

 Nicholas |

I have Deda Newton Bars, they are okay.<BR><BR>However, I just put Salsa Short and Shallow alloy bars on my Ala Carte (weird I know) and those are a billion times more comfy. I could spend all day in the drops. It’s not that they are shallow. It’s an anatomic bend that actually works.<BR><BR>My vote is for alloy Short and Shallows.

 Anonymous |

deda bars all the way… i love em

 Anonymous |

Salsa S&S carbon with Salsa tape.

 Andy |

Out on a limb here, but what about On-One’s Midge bar with Salsa Gel Cork tape?

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