Umpqua River Trail - BIKE Week 2009

Do you like mile after mile of perfect single track? Do you like eating good food? Do you like amazing scenery? How about fun and games with good folks? My recent trip to Oregon for BIKE week had all of this and more. This is the first entry in a series of posts on BIKE week. I hope you enjoy the long posts and photos.

BIKE Week is put on by BIKE Magazine and is supported and guided by Western Spirit. If you ever have the opportunity or desire to do a trip with Western Spirit, do it. It is worth every single penny. This year’s Bike Week was held in Oregon and we rode the North Umpqua.

Umpqua River Trail is an incredible trail carved into the lush and amazing forests of Oregon. The North Umpqua is roughly 79 miles in length and is mostly single track, much of which is through old growth forest. It winds up, down and around the rolling Cascades. I’d call the trail an intermediate trail. It is not that hard, but it does have some dangerous exposure. It has it all.

Much of the trail is under heavy forest and isn’t that bright. The most commonly talked about section is the Dread and Terror section. The name makes it feel brutal and dangerous. It’s not really that but as I said before, it does have some exposure as well as lots of wet and rocky terrain that slowly beats your body up. I did roughly 40 miles on the first day of the tour and I can tell you my body was pretty tired.

Day 2 was a bit different and on the dry side. As I said before, the Umpqua has it all. Perfect winding single track through forest with a few incredible overlooks.

We also got to see some awesome Columnar Basalt.

Our final section included more single track, lots of poison oak and Bob’s Butte.

Stay tuned for the Food, fun & games, and my equipment installments.

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


 MG |

Wow… Those are some awesome shots.  What an incredibly beautiful place!  I look forward to some day being able to ride those trails.  The images you took of the columnar basalt are absolutely stunning…

Thanks for sharing your images and memories from your adventures, Jason!

Have a great weekend.


 Velodelphia |

No news from Salsa at Eurobike this year? : (

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