Untitled : 03/18/2005

Wow is the snow coming down here. Big fat flakes, the usual March kind that are heavy and wet. It’s high school basketball state tournament time which is a more accurate predictor for a snow storm than the Farmer’s Almanac. I’m glad I didn’t ride the bike in today, but I bet the car won’t be any faster in this stuff.

Chuck and Butcher are missing all the fun while they’re over in Germany hoisting steins with our German distributor Cosmic Sports. At least I think Chuck made it there… He’s been deathly ill fighting off pneumonia or maybe the plague. Yesterday Stacia stuffed his carry-on with various drugs and prescriptions then rolled him out the car door onto a luggage cart and paid a SkyCap $10 to drop him in the security line. Hopefully he isn’t sitting in German customs trying to explain the over-the-counter pharmacy he’s bringing into the country. He gets a little punchy what with the codeine-and-jet-lag casserole his body is dishing up.

Yeah, this is the kind of snowstorm I used to get all excited for when I was kid. Hell, I still love it! If I had a better sled than a FedEx shipping box I would run over and poach the ski hill we have a couple blocks away.

Poaching ski hills isn’t exactly a habit of mine and it’s never turned out well. Needing some practice before a climbing trip out west I threw on the Alpine Touring gear and snuck onto Lutsen Mountain ski area on the North Shore of Minnesota. With skins on the skis I figured I wasn’t going to be using the lifts, so why buy a lift ticket? Plus I needed to get more efficient at switching from skin mode to ski mode. A quick climb up on the edge of the run and a slow run down (three falls, I suck at skiing) and I was halfway up again before a Ski Patroller approached me. I was politely informed that I was a hazard (climbing up, not going down so I think he had it backwards) and I had to either buy a lift ticket or leave. Another guy came over who worked at the hill and there was less polite mention of “liability”, “trespassing”, and that magic word “police”. Weighing my options I knew there was no possibility of outskiing a five year old much less these two so I took the only out I had. I pointed over their shoulders, asked “So why is it ok for that guy to skin upslope?” and when they looked away I started beating cheeks straight uphill and into the woods. After four fun-packed hours of fumbling around on the Superior Hiking Trail and skiing ditches I made it back to the car. At least I got in a good cardio workout that day.

I don’t think the snow is going to let up anytime soon, and Bobby has already left to go play in it with his daughter. If you live in Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin it’s time to shut down the computer, go outside, and go be a kid for a couple hours. Don’t forget your mittens!

-David P.

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