Untitled : 04/03/2006

yeah… Suprising though it may be Chuck is telling the truth. They are letting me out of the cage to represent at sea otter. You will most certainly not see my buttocks, but you will definately want to check out the new 25th anniversary frame. Here’s the thing…even I think its uber cool and I’m a sarcastic, no-sunshine, black shirt wearin’ rock and roll son of a “B”. (please excuse my harsh letters). If your gonna be at the otter…make sure you come by and say hello…unless your an irratating, strung out on Red Bull, psycho type that can’t shut up….then go over to the Bmc booth.

Salsa Cycles

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Bobby Dahlberg

Bobby Dahlberg

Its all about God, Life, Love, Music, and ear wax candles.


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