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Colorado, Fat tires, and Beer

So what do these three things have in common other than the fact I love them all? You guessed it, the 13th annual Fruita Fat tire festival! This is by far one of my favorite fests in the country. Its all about great people getting out on great trails and having a great amount of pure unadulterated fun. What more can you ask for? Well…here is a couple things about the first couple days of the trip.

This year was a bit differnt that years past in that we actually flew into Denver and then drove out to meet the truck comming back from Sea Otter in Fruita. Katie, Steve and I flew in bright and early on Wednesday morning , jumped in the retal and away we went. I70 though the mountains is definately one of those drives that test how well you can pay attention to the road and check things out around you at the same time. They have recieved a lot of snow in the Mountains this year, so much infact that there was still 80 inches on the ground in Vail pass. Here is a sorta funny pic of the rest area building that we stopped at for a moment of reprive. Thought this captured the moment quite well. :)

As you head away from the high mountains and ski areas you wind down into Glenwood Canyon. This is one of my favorite drives as far as a freeway goes. The way that the west bound and eastbound lanes are actually on top of one another to avoid making too big of an impact on the canyon is pretty darn cool. As you wind in and out of tunnels you can see the Colorado River snaking through your same path below you. We stopped for a brief pic of the crew in front of the river.

Thursday was set up day and we had lots to do. Tents to set up in town and permits to pick up with the local land management folks for doing the demos, and of course…an afternoon ride. We hooked up with our truck drivin’ mates and the BMC folks at the hotel and a buch of us headed out to the Kokopelli trails to ride Horsetheif Bench. Horsetheif is a pretty sweet trial that winds its way along the rim of the colorado river. Here is a shot of the green beast enjoying the view.

The ride is very scenic and will literally take your breath away in places. Nothing like this in the Midwest. We had a killer ride and then it was back to town for dinner and bed.

Thats all I got for now. I’ll post more about the demos and the rest of the festival over the next few days.

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Bobby Dahlberg

Bobby Dahlberg

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 Anonymous |

How many gears on that El Mariachi, yo?

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 Anonymous |

Nothing like it in the Midwest?<BR><BR>At first I thought that river pic was on the bluffs of the Missouri.  There’s plenty of scenic rides in the Midwest.

 Bobby |

I’ve got my El M built up 1x9. 34t up front with 12-34 in the back.

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