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Introducing The Bobby Buckle

Salsa proudly brings you our first gut-buckler, the Bobby Buckle. Designed by our very own licensed buckle artisan, Ray Stobbe, this is 196 grams of pant-grabbing, stare-inducing, 3-D forging, solid pewter belt adornment. Wear one and urban cowboys everywhere will be jealous of you.

The Bobby Buckle is NOT named for the billy club carrying cops roaming the streets of London, but rather in honor of BobbyD, our superlative Salsa Dealer Account Guy. BobbyD just happens to wear these big ol’ buckles everyday and he was the first to suggest we head down the pants securing path.

Loose, droopy pants watch out cause these buckles are available now!

Kid’s Revenge of the Sith Movie Review (no secrets spoiled here)

I joined the midnight collection of Star Wars geeks last night to check out Revenge of the Sith. There were two Darth Vaders having a lightsaber duel in the theatre lobby which got things started off right. As Roger said, “We are all geeks”.

Overall, I give the movie a relatively high mark. It is clearly the best of the “new” movies. The effects are incredible. They are much more realistic than in the past, and the detail that is possible with such effects has improved greatly as well. The opening scene will blow you away. Truly incredible.

The acting is probably a bit better than The Clone Wars but it still leaves something to be desired. Chancellor Palpatine is solid, Obi Wan improved, Padme worse, and Anakin pretty much the same.

The movie does a very good job telling a complicated tale though.

If you are a parent of a younger child this may interest you. The movie has a bunch of humour in which kids will truly delight. I expect Jordan (8-1/2 years old) to be rolling around laughing at times. There are some very dark scenes however which will most likely have him cowering and asking questions later. And seeing as he’s a sometimes sensitive kid, it won’t surprise me when a scene or two has him crying. I don’t think it is a movie for 6-year-olds. It sure wouldn’t have been when we were growing…a long time ago in a galaxy far away.

Running time is about 2:20 I think so make sure you go to the bathroom first. There aren’t many parts of this that you will want to miss.

May the force be with you, ha!

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