Untitled : 06/20/2005

Japan Trip Report - Day 4


Rie lets us sleep in a bit this morning so Peter, Jason, and I hit breakfast before being picked up by the Motocross Intl van. We make a visit to Zunow Tube bike shop and see Yoshi-san, the owner. Zunow Tube is also very amazing. It has a very boutique feel and exudes class. Many of the fixtures are custom made from bicycle parts an the like. Yoshi-san prepares expresso for us as he does for his customers. He is another stellar example of passion for bicycles and their inherent beauty. Following some interesting discussion we hurry for the train. We make it just in time to buy our tickets and run to the platform. We have a scheduled interview and photoshoot with Bicycle Navi magazine in Tokyo and will just make it on time! We hope!


Bicycle Navi meets us at the station to transport us to the photoshoot in Shinjuku Central Park. We assemble our bikes and play model for a while. It’s kind of funny because it isn’t exactly something we are used to. Heck, I’m more comfortable on the other side of the lens really. After a few different shots we grab our stuff and head to the Denny’s around the corner for the interview.

On the way we meet Japan’s top flatlander. He is practicing in the park’s large courtyard as he does everyday. We talk for a while. He is leaving for a competition in Germany this week so we wish him well.

At Denny’s we order food and start the interview which will go on for well over two hours. Rie translates for us. It goes well as it is very conversational with long exhanges back and forth. The Japanese are into learning the philosophy of the brand, which I really like. Here in the states, it’s hard to get a magazine to even consider that a brand might have a philosophy. Here it’s just “what is the new model?”.

Post interview we say our goodbyes and ride back to our hotel where I crash out for an hour to try to shake a nasty headache I’ve been nursing all day. Jetlag and six hours of sleep a night start catching up and the ground feels like it is moving up and down quite a bit…but it really isn’t.


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