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Japan Trip Report - Day 9


We grab a bite to eat at our favorite coffee shop and then quickly rush to finish our packing. I definitely have aquired a more than I came with but fit it all in without problem. It is the last view look from my hotel window that I’ll have of the Shinjuku area. At least the last one for this trip.

We then head down to pack our bikes which turns into a nice sweat-fest as the day is a hot one with the humidity turned on.

Narita is a good ways away from Tokyo and with the international flight and all, it means leaving our hotel a good 4-1/2 hours before our flight.

Peter goes and begs the hotel to let us borrow a push cart so that we can move our bike boxes to the bus station, but they say know. His whining and pleading eventually push them over the edge however and one of the employees says he will walk with us with the cart! But, he also says that we should never tell anyone else we did this because they don’t want all the guests asking for it! So mums the word everybody!

We haul or bags and help push the cart through the busy streets that we first walked upon nine days ago. It has been a whirlwind tour to say the least. We arrive at the bus location in plenty of time, nice and sweaty, and try not to stress to much when the luggage there says we’ll never be able to fit our bike boxes onto the bus. I tell him that we brought them out here on the bus so they should fit just fine.

The bus comes and sure enough there is plenty of room for all and we depart for Narita. It is nice to travel out there in daylight this time so we can get our last glimpses of Tokyo and then the countryside.

Check in goes smoothly and we grab a quick lunch so that we’re not entirely dependent on what the airline serves us on the flight! I pick up some horse blinders for people to see if that’ll help me get more rest on the way back. We are all ready to get back home to our loved ones.

10-1/2 hours later, we land in Minneapolis and wait in the lines at Immigration. There’s nothing to see here though folks and we all pass through. I get the “I suppose that’s a bike in that box too?” remark from the last official.

We come out the arrival doors and Jason is met by twin cheers of “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”.

Peter heads off to meet his wife and son and I grab a taxi and head home. My lady and Jordan are over at my folks house working on her wedding dress…which pretty much brings this trip to an end right where it started.

Thanks for reading.

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