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Wear Your Helmets Folks

We shouldn’t need a reminder, but here’s one anyway. Wear your helmets when you ride your bikes.

Last weekend one of our engineers, Blake, was competing in the 100 mile MTB endurance race in Park City, Utah. On the first lap he went down really fast in a hard crash. As best as he can tell, he thinks he flatted extremely quickly while on the descent, tossing him sideways into some rocks. He took a serious blow to the head from a rock. It did hit the lower part of the side of his helmet but also hit directly on his skull. The skull fracture pushed pieces up against his brain, but we are extremely thankful that he apparently didn’t receive any brain damage. We count that as a blessing.

The crash also broke his collarbone and scapula and dished out a severe hematoma to his right side abdomen. Blake was airlifted to a Salt Lake City hospital.

Today we got our first Blake sighting as he stopped by work after returning to Minnesota. Same Blake filled with energy and vitality. For that we’re thankful as well.

So while Blake was wearing his helmet, this should serve as a real reminder for you to wear yours, whenever you are on the bike. Things can happen awefully fast sometimes so it is best to be prepared for the worst.

Bicycling is something we all love to do. Let’s do it safely so we can ride off into the sunset at a nice old age.


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