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El Dia de Los Muertos


The Day of The Dead

By some strange, or perhaps fortunate, coincidence, November 2nd happens to be both election day in the USA and the official El Dia de Los Muertos. Now don’t try to read my political motivations into this, cuz you’ll most likely get ‘em wrong, but do consider taking the following steps tomorrow.

1) Go vote. For whomever you choose. But make the effort to vote. And from the sound of it, voting tomorrow might truly seem like effort. Be prepared to stand in line. Bring your headphones and listen to some tunes while you wait. Be friendly.

Later that day…

2) Paint your face with a funky skull pattern or wear a cool skull mask and hang out with friends.

3) Dance around like nuts for at least a few minutes to put it all to rest for a while.

4) Think about some of your deceased relatives or friends. Wish them well. Consider what they added to your life.

Truth be told, life goes on after tomorrow. Regardless of who wins the election. There will still be good times and tough times. And there will still be bike rides to be had. To help lighten your spirits, here is a sneak preview of one of our new jerseys for 2005. Available January 2005. Stay tuned for a children’s version as well!

Behold….El Dia de Los Muertos!


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 Antonio |

nice shirt.  How do I get my hands on one?<BR><BR>-antonio<BR>hamlet2800@hotmail.com

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