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In response to Miker’s blog about the night creaping in; I thougt that I would offer some pro-active tips to fight your growing Achluophobia. So… without further adeau….

“Things to do in the Dark…”

1. I am a huge home theater type person and am definately of the mindset that movies are far better when the room is dark and the ambient lighting is a glow. That being said this is the only time of year for the famous “back to back trilogy movie marathon”. At no other time of year is the sky dark long enough for one to partake in one of these blessed rituals without using blankets and sheets to cover the windows….which is just not the same. In fact…we are fast approaching the longest nights of the year (winter solstice for 2006 is december 21st) which is the only time you can partake in one particuar trilogy event to rival no other…..The Lord of the Rings Extended DVD set! Hmmm… I can’t wait. 14 hours of riveting masterpiece!

2. I’m also a huge music person. This is the perfect time of year to go check out your local music scene. Bars and venues are warm and are usually filled with great folks and yummy beverages… and although maybe not on your first trip out, you are bound to find a band you’ll like. The best music isn’t always found on the shelf or played on your squak box.

3. I love football. Okay I may catch some flack for this one but… I have a group of fellas that get together to play on the grid Iron about once or twice a month. We started running out of daylight for games a month or so back as none of us can really get together before 8pm or so. In an effort to continue our monthly game we started playing with a glow in the dark ball. (Now… we have since evolved to an led lit up ball which is much better than charging the ball every series and has sped up gameplay significantly.) Players wear light up glow neklaces (rave stuff) so you can tell who is who when there out on the feild. Its a great time. When the moon is just right you can ditch the glow bracelets. Anyway…try before you judge. Very fun. Seriously. You can get a glow in the dark ball for 15 bucks or less. Baden ball is the only one that really works… and you need to charge it with the new fancy headlights like you find in volkswagens and the like. charge holds much longer. anyway…

4. Take your lady out to dinner. This is an often overlooked very important task that often gets overshadowed by the longing to hit the single track after work. Now that its dark and cold…take your significant other to a cosy candle lit dinner. This may actually lead to other fun things to do when its dark but we won’t mention that here. :)

5. Nothing here sound good? Well there is always your bike, a light, and your favorite trail.

Soo…. hope that helps.
Ride and Smile!

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Bobby Dahlberg

Bobby Dahlberg

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