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Close Call…

So this past weekend I did some traveling for Salsa. I was in and about the Seattle area for a couple days and then drove southward to Portland to meet up with the Cliff Bar / Salsa development Cross team at the USGP. The trip was going well. I got to meet some great people at some really cool shops, and finally saw the troll sculpture under the bridge that I have wanted to see since I was a kid. Here is a somewhat blurry pic of the troll and me. My cheap digital camera was having a heckuva time focusing in the dreary Seattle light.

Once in Portland I met up with PJ Ramstack who works for our mother ship QBP. PJ and I had plans to hit a few dealers in the Portland area and then head over to the cross race. Before our big day of visits and cowbells we had to catch some dinner. We figured we would hit up the sports bar across the way from the hotel in hopes that we might see the end of the Packers-Cowboys game. It wasn’t that far of a walk down the frontage road so we decided just to walk. It was a welcome stroll after the drive from Seattle. Now here is where things got interesting. As we are walking along chatting about the day’s travels, a full on wheel from a car goes zinging by my head at highway speed. I stood awestruck as it bounced away from me down the road and then turned to share my amazement with PJ. My heart stopped as I saw PJ lying on the road not moving. I ran over to him and then he sat up. He explained that he couldn’t feel the left side of his body and that we needed to get help. He asked me what hit him and I told him about the wheel. As glad as I was that it missed me, it was horrifying that it hit my friend square on the side of the neck and shoulder. After some further assessment on the scene, feeling started to come back and we decided that it would be safe to move him. We headed for the car and the local emergency room.

About half way to the hospital, and after it became clear that he was going to be okay, we both just started to laugh. What else could you do? A wheel just freakin’ flew off the freeway overpass and hit him. It was unreal. How do you explain that to the doctor…and your wife? We got to the hospital okay and saw the local doc who gave PJ the stunned and amazed thumbs up. Nothing broken, nothing damaged. “You’ll be sore.” Is all the doc said. He then told him that he was extremely lucky and to take some “vitamin I” as soon as possible. PJ is still way sore and has some numbness in his arm because of swelling but all in all is going to be just fine. This was quite possibly one of the craziest things I have ever experienced.

Oh…the cross race was cool too but after that story…who wants to hear about the race? Here are a few pics of the race. Sorry for the poor quality. Cheapo camera didn’t like Portland either. :)

Salsa Cycles

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Bobby Dahlberg

Bobby Dahlberg

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 pete |

Glad everyone is okay.  Bobby, you need a new camera, looks like a bad polaroid.  ;)

 MG |

Man, I second Pete’s sentiments… Bobby, you and PJ clearly have friends in high places, because even though PJ took the hit, it still was pretty much a “best case” scenario, given the situation.<BR><BR>So I wonder what happened to the car that the wheel came from???  Did it crash?  Do you know?<BR><BR>Either way, have a super weekend.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>MG

 Guitar Ted |

That’s nuts! I agree with mg, ‘ceptin I know you have a friend in a high place dude!<BR><BR>Glad to hear you are okay and PJ is too. What a story!

 Bobby |

We actually think that the wheel must have come from a junk truck or something.  The brake drum was still attached so if it had come from a moving car, it would have had to been a snapped axle or something along those lines and I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t have heard that happening above us.  Our best guess is that it fell out of a truck and then another car hit it, shooting it over the side of the overpass.  the “suprise” like nature is probably what saved PJ.  Had we seen it comming PJ probably would have tensed up and stuff would have been broken. Drunk driver theory.  They never get hurt as bad in car accidents because there body is so relaxed.  In any case PJ was pretty darn lucky, and I think I was too.  Could just as easily been me.  <BR><BR><BR>as for the camera…yeah it isn’t the greatest with still photos sorry.  I actually have a much nicer one.  I bought this one more for its video ability.  I use it for my helmet cam as a recorder.  the lens and focus and stuff on it are very low key.  Most of the time it works okay though.  Has big issues when it gets dark though..partially because the lens is so small I think.  But…it does work great for the helmet cam as really it becomes just a recorder.  It’s small, uses an sd card so I can pull and plug, and was only 100 bucks with an av input (most only have outs) to plug the cam into.  Funny thing is it also has an mp3 player built in.  not quite sure why.  :)  Its an Aiptek MPVR+ if you have a helmet cam and want to check it out.  The guys at twenty-twenty cameras recommended it to me.  Its actually on sale at target this week for like 80 bucks so even cheaper than what I bought it for.  Anyway..enough advertising for aiptek.

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