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One Possibility

If you are checking out this blog, the odds are pretty good that you live are living a pretty good life. You might not have a ton of extra dough laying around, but you aren’t asking for change in the streets either. In fact, the odds are good that some of you are pretty well off.

‘Tis the season for giving, of course, and I’d like to bring up one option for you to consider.

There’s an organization here in the Twin Cities called the Solar Oven Society. They have a newsletter called the Solar Spotlight, which is how I first found out about them.

The Solar Oven Society is a non-profit agency that promotes solar-powered cooking. They also coordinate the delivery and sponsorship of Solar Ovens to the needy areas of the world.

I seen one of their Solar Ovens and it is pretty cool. It is lightweight and simple, as you might expect. What if offers the world is improved sanitation, less dependence on coal and firewood, improved living conditions, and better health.

The Solar Ovens are not expensive by our standards, but they are not affordable to the people who can most use them. I encourage you to consider donating to this effort.

For more information, check out the Solar Oven Society website.

Thanks for considering this opportunity,

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