Updates on bikes, racks and website

Lot's to discuss today.  

Before we get into details of products, we've got some information that needs to be shared and understood as we discuss product and where/how to buy these fine products?    We've got two rough categories of product; Bikes & Frames and Parts & Accessories.   


We've had tremendous consumer demand and dealer support regarding our new products.   Thank you all for helping us get to this point.    As a result, we have many new dealers and are adding more on a weekly basis.    Our bikes and frames will be in more retail shops than ever before!   Because of this growth, our first shipments of frames and bikes for our new models are almost exclusively going to be available through our Salsa Authorized Dealers.    As you find yourself interested in a new Salsa, please reference our dealer page on our website and start your search with one of our fine dealers.   


Our parts & accessories are the bread and butter of our business and we are committed to developing products that help you experience the world and go places.   Our parts and accessories are available through any retailer in the USA that has an account with Quality Bicycle Products, our parent company.     These products are only availble through retailers and even though we have partnered with Shopotron to capture sales, these sales are being fulfilled by dealers.  Not us.   Don't even ask us to ship direct.   That just isn't possible.  

With this info in hand and in mind, here are some exciting product updates.


We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of these frames.  The frames for complete bikes are in transit and expected to arrive to our building in a week or so.  We've got a bunch of wheels and products already prepped pending the arrival of the frames.  Our frames for bike production will arrive next week and we will start building bikes.   ALL of this shipment will be sold to our Authorized Dealer base.   Our sales team is working on the allocation and communication with dealers, but we are still on track to start building and delivering complete Mukluks this month.   

Mukluk framesets, Mukluk hubs and Handspun Wheels will be available sometime in December, again through our authorized dealers.    


We are building lots of El Mariachis here in our building.   Again, ALL of this first production will be sold to our Authorized Dealer base.   Our sales team is working on allocation and communication with dealers.   These can and will start shipping within days.   


We will be building bikes later this month and/or inbetween Mukluk production.    We don't have a definitive date on these.  I suspect these will start trickling in.  


Anything Cage - This is our new cage optimized for carrying stuff that is a bit bigger than a water bottle.  Insulated Nalgene bottles fit perfectly, but truthfully I suspect folks will stuf shelters, sleeping bags, pads, and a whole lot more into these cages.   They are in stock and selling really well.   We've had questions regarding the mounting of these.   They are designed with our hi/low 3 hole mounting pattern.    We use this mounting on the back of the Enabler fork and on the down tube of the new Mukluk and the new version 2 Fargo frame and fork.   This cage DOES NOT fit the old Fargo fork leg water bottle mounting.  Due to the angle of the mounting holes on the original Fargo fork, the Anything cage will not work because it will interfere with the wheel.    However, it does have slots in the clamps where you could use hose clamps to properly secure the cage.    Again, these will bolt directly to our new Enabler fork that we sell aftermarket and on the Mukluk.  It will also bolt to the new Fargo version 2 frame and fork.     It just wasn't feasable to make the current Anything cage fit with the original Fargo fork mounting position.   

Wanderlust rear rack - These are finished and are in transit.   They will arrive around December 1st.

Minimalist rack - These have finally fully passed our CEN testing and are in production.   Anticipated arrival to our world headquarters will be around Christmas time.   Expect them in stock at our distributor around Jan 1st.

Down Under lo ride front rack - We are still awaiting a final shipping date on these.   


As many have seen, we have updated our site with much new information.   We still have new info to add as we get final products and can do final imagery, edits etc.  I wish we had a firm date to say we'd add product X and product Y, but we don't.    We are working on racks, cages, Selma and what not.  More to come.  


More updates to come.  Have a great day folks.  

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


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Tom | November 5th, 2010

when will the new racks and other parts/accessories be shown on the website with specs?

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Typography Police | November 5th, 2010

Lose the double spaces please - an antiquated habit left over from typewriter days when letters were monospaced and the extra space was needed visually to break where a new sentence began. Today with digital type (including web) this is absolutely unnecessary - for most type is proportional; no longer monospaced; and individual letter spacing has been calculated by the type designers. (Sorry but this is glaring and something I’ve never seen on the web before - hope this is helpful)

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TSP | November 5th, 2010

Any update on the availability date of the new Casseroll?

Guitar Ted | November 5th, 2010

Hey, thanks for the update guys! I am eally excited about several of the new products, but mainly that you guys are so behind Adventuring and getting a lot of folks stoked on using their bicycles to do incredible and even ordinary things. Kudos to the Salsa Crew!

And I didn’t know that you had started a bicycle assembly line up there! Whoa!

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James | November 5th, 2010

Still no El Mariachi complete in Blue?


Gnat | November 5th, 2010

@Tom - We are working on that now.  Anything Cage may go live today with the others next week. 

@ Guitar Ted - Yes, most of the new Salsa bikes are assembled right here

@ James - No blue Mariachi complete. The blue Mariachi is available to you as a frame and you can build it however you like.

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DirtyKop | November 5th, 2010

@Typography Police

Ha!  Yes, thank you.  The double-space is a pet peeve of mine as well.  Sorry to twist the knife Gnat.

Jerry | November 5th, 2010

thanks for the updates. those wheels just look beautiful. looking forward to riding a set.

I’m a double spacer. who knew..the times they are a changing. 1983 typing class just stuck with me. Mrs. Bowles would be proud.

steve | November 5th, 2010

thanks for the update.i almost bought a rack the other day

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Pete | November 5th, 2010

I bought a 2010 Fargo Frameset as I liked the colour over the 2011. It’s the nicest, most versatile bike I’ve ever owned.

Now I find I’ve got to bodge the pair of anything cages I’ve been planning for with hose clamps, or just use 2 of the mounting points?

That’s pretty disappointing. It feels like you haven’t considered your existing Fargo community at all in the design of this product.

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timberline12k | November 5th, 2010

Will the front Minimalist rack fit on the 2010 XXL Fargo frame and fork?

Are the Minimalist racks compatible with fenders?

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captain bob | November 5th, 2010

I forgot the el mar complete had a thru axle fork.  Sweet!  Any green bikes laying around yet?  :-)
Also, will there be any custom options for the ti fargo?  Like custom (or removing) braze-ons.


Gnat | November 5th, 2010

@Pete - We understand your frustration but we did in fact consider earlier design.  The reality is that the position of the bosses on the original fork are simply not compatible with such a large diameter provided by a cage like the Anything cage.  As a last resort, we did include slots in the mounting bracket to allow heavy duty zip ties of hose clamps.  We understand being frustrated but we did in fact allow mounting to old Fargo forks or other forks including suspension forks by slotting the clamp.

@Timberline - Yes, the Minimalist rack will fit the 2010 XXL Fargo.

@Captain Bob - No green bikes and at the moment, no custom options. 

@ Typography Police & Dirty Kop - Not sure you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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jp | November 5th, 2010

I’ll ask the same, as yet unanswered question as TSP: “Any update on the availability date of the new Casseroll?”

Ben | November 5th, 2010

Jason, I’m wondering what the interference problem is with the Everything cages on old Fargo forks.  I have two mounted on my bike in front of me using two the standard two holes.  With an OR bivy on one side, and a Golite bag on the other I’m still over 1” away from the wheel/tire at any point.  Even the fender struts are easily bent to clear the rack.

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Dirty Kop's Intern | November 5th, 2010

Gnat, it’s never too late to get better ... I aspire to be a better cycling enthusiast so the least you could do is set a goal to not date yourself by using two spaces after a period. Don’t you see how ugly your post is visually - a virtual minefield of double spaces? Besides it doesn’t fit with the on-brand copywriting, bokeh photography etc.

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Pete | November 5th, 2010

@Gnat, thanks for the response and sorry if my tone was off.

Using the lowrider rack mount for the middle cage hole and stabilising top and bottom mounts with big zip ties could be a workable solution, moving the cage out at 90 degrees to the bike.

@Ben, do you have photo’s of your setup?


Gnat | November 5th, 2010

Cages and racks went live today.

Casseroll - We will post an update when we’ve got better production, finish and shipping info.  Same is true of Fargo.  Look for more info soon. 

Anything Cages with original Fargo fork - I brought two cages home and I’ll mount them to my Fargo fork and take pictures & update.

I’m checking out for the weekend. Have a good one. We shall see if I can learn the single spacing.

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Zack | November 5th, 2010

So it’s true then your bikes are assembled in Minnesota.  Interesting.  From what I have seen, hanging around the shop at my Authorized Dealer, the builds are quite well done.  That is not always the case even on some high end bikes.  I thought you were working on a small fork mounted rack for the Fargo.  Did I dream that?

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Wally | November 5th, 2010

Kind of sucks that you turn your back on the people that invested in Salsa with their Fargo purchases and then as you design the new stuff just shut them out. It sure doesn’t look that tough to get an Everything Cage to fit. I mean you’ve been talking about these things for awhile without ever mentioning they are only for new bikes. Build two versions if you must but man, thats raw to just tell people tough luck.

Ben | November 6th, 2010

Pete, I will post photos of my Fargo and cages on my blog tomorrow AM. So far as I can tell they will work as is, although taller items can hit the down tube limiting the turning radius. I can see how the addition of a hose clamp on the bottom, unused, slotted mounting hole would really make this a solid mount. I see no reason to not use them as I have them set up on my bike for my purposes. They are exactly what I had hoped for. My Mukluk will have a pair as well. They should compliment a five frame bag really well this winter.


Gnat | November 6th, 2010

@Zack - We build bikes both here in the USA and in Taiwan.  Most of the bikes that will be sold here in the USA will be assembled here.  The small Fargo rack that I believe you are referencing is officially called the Minimalist rack. 

@Wally - We may have to agree to disagree.  We had to make some changes to the fork mounting positions due to the largish nature of the objects the cage can hold.  This required lower mounting positions brazed in at a different angle for proper clearances.  This was required for proper clearance.  The original Fargo fork was designed to fit standard water bottles which it does very well.  Technically, we added features like the slots so that the cage is compatible.  People will still use them recognizing there are interference issues with the downtube as folks like Ben have mentioned.  If there are ANY interference issues, we can’t fully recommend 100% compatibility because eventually someone will get hurt. 

Now, we do understand that for many this still will stink and that folks don’t like hose clamps or heavy duty zip ties.  We are sorry.  We get that.  We just hope you also recognize that changes such as this are not intentional and that we do in fact consider our earlier designs when designing new product.   

Again, I will take pictures possibly today (Saturday) and update with more explanation and folks can make there own determination if they are compatible or not.

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jp | November 8th, 2010

If Cass is still in pre-production, maybe there’s still time to crown that fork?:)

Glenn Charles | November 10th, 2010

@Gnat - As always thanks for your updates.  I have to say there are not many companies these days that go out of there way to communicate like you all do—Kudos to you and the rest of the Salsa team. 

With that said, will the new 2011 Enabler Fork, with the appropriate braze-ons fit in the older 2010 Fargo without affecting the geometry of that bike?



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Mike Pierson | November 13th, 2010

Thanks for giving us this update, there is nothing worse then being hung out to dry waiting for a new product. I called my local shop(Freewheel) for an update on my mukluk(complete bike ordered in August) yesterday and was told sometime in December. After seeing the fresh snow today, it makes me happy to hear I may be getting it earlier(original time frame).


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Sam | December 14th, 2010

The new Wanderlust rack looks nice!  You seem to have angled the rear bosses 90 degrees away from ideal.  Where are you supposed to mount ANY sort of rear lights to a bike fitted with this rack?  It sucks that I’d be relegated to carrying/charging BATTERIES on a long tour.  Why not standard 50mm generator light mounting?  Bummed, I almost ordered one.

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